Nick Bosa fined for blindside block

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The Vikings and 49ers disagreed about whether 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa took a cheap shot at Vikings offensive tackle Brian O’Neill last weekend. The NFL sided with the Vikings

The league fined Bosa $28,075 for the illegal blindside block he laid on O’Neill, which also drew a 15-yard penalty.

The NFL has emphasized protecting players from blindside blocks this year, and Bosa is one of many players who has been flagged and fined.

After comments from the Vikings’ locker room after the game that called the hit a cheap shot, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan stood up for Bosa, saying he was just trying to make a block.

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  1. It was a cheap shot. Time will tell if he is a dirty player, but karma does have a way of coming back at ya. You do play tomorrow night Bosa, just sayin.

  2. Yeah coach. Great block that took a player out of the game. I wonder if he would feel the same if it was one of his players injured.

  3. I can see this one at least being consistent with what the rule is trying to prevent, unlike that horrible call that kept Buffalo from advancing.

  4. I wonder how 9’er fans would if that lineman had taken out Bosa’s knee?

    Truthfully I thought the 9’ers had a lot of activity going on after the whistle last week AND in week 12 – one of which lead to Adams’ “chest bump”..

  5. Granted it was 30 years ago, but Keith Byars hit Pepper Johnson way harder than that (and Johnson was his college teammate and best man in his wedding)

  6. It took to the second round of the playoffs, but they finally have something negative to say Bosa.

    He had a penalty! Shocking! He must be a “dirty player”.


  7. Cheapshot requires intent to hurt. A block that draws a roughing penalty does not automatically prove intent. People may be leaping to the wrong conclusion.

  8. Wow these Packer fans are something else….. it was a football play and there was absolutely no intent to injure. Bosa could have annihilated that guy if he wanted to get dirty, instead he got ahead of him and knocked him down. Then went to check on him btw

    A penalty nowadays, yes, Bosa now a dirty player? Please…

  9. For those of you who insist it was a dirty hit, I would advise you to look at a replay. His shoulder hits him in the chest. No helmet to helmet, nothing from the side, his SHOULDER hit him in the CHEST.

  10. It that block was on Carson Wentz there would have been no flag, no fine — and Wentz then would have been criticized for being injury phone.

  11. Penalty and a fine, sounds like a cheap shot. Yeah it’s football, but anytime you knock someone out that’s not looking I would consider that a “cheap shot”. Plus it’s a textbook blindside block based solely on the direction he was running. It’s the high motor that Bosa has that will cause him to be labeled dirty. He just plays hard. I don’t think he’s dirty, but he just destroys whatever in his way. Good thing he’s a beast on the football field because he seems like a meathead.

  12. Bosa could have put that tackle on IR had he wanted to. He had the perfect opportunity to pull a Burfict and banish him to the shadow realm. Instead he squared up and targeted his chest. Ten years ago that was a perfectly fine good hard hit to knock a pursuing player out of the chase on an interception return.

    A penalty? Definitely by today’s standards. Dirty? Not at all.

  13. sonoco says:
    January 18, 2020 at 6:52 pm
    It was illegal but not dirty. Could have been worse. He braced for the hit and resisted launching.
    Please watch it again. He lowered himself, launched upwards and both of his feet left the ground. I’m not crying over the hit but don’t say he “resisted launching” when he clearly did not resist it.

  14. Viking fan here and it didn’t look like a dirty play or cheap shot in my opinion. He tried to make a block. It’s a penalty in today’s game but it is part of the game and very difficult to not throw that kind of block when in that situation.

  15. Was a block on a player behind and out of reach to impact the results of the play, the fact he was not looking makes it that much more of a cheap shot. Worst part is Bosa turns around to the Official literally 5 steps after the hit because he knows it was a cheap shot , karma does have a way of finding those mist deserving so hopefully someone will return the favor. May have something to do with being frustrated with his not the Teams performance as I believe that was the guy blocking him on most plays. Bosa had a decent but not dominant game so may been a little bit of dirty payback.

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