Zac Taylor on Joe Burrow: “Long way to go before making decisions”

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The confetti had barely stopped falling, and the cigar smoke may have still been in the air when Bengals coaches started raving about Joe Burrow.

And while they may not want to declare at the moment, it’s clear they have been as impressed as the rest of us by the quarterback who led LSU to a national title and won the Heisman.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor told Geoff Hobson of the team’s website that he’s been duly impressed after watching Monday’s title game, but you could sense that Taylor didn’t want to turn in the card for the first overall pick just yet.

“We’ve started the process of evaluating him,” Taylor said. “We certainly have a long way to go before making decisions on what we’re doing with the first pick. That’s been exciting. We’re not preparing for an opponent, so we have a chance to jump into the actual film work for all the position groups. . . .

“It was impressive. There’s no doubt. I’d like to make sure we’re a little more thorough on our film evaluation with a lot of guys before we start making statements on players. But certainly he had an impressive year.”

Of course, the Bengals have a veteran quarterback under contract at the moment, a guy who has started plenty of games for them in the past, so Taylor had to be careful not to slight Andy Dalton while everyone’s excited about the new guy who isn’t there yet.

“He’s under contract and he’s a guy that we really like and feel strongly about,” Taylor said of Dalton. “That’s where we’re at right now.”

Now that he’s finished sandbagging, Taylor can return to his plans for all his picks after the first one.

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  1. This almost smells like the Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers screw up that the 49ers did years ago. When you have Duke Tobin ,Katie and her husband, plus Mike Brown all there throwing in their two cents, as a Bengals fan i’m just praying they take Burrow and not screw it up.

  2. With the #1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Justin Herbert.

    He won’t be as good so in the end he’ll cost less, just like Mike Brown likes.

  3. “With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals pick….Dru Chrisman, punter, Ohio State”.

    Mike Brown: “We figured we would be doing a lot of punting this year, and he’s the best in the business. He’s an Ohio guy,so that’s a big plus, and we watched a lot of film on him. He’s the real deal..”

  4. Look out for them to draft a guy like Justin Herbert instead. Not saying they should but would make sense considering Zac Taylor’s coaching background

  5. I can’t stand the need for months of manufactured drama for the draft in April when there is no one in their right mind that thinks the Bengals, regardless of their history of ineptitude, will take Chase Young. And really, what would be realistically offered to the Benglas that would make them trade the pick? You need a great quarterback to win in the NFL. They should announce now they are taking Burrow, get him signed, and let him get to work getting ready to start day one. Anything less is just dumb.

  6. Oh, and is all of this nonsense worth trying to get a 3rd rounder for Dalton instead of a 4th rounder? Just sign Burrow and get him to work, and trade Dalton for best you can get.

  7. They have to fake it for the TV ratings. The draft is a big reality show now. The NFL doesn’t want the Bungles to bury the lead. As always, it’s about the money.

  8. I’d trade the pick if it was an insane offer and still staying in the top 10 and get Herbert … that guy definitely did more with less around him.

  9. Honestly, there are only 3 ways where the Bengals can “bungle” the first pick.
    1) Drafting a TE/DT
    2) Drafting Tua at 1. The Bengals can trade down and still get him.
    3) Drafting Herbert at 1. See #2.

    If the Bengals draft Burrow, cool. If the Bengals trade down for picks and decide to take Tua or Herbert, or someone else fine. If the Bengals draft Chase Young, cool. Jeff Okudah, fine. A tackle, cool. Linebacker, whatever.

  10. He will take an O Lineman or a Wide Receiver to take Green’s place. His wallet and the residual sting from Achilli(?) Smith will keep him from taking a QB first round.

  11. Sending a smokescreen to the media! If they don’t draft Burrow number one they should implode the whole city of Cincinnati! The only question is how much Mike Brown will pay for a franchise QB from day one!

  12. No one deserves to be duped as much as people who take anything any team says before the draft as 100% truthful.

    No team shows their cards at this time of the year, no matter how much we all know what they’ll do. Nothing to see here.

  13. They don’t wanna pay him?They made Carson Palmer the highest paid player in the nfl they paid Geno and AJ at top of their position…They are willing to spend money on their own players(Besides Guards ala Steinbach and Zeitler) They just arent willing to spend Money on FA’s,Indoor Practice or Jockstraps.

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