Frank Clark calls lining up offsides an “inexcusable” mental mistake

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Dee Ford used to wear No. 55 as a pass rusher in Kansas City.

Frank Clark now wears No. 55 as a pass rusher in Kansas City.

If not for Ford lining up offsides at a crucial moment in last year’s AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs might not have traded Ford to the 49ers and traded with the Seahawks for Clark. But it’s worked out for both players — and the Chiefs — this season.

Clark, though, was asked about Ford’s offsides penalty that wiped out a game-sealing interception against the Patriots.

“Honestly, that’s not something we’re even thinking of,” Clark said, via Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star. “That’s a mental mistake; that’s on yourself; you shoot yourself in the foot when you do things like that.”

Clark went on to explain how to ensure, as a defensive lineman, he lines up onside.

It’s football,” Clark continued, via video from Arrowhead Pride. “The ball is right there. It’s simple. You put your hand behind the ball, and you’re onside. That’s kind of how I’ve been playing football. That’s why I haven’t lined up offsides all season and probably all my career. If I jump offsides, that happens. That’s a battle wound. It’s OK to jump offsides from time to time as a defensive end. But lining up offsides? That’s inexcusable.”

Clark has five penalties this season, including two offsides, one of which was declined.

Clark, who had a pinched nerve that slowed him early in the season, has 10 sacks his past nine games. That includes three against the Texans last week.

18 responses to “Frank Clark calls lining up offsides an “inexcusable” mental mistake

  1. Frank Clark calls lining up offsides an “inexcusable” mental mistake

    What a genius revelation!

  2. “Inexcusable”

    What happened last year in playoffs with you trying to twist Zeke’s knee? Was that inexcusable?

  3. Man some of you people are for a lack of a better word idiots. There is no doubt that all the people who said negative things about Frank Clark wishes he was on their team and wouldnt be saying these things about him if he was.
    To be honest what he said is true, what Dee Ford did was inexcusable, between HS,college and the pros he has probably lined up 100,000 times, how does he not check to make sure hes behind the line, especially with everything riding on that play the way it was. One play by itself usually dont cause a team to lose a game, but in this case 1 play did cost the Chiefs the game. It wasnt the several bad calls the refs made, and it wasnt the Chiefs failing to make a stop on third down, it was Dee Fords offside penalty that caused the Chiefs to lose the game. If he hadn’t of been offside the game would have been over,plain and simple. How can anybody say that someone with Dee Fords experience, on a play with so much riding on it lining up offside is anything but inexcusable.
    I realize that haters are going to hate but when you hate on someone when he’s right makes you look ignorant.
    And for you 49er fans who posted negative things, your an embarrassment to the 49er fans with intelligence and class. Can you honestly say that you prefer Dee Ford over Frank Clark? In fact why dont you follow the Raiders to Vegas, you will fit right in over there.

  4. LOL. Just stop. If KC doesn’t get gifted a bunch of non calls on Offensive PI and holding, the game isn’t close, either. Please. Stop a team on 3rd and 10 just once and you might get the ball, score and go on to the big game. Let it go people. The Pats aren’t even playing this weekend.

  5. Let’s hope neither one lines up offsides tomorrow in KC or San Fran! When they both win tomorrow we’ll be in for two weeks of lining up offsides articles up until the SB!

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