Tom Coughlin wants to remain involved in the game

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A two-time Super Bowl-winning coach is available to work in the NFL, and he still wants to.

Tom Coughlin, fired from his position with the Jaguars as executive V.P. of football operations, told Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio that Coughlin hopes to find a new job in pro football.

“I love the game,” Coughlin said. “I love the people involved in the game. And to continue to be involved in some capacity would be a very good thing for me, because I need to be active, I need to be busy. I want to be busy. So the routine is very good for me. It’s been that way for a lot of years. And we’ll just see what prevails.”

His name hasn’t surfaced in the current hiring cycle. Some teams may wait to retool their front offices until after the draft.

As to the retooling of the front office in Jacksonville that brought Coughlin’s employment to a conclusion, Coughlin didn’t have much to say.

“There’s a lot of factors involved,” Coughlin told Gelb. “Obviously, there’s no excuses. But injuries take their play. Blake Bortles had some issues in 2018, and then after that obviously we got into the new quarterback situation and so on and so forth.”

Coughlin also was given an opportunity to respond to the NFL Players Association’s criticism of his tactics, which culminated in player-friendly grievance rulings that seemed to grease the skids for his termiantion.

“I don’t need any opportunity to talk about that,” Coughlin said.

He clearly wants an opportunity to get back in the game. It’s unclear where and when that opportunity will arise.

27 responses to “Tom Coughlin wants to remain involved in the game

  1. Tom Coughlin has a wealth of experience to draw from … stuff you can’t learn from books … or working for others … you gotta withstand the fire …. need an ear Brian Flores?

  2. His time in the game is done. He’s a dinosaur who has been passed by.

    The Jaguars are much better off with him out.

  3. Go away Tom. You’re probably a HOF coach, but your time came and went. If you continue to think and act so far behind the times, the league will have no place for you.

    With the stories we heard from his days with the Giants, to more recently with the Jaguars front office, you wonder if Coughlin simply enjoys having power of people. And in turn, be the power to boss them around. A real Napoleon complex.

  4. Wonder if the Browns would hire him.

    That would be the next attention seeking move for the organization. Guaranteed to keep them in the news.

  5. How about Antonio Brown’s one-on-one private coach/manager, that would be a full time job.

  6. Some guys dont reinvent themselves and try to stay on – he is one. Holmgren did the same thing. Not knowing when to hang them up is an issue with some people. One can only live on their laurels for only so long unless they reinvent themselves. Which is easier for coaches than general mangers or others.

  7. Hiring Coughlin is a recipe for disaster.A teams head coach has to be indirectly,in control of everyone. You also need an owner who stays in the background.

  8. If throwing stuff at the TV during games and telling kids to stay off his lawn count, I can still see a future for him in football. Otherwise,time to hang ’em up.

  9. Sir, your time is up. You’ve had a long run. The last ten years have been hurtful to the organizations employing you.

    Get a rocking chair & a remote.

  10. He still hasn’t gotten fining guys for like, chewing gum or something, out of his system.

  11. I AM 73 TODAY…AND, I too, would like to stay in the game…any game..just like Tom Coughlin

  12. Sorry Tom….the NFL isn’t hiring any “Dean” of Players. But if they were, this is what Tom’s Player Conduct Rules would look like.

    1. Lights out at 8pm.

    2. No eye contact with coaches or front office employees.

    3. No “Rock n Roll”.

    4. No Sitting. EVER.

  13. Calling Coughlin a dinosaur is an insult to dinosaurs! If you listen to the players; they didn’t object to old school discipline, it was the sadistic and cruel methods that he employed.

    He reads more like an abusive parent than “old school” or “dinosaur”.

    The fact that the Jaguars had to set all of the clocks back to the real time because he set them back 5 minutes because you literally could never be on time, speaks volumes about his sadism. He got pleasure out of torturing people, not developing them or even winning.

    There should be an NFL program to weed psychos like him out as much as there is trying to get minorities head coaching gigs. Think of the ENTIRE health of the league!

  14. His “tyrant” ways worked on the old school NFL but these pampered snowflake players are a difference breed of players. Just go enjoy retirement Tom..the NFL just isn’t for you anymore.

  15. I like Coughlin but I think maybe his time has passed. I don’t blame him for the Jalen Ramsey situation. Ramsey was wrong to yell at the coach and his immaturity escalated the situation to the point he faked injuries. The Jags are probably lucky to be rid of Ramsey. His big problem was when he ran afoul of the NFLPA.

    I’m still not exactly sure what he did for the Jags. Did they bring him back in hopes of recapturing their “glory days” under Coughlin. Whatever the reason it didn’t seem to work.

    I think he could help a team under the right circumstances but he may have to change his old-school ways. If he can’t I don’t expect many more jobs for him unless he goes into some form of broadcasting.

  16. I hear the Browns are still looking for a GM! Can you imagine his old school rules with that arrogant QB? Hahahahaha!

  17. Coughlin as done after his time with the Giants… Sometimes it’s time to hang it up because you haven’t allowed yourself to grow with the times. Coughlin still thinks the taskmaster approach still works as it might have in the past, Coughlin doesn’t respect the players as grow men and also as businessmen who are protecting their career. So if you refuse to grow and change as the times and culture changes then it’s time for you to make a career change.

  18. The broadcast booth is a possibility for him, or maybe being a consultant to officials. But the man is probably the least legendary and iconic of all coaches who won more than one Super Bowl. He left messes in his wake and alienated players with a routine more suited to Marine boot camp (which only lasts six weeks) than to today’s NFL. Vermeil, Andy Reid, Don Shula, Parcells ran brutal training camps but were loved by their players. No football team interested in long term progress or anything other than headlines should hire him. Some people just stay too long on stage; Coughlin is one and another is likely playing your home town theater tonight or considering a run for President. If you disagree, ask yourself if you would go through a wall for a man who would fine you for crossing your legs in a meeting, or wearing the wrong pair of socks.

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