Offsides penalty not on Dee Ford’s mind

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Would the Chiefs have won Super Bowl LIII if not for Dee Ford‘s offsides penalty in the AFC Championship Game? Would Ford be in San Francisco now?

The 49ers defensive lineman indicated he hasn’t thought about the penalty that negated a game-sealing interception for the Chiefs with 54 seconds remaining against the Patriots a year ago.

Ford, traded by Kansas City to San Francisco in the offseason, shook his head Friday when asked if lining up offsides had crossed his mind.

A special situation,” Ford said, via Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee. “I’m blessed. Looking forward to better results.”

He said the 37-31 overtime loss to the Patriots ranks “up there” among the toughest in his career.

Ford has had no offsides penalties in 248 snaps he has played this season, including the 22 last week in the divisional round. He drew 14 offsides or neutral-zone infractions his previous four seasons with the Chiefs, according to Cam Inman of the Mercury News.

If things go as planned for Ford, he will face the Chiefs in the Super Bowl two weeks from Sunday.

“That would be a fun deal,” Ford said, via Biderman. “[But] nobody’s looking forward. They’ve got a good test in front of them; we’ve got a good test in front of us. We’ve got a lot of work in front of us.”

15 responses to “Offsides penalty not on Dee Ford’s mind

  1. Rams vs. Chiefs part 2 would have been a much more interesting (offensively focused) Super Bowl.

  2. Just because you choked and cost your team the Superbowl is no reason to dwell on it.

  3. Bryan Bulaga will be on Dee Ford’s mind on Sunday, and when it is not Bulaga it will be David Bakhtiari.

    This front 4 of Ford, Bosa, Armstead, and Buckner are getting talked about like they are the greatest front in the history of football. Give me a break. They are very good, but the Packers O-Line is one of the best in the NFL. If you think Sunday is going to be a sack fest for the 49ers then you are going to be disappointed. It’s not November(5 sacks, touched the QB 8 times total) It’s Championship Sunday.


  4. Is that the same game where the defender grazed Brady’s helmet with his finger and got a Roughing the Passer call? That was ridiculous

  5. The 49ers D Line is going to man handle Bulaga and Bakhtiari! Those 2 O Linemen get away with more holding calls than any O linemen in the game.

  6. New england centers have a habit of advancing the ball one full length when they assume the position. Replays should tell you whether Ford was lined up past the actual line of scrimmage or the artificial one suggested by Andrews.

  7. redlikethepig says: “Just because you choked and cost your team the Superbowl is no reason to dwell on it.”


    Not a fan of either team, but any intelligent football fan could see that Dee Ford being offside and almost sacking Brady, rushed the QB into throwing a bad pass.

    NO CHANCE Brady would’ve launched that ball if Ford wasn’t already in his face.

  8. Dee Ford being 1” offsides is why Brady threw the interception? Umm no… he got worried when the chiefs scored 28 points up to that point, in the second half.

  9. His D Line coach in Frisco made sure from day one that he will not line up offside again, ever, if he himself is not already making sure of that. Dee Ford has not been given an offside penalty in preseason or regular season in 2019. Good players learn from their mistakes.

  10. No excuses! Just beat the Packers again! Then dwell on not lining up offsides against the Chiefs in the SB!

  11. It should be on his mind. Lining up is the easiest thing to do in football. It wasn’t even like he jumped offsides either. He just didn’t pay attention to where he was at.

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