Chiefs go up 28-17 as Damien Williams scores on 3-yard run


Neither team scored in the third quarter, but the Chiefs didn’t waste any time in increasing their lead in the fourth quarter.

Damien Williams scored on a 3-yard touchdown run only 10 seconds into the fourth quarter.

The Chiefs have built a 28-17 lead after falling behind 17-7.

Their 13-play, 73-yard touchdown drive, which ate 7:08 off the clock, may have the death knell for the Titans. The Chiefs converted two third downs on runs by Williams and Patrick Mahomes.

Williams now has 11 carries for 42 yards and a touchdown and four catches for 41 yards. That’s more total yards than Derrick Henry has for the Titans.

The Titans gained only 21 yards and picked up one first down in the third quarter, punting after six plays on their only possession of the second half so far.

8 responses to “Chiefs go up 28-17 as Damien Williams scores on 3-yard run

  1. When was the last time the Chiefs offense had a holding call against them? I’ve seen a whole bunch not get called in this game…

    Also…Sammy Watkins pushes the corner down…refs call defensive holding…TD

    Mahomes is incredibly overrated. Alex Smith was literally the top rated QB in the league right before Mahomes was given the job. Name one bad offense under Andy Reid. He’s proven that pretty much anyone can throw to wide open woman beaters and get stats off handoffs that count as TD passes

  2. But you guys, I thought Derrick was gnna waltz in there and make frank clark eat his words? I’m so confused. This is domination. Friendly reminder that Mahomes is the best QB in the league. Not number 8, and it’s not close. Will be sure post many pictures down at the Super Bowl for you number 8 fans to let you know how awesome it is.

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