“No disappointment” from Robert Saleh about Browns job

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Robert Saleh is not the head coach of the Cleveland Browns today. Instead, he’s preparing for the NFC Championship Game.

He seems OK with that.

Via Scott Bair of NBCSportsBayArea.com, the 49ers defensive coordinator said he’s focusing on the large task in front of him rather than the larger one that isn’t.

There’s no disappointment,” Saleh said. “I’m very grateful to the Browns for making me part of [their coaching search]. I’m a really big fan of [Browns owner] Jimmy Haslam and what he did and what they’re going to do. They hired the right guy and I think they’re going to do something special. I’m excited to see them progress.”

That’s nice to say. Saleh was far enough along in the process that they wanted to talk to General Manager candidates who aligned with him, suggesting he was close to the top of their pile, before they chose Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said earlier this week they were “very fortunate” to be able to keep Saleh, and Saleh took that in the spirit intended.

“It’s like a backhanded compliment, right?” Saleh said with a laugh. “No, Kyle has always been a big supporter. He really supports his staff and he is not one to look at a coach and say, ‘I have to get rid of this dude.’ His first instinct is to make you better and help you get better. To understand Kyle and to work with Kyle is really gift that a lot of people should have once in their lives. He strives to make people better, and I think that’s what makes this organization tick.

“Everybody in this organization wants to get better, and that’s why Kyle is so invested in all of his coaches. I do believe him when he says he’s happy, because he has invested in me, so I take that as a compliment.”

While not being a head coach and not making more money might sting temporarily, Saleh has the benefit of being in a more stable organization, which sets him up for better opportunities in the future.

13 responses to ““No disappointment” from Robert Saleh about Browns job

  1. I love the 49ers and like Saleh, but let’s not forget his first two years the defense was pretty bad. Them we add Bosa and Ford, get career (and healthy) years from Jimmy Ward and Arik Armstead, and Sherman isn’t recovering from his injury anymore. That’s basically half a defense worth of pro bowl caliber players added. I think anyone would look good coaching that level of upgrade.

  2. I think this guy will be a great coach somewhere. He is on the verge of very possibly winning a SB with a great defense. This will only make him a hotter commodity and he will be pretty much able to pick and choose where he goes. Good for him.

  3. This guy looks like the rock and gets tons of camera time, that’s the main reason he is a hot candidate. Just another Jim tomsula soon to be a doormat salesman.

  4. tirdbirgler says:
    January 17, 2020 at 8:53 am
    This guy looks like the rock and gets tons of camera time, that’s the main reason he is a hot candidate. Just another Jim tomsula soon to be a doormat salesman

    The lack of accuracy in this comment needs to be called out. While Tomsula was a total disaster as a head coach (and at press conferences) , he has certainly proved his chops as a solid defensive line coach. He currently is working for the Redskins in that capacity and found a job quickly after getting the axe in SF. Nice try.

  5. Richard Sherman knows more about football then anyone on here. If he say Saleh is great coach, you can’t take that to the bank. Uncle Sherm don’t lie.

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