If they play abroad, Steelers would prefer Mexico

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The Steelers are happy to play an international game. But they have a clear preference on where that game would be.

Via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Steelers president Art Rooney II said the team is willing to play in Mexcio City in 2020.

“We continue to raise our hand and say that we’re interested in playing a game in Mexico,” Rooney said. “But who knows? . . .

“They have to work out the logistics and all the pieces of the puzzle to have a game down there. Our first choice would be to play a game in Mexico if we have an international trip.”

The Jaguars are among the Steelers’ road opponents this year, and they will definitely play a home game in London this year.

The Steelers played the Vikings in London in 2013, but have a longer history with Mexico. They played an exhibition game there in 2000, and have conducted clinics there in the past to try to drum up interest.

They’ve also played in exhibition games in Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Dublin.

9 responses to “If they play abroad, Steelers would prefer Mexico

  1. In no way should the team who has almost always the shortest travel distance for road games get to choose where they will play an international game. West coast teams travel 5 times the distance annually compared with the Stealers.

  2. Shouldn’t have to play anywhere outside the US. Maybe the front office will finally ask the players their opinions and choices on this.

  3. Nice how some teams appear to be entitled when it comes to giving up a home game to play out of country.

    Personally, I think trying to push American football on other countries is folly, and it shows the arrogance of the NFL that thinks it can force feed it to people who aren’t really that interested.

  4. That London game was great. Vikings tore the Steelers a new one. Another 8-8 season just like this one! Getting to be a habit.

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