James Urban, Bobby Engram will remain on Ravens coaching staff

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The Eagles’ search for new offensive coaches led them to request interviews with a couple of Ravens assistants, but neither coach is expected to leave Baltimore this offseason.

There was word this week that the Eagles were interested in Ravens quarterbacks coach James Urban for their offensive coordinator vacancy and head coach John Harbaugh confirmed that was the case during a Friday press conference. He also said that Philly wanted to speak to tight ends coach Bobby Engram, but that neither coach will be joining Doug Pederson’s staff.

“Both of those guys were requested by the Eagles for jobs,” Harbaugh said. “We ended up granting both of their requests and gave the Eagles a chance to talk to those guys and those guys a chance to talk to the Eagles. Both of those guys pulled out just in the last 24 [hours].”

Harbaugh added that he doesn’t anticipate any changes to the Ravens coaching staff before next season.

5 responses to “James Urban, Bobby Engram will remain on Ravens coaching staff

  1. Interesting that former LB Engram is coaching TEs for the Ravens – I wonder what that opposite-field perspective has meant for that young position group.


    He was a WR….

  2. Living and working in Baltimore versus Philly is a toss up! Why change jobs just to change locations if there was no promotion in sight?

  3. they know that they are part of a winning organization and want to give it one more year. Says a lot when 2 assistants turn down promotions to stay with an organization.

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