Mike McCarthy on Jason Witten coaching: Conversation for the future

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Before the Cowboys played their final game of the 2019 season, tight end Jason Witten said he will make a “pretty quick” decision about whether or not he will play in 2020.

Witten did not play in 2018 while serving as a commentator on Monday Night Football, but said that his new post-playing aspiration is to coach in the NFL. On Thursday, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about that possibility.

McCarthy said that such discussions were “conversations for the future” because Witten still has to make up his mind about playing.

“I had a great conversation with Jason and he’s got a number of things he’s thinking about,” McCarthy said, via the team’s website. “I think that’s what he’s working through right now.”

Witten signed a one-year contract when he returned to the Cowboys and caught 59 passes for 505 yards and four touchdowns.

8 responses to “Mike McCarthy on Jason Witten coaching: Conversation for the future

  1. No, Just NO. He’s been holding back the entire TE position for
    years for Dallas. He was suppose to get 30% snaps this year and
    ended up taking 75%. And not effective for those amount of snaps.

  2. As long as he doesn’t play, slowest TE in the league by far, dumb move by cowboys if they bring him back – so they probably will .

  3. Seems less likely he comes back without his buddy Garrett there. I don’t care if he comes back as a coach, but he needs to step aside and let the younger, and at this point better, TEs play.

  4. McCarthy obviously prefers old run down has beens based on his recent hires! Witten doesn’t qualify!

  5. Allrighty, .500 Jones and his son Even
    Stephen have hired a new head coach.
    What difference does that make? If
    history is any reference, not much.
    They have been a steady .500 team
    since Switzer, and they’ll likely be a
    steady .500 team, again. Too bad
    Cowboys fans cain’t sue the Jones
    clan for lack of support. Different
    lights and choreography, but the
    song remains the same.

    Oh well.

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