Eric Fisher fined for beer celebration

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Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher had one of the most boisterous celebrations of the season on Sunday, grabbing a couple beers from fans in the front row after a Chiefs touchdown. The NFL was not amused.

Fisher was fined $14,037 for the celebration, in which he dumped some beer over his own helmet. The league considered that unsportsmanlike conduct.

The NFL has loosened up on celebrations in recent years, allowing organized and choreographed celebrations that in the past would have drawn penalty flags and fines. But apparently the league thought Fisher crossed the line this time.

The celebration got Fisher plenty of air time, perhaps enough to help him get a beer sponsorship that would pay him a lot more than $14,037.

Chiefs running back Damien Williams was also fined for his actions after a touchdown, $10,527 for taunting.

45 responses to “Eric Fisher fined for beer celebration

  1. Didn’t understand the penalty on Damien Williams honestly…but bet he doesn’t make that mistake again.

  2. However, one can flash gang signs during their celebrations and get away with it no problem.

  3. So Clowney’s dirty play which resulted in a concussion isn’t worthy of a fine in this CTE-wary NFL but celebrating with a beer results in a fine?

  4. The NFL is more worried about a beer celebration than fixing the horrible refereeing/replay problem….

  5. Hope he does it again! Though last weeks was near perfect!

    The fine on Williams is awful. Guy keeps trying to tackle him after being driven into the end zone then Williams lays the ball down in front of his face. “Taunting”, barely but give him the penalty. Giving him a fine? Get real!!!

  6. Fining Fisher is not unexpected, even if it is a bit petty.

    The flag and fine on Williams, however, were totally ridiculous. All he did was literally set the ball on the ground and walk away. Taunting far worse than that happened in multiple games on any given weekend this season and didn’t get flagged. It was just silly.

  7. New England Patriots fan here, hey Kansas City Chiefs I have an idea Act like you’ve been there

  8. patsbrat says:
    January 18, 2020 at 5:15 pm
    Shouldn’t he also buy a beer for the fans who lost theirs?

    He should and he did, they were rewarded quite handsomely. Google it.

  9. Ah c’mon. It’s beer. If beer is that frowned upon by the NFL, then perhaps they shouldn’t serve it at games…

  10. Then stop paying beer companies to advertise during games! No more tastes great, less filling or Bud Light garbage!

  11. Well, they allowed players to celebrate using their own judgement. It’s like having speed limit signs that just say “use your own judgement”. Not everyone has good judgement. Not a shocker. I thought the beer thing was pretty funny, but do it after the game.

  12. I’ve never understood why these guys have to celebrate like they just cured cancer or something. All they did was do their job, for which they are paid handsomely. NFL players should be like Barry Sanders, who was a total class act. Sanders would score a TD and then just hand the ball to the official. No dancing, no skits, no high-fiving the fans–he acted like he’d been in the end zone before. We need more of that instead of all the juvenile, high school antics that we see too often in the NFL.

  13. He got fined the 14 grand which I’m sure the team, or teammates, will pay but I bet with all the free drinks he’ll get the rest of his life in KC it will pay for itself and then some.

  14. What’s the difference between what he did and any other celebration? If they are going to fine Fisher’s, they also need to start fining those corny run the length of the field and pose deals when the D gets a turnover.

  15. Celebration using a prop, same as using a cellphone or pulling out a Sharpie to autograph a ball. Every player knows that’s finable but he did it anyway.

  16. A few people keep asking what about the fan he took the beer from. .He tracked them down and they were taken care of.

    “The Chiefs brought the two men in to meet Fisher, and St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch repaid them for those borrowed beers.

    Only they didn’t just give them one or two beers. Alex and Troy each got a whole tower of beer of their choosing. It might not come as a shock that the two men chose Budweiser and Bud Light, the same beers that Fisher took”

    “But it didn’t even stop there. Fisher provided each of them with signed jerseys, and then the Chiefs gave them extra jerseys, too.”

  17. So Fisher gets fined for a funny celebration but Clowney can just about kill someone and nothing? Good to know the league has their fine assessing in order.

  18. Please go away Roger. No Fun League wanting to have it both ways. One day they’ll wake up and wonder “What happened?”.

  19. Current players of coaches are not allowed to advertise beer/alcohol – only after retirement.

  20. Its a situation that pulls on the “tethers” of the game itself…. The NFL fines somebody for the act that they committed, yet the antics of other players posing, and acting out silliness in the end zone, goes unchecked….watching Packer players jump into the stands, without recourse, only makes any issue the NFL might have with celebration more invalid. I agree with a previous poster, who mentioned Barry Sanders…Hand the ball to the referee, and walk back to your bench! That man was more of a class act than anyone gives him credit for! The league needs to take a more firm stand on what the players do after a touchdown. They won’t, but they should.

  21. I’m so tired of the defensive posing after turnovers. We get it, you guys don’t get to score often, those are your chances to shine. But does everyone need to run the length of the field, throw signs at the camera? THAT is unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Fisher’s celebration was harmless, unique, and hilarious. Plus, he’s the one who had to finish the game in the barley bath lol

  22. kcchefs58 says:
    January 18, 2020 at 5:07 pm
    Was it because it was beer? Would there be punishment if it were water?

    Yes it would be the same punishment for water. What your not understanding is, The No Fun League is not fining him because it’s beer or water… It’s a prop and the rule is stupid! Not a KC fan but that was great by Fisher!

  23. Someone else said it best: the celebration was harmless, unique and hilarious.

    I get that they have to fine guys, but this is one fine I think fans of any team (except Texas) would chip in to pay.

  24. arealisticpackerfan says:
    Meanwhile, Clowney decapitates someone and the league who claims to care about player safety says “nothing to see here”… okay
    You should really not complain about refs. If it wasn’t for them you’d be watching the Seahawks this weekend.

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