Giants hire Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator

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Jason Garrett will go from coaching against the Giants twice a year to coaching for them.

Garrett has been hired as the Giants’ new offensive coordinator, Ed Werder of ESPN reports.

The 53-year-old Garrett spent the last decade as the Cowboys’ head coach and was their offensive coordinator for four years before that. Now he’ll run the offense on new Giants coach Joe Judge’s staff.

Garrett’s long NFL career as a backup quarterback included four seasons with the Giants in which he never threw a pass.

During the 2019 season reports emerged that the Giants were interested in hiring Garrett as head coach, if he didn’t remain with the Cowboys. It didn’t work out that way, but Garrett is now joining the Giants.

87 responses to “Giants hire Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator

  1. Can’t wait to see how Giants fans try to spin this into a positive thing. They’ve been calling Garret a joke for the last decade.

  2. Giants fans honestly donโ€™t deserve this especially when he inexplicably abandons the running game after halftime and forces Daniel Jones to throw it 40 times a game

  3. A decent hire for the Giants. Garrett may not be a good head coach, but he knows offense. It also shows a lot of confidence from Judge–not too many new head coaches hire successful former head coaches as coordinators. That’s like having a ready made replacement on your staff.

  4. Watch him become one of the best offensive coaches ever.

    Then we all woke up,
    But all seriousness. Good luck, Jason. Class act but he needed to me on from my cowboys
    He is 1-6 coaches who has coached a team for some long without a Superbowl

  5. It won’t be long before he starts sabotaging Judge in order to take over the job.

    This might as well be an announcement that Garrett is becoming head coach of the Giants.

  6. It’s always a positive view to aspire to be 8-8 or worse. I absolutely hate Garrett’s play calling. It’s boring and just blah blah blah. No nuts to go for the throat at any point in the game. Just plain boring football. I wish him luck, but he needs more than my blessings……a lot more. Ten years of nothing. Is the hiring pool that bad for OC’s?

  7. Garrett during his interview: “The secret to stopping the Cowboys offense is to stope Zeke and force Dak to throw.”

  8. Garrettโ€™s long NFL career as a backup quarterback included four seasons with the Giants in which he never threw a pass.

    Neither did his career as a backup coach. I still can’t believe the Giants hired him as their OC. That’s something the Browns would do.

  9. I am stayingo way across the posts on this one. Some time you have to channel your inner Amy Winehouse and SING NO NO NO. What were the Giants thinking? Pass the popcorn for this one. I feel for the Giants when this reality his them.

  10. As a Giants fan since 1979 (9 years old)…good. I wanted an experienced guy backing young Judge up and Im happy that its Garrett. I know boys fans dislike him, but he’s a solid guy who has been around. Im happy that he’s here.

  11. I hope Dave Gettleman hired more “computer guys & software” to support Jason “The Clapper” Garrett.

  12. I wish they had the offensive firepower the Cowboys have. It will look like the Cowboys have his number just because they’rere more talented.

  13. A few ways to look at this:

    1 – Judge wanted at least one former HC on his staff to help him, but made it clear in the interview the OC had to follow the Judge philosophy.

    2 – Garrett was stifled by Jerry and now feels he has the chance to call the offense he really wants.

    3 – It’s a bad move based on Cowboys recent history.

    The optimist would say number 2, the pessimist would say number 3. Which is why it’s most likely number 1. Garrett now has an up-and-coming QB in Jones who showed in his rookie season he has the tools, a potential All-Pro in Barkley, an elusive TE in Engram if he can stay healthy, and a budding young WR in Slayton who can run any pattern. The Giants still need a “club bouncer” at left tackle to protect Jones, and some better WR depth behind Shepard, Tate, and Slayton. The word for the 2020 Giants offense will be “potential”.

  14. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  15. Wow! Jason Garrett must be PO’d to the max. He joined up with the Cowboy’s arch enemy and is most assuredly looking forward to giving the Cowboy’s a New York Giants smackdown. How cool would that be.


    Joe judge + Ginger Clapper = last place

  17. Now id Gettlemen can get his head out of his but , fix the Oline, get a decent conditoning person, Defensive coach and LBs , CBs !!! Geez !

  18. Jason, I know where you can get a good offensive line coach, Bill Callahan and he could bring my son along as the assistant line coach. You know Bill very well from his Dallas days with you and you talked to my son also while with Dallas about a job.

  19. Lol. When you think innovative, the last person you’d think of is Jason Garrett. Hahahaha, the Giants are so obsessed with the Cowboys. So much so that they hire this has been.

  20. Laugh all you like. He is making quite a bit more $ than you are. Crying all the way to the bank.

  21. Jones is the problem in Dalls. Not coaches. If that isn’t obvious to everyone by now, never will be I guess. Garrett will be a good OC .

  22. In other news, the New York Giants have announced the hiring of former Redskins President Bruce Allen as special advisor to Dave Gettleman. Both Allen and Gettleman will be reporting to Kate Mara.

  23. Risky move for Judge. If things aren’t going well as early as year two (like his former coworker Josh McDaniels in Denver), Mara won’t hesitate to give Garrett the job.

  24. If the head coach is strong on game planning, Garrett might prove to be a good OC. He was a terrible HC in Dallas.

  25. Cowboys & Giants are going to have to the same offense but who’s going to have the better offense between them?

  26. If Mara had been smart and sent Gettleman down the road along with Schurmer, they might have gotten a professional GM who might have hired a professional HC who might have found a professional OC and they might have had a winning record in 2020. Instead in 2022 they will again fire the HC and AGAIN start over. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  27. steelgrave says:
    January 17, 2020 at 8:37 pm
    Firing Garrett was the best news Cowboy fans had all season, but the Giants hiring Garrett has to be a close second!

    Firing JG was the best news this Cowboy fan had in almost a DECADE !!!! If Linehan is hired, also (his BFF), good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ You had better hope that Judge can control, either one and/or both of them. They think the plays he/they call, are the only ones, and nobody questions, esp. the players. You question, & you find yourself barely playing in the next game. Horrible play-calling, while the fans are screaming. I hope Judge watches his back, btw.

  28. I am surprised the Giants didnt hire one of the fanboys from this board for the position. They are super qualified and know more about football than anyone actually employed by the League today.

  29. Fans bashing Garrett need to be reminded that The Judge calls the shots. That’s who Jason will have to answer to if he gets stuck in a passing mode.

  30. He finally has a QB to work with. Jones will be better than Dak. You also get a guy that knows the Cowboys weakness on defense. Judge is putting together some solid assistant coaches. He added the QB coach from NE who worked with Brissett, Garoppolo and Brady. This should be interesting.

  31. At least he won’t run Barkley as often as he should. We learned that with how he used Zeke. Good pickup – Eagles Fan

  32. Despite all the jokes I actually think Garrett did some things well in Dallas, unfortunately running the offense was not one of them. The Dallas offense was mostly top ten during his tenure but that had a lot more to do with talent than coaching. They were consistently bad in the red zone, not aggressive on first down, too conservative on 3rd and 4th down, and ran the ball into 8 man fronts far too often. I think he can help Daniel Jones because developing qbs is something he’s good at but don’t be surprised if the offense looks stale in a couple of years.

  33. So this is Gettleman’s master plan. Now he can blame Garrett for the upcoming disaster, which is his NY FOOTBALL Giants.

    Odd how the NFL mirrors life. They keep recycling losers instead of creating opportunity for new blood.

  34. I read where the Giants want to bring in Callahan for the O-line coaches job. Great coach but Garrett is the reason he left Dallas. It would add another layer of dysfunction to a team that doesnt need it.

  35. A GM who doesn’t understand analytics and an OC who doesn’t use them. What is this, 2010?

    Gettleman only has and keeps the GM job due to his NY Giants ties. I don’t know why it is so important for these owners to recycle people who were previously with the organization.

  36. Lost my Golden Knights coach to a Shark and a Giants OC is from the Cowboys. What a week. If I had gone a vacation and came back , I would think I was in the twilight zone.

  37. The over/under before Jason Garrett starts going behind Joe Judge’s back to get the owners to replace him as head coach is about 6 games.

  38. I don`t think that Judge needs any motivation. Just in case,having Garrett around is like seeing a relief pitcher throwing in the pen.

  39. All you geniuses criticizing Garrett’s play calling don’t know what you’re talking about. He hasn’t called the plays in Dallas since 2012. And, he did not get to choose his assistant coaches. Further, he was burdened by Jerruh’s continuing instinct to hire social miscreants who were cast off by other teams and then became distractions in the locker room. Frankly, I don’t think we know whether he is a good coach or not.

  40. Garret will never be described as creative, innovative, or imaginative. His idea of “creative” is to send a guy in motion. Former Cowboy receivers have said that they told Cowboy coaches that running the same plays out of the same formations with that same personnel game after game is easy to defend and predictable – but the coaches ignored them and kept on doing it. The giants had better get a good kicker as field goals, not touchdowns will be their primary means for getting points.

  41. ???!

    The Giants have the correct persons at WRs. And TEs ! This last group of pists poor Offense Coaching is what sank the team !!! ( Screenplays, trick plays and B.S Oline)

    If Brown continues to play as a poor mans Aaron Rodgers knowing he has MORE than one good receiver the teams good ! (No OBJ B.S nor blinders on !

    The main problem for Garrett is to fix the O line and get Barkley ripping !!!

    The rest up to the H.C who wont be here long ?!

    Garrett the perfect back up for whats soon to be a head coach beheading (Firing) !

    Then theres the D !!!!!!!

  42. Its going to be interesting when Garrett makes the Giants season FAR BETTER all the negative posters picking his pubic hairs out their teeth ?!

    Ralph Kramdem : ” tick tisk ?! None of your petty excuses ” or B.S !!!!

  43. Anyone think Garrett thinks in the back of his mind that he is going to take over as head coach in a couple years?

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