Darrelle Revis calls out Richard Sherman for avoiding man-to-man coverage

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Richard Sherman finds motivation in the haters, even when there aren’t any. Tonight, there’s at least one.

Future Hall of Fame cornerback Darrelle Revis took to Twitter to accuse Sherman of having “[f]ear of getting beat in man to man coverage.”

“Every snap every play,” Revis said. “The fact that he doesn’t travel as a cornerback is lame. [Accept] the challenge as the best and shut [Davante] Adams down the entire game. Do it for the game of football. Stop hiding [in] a cover 3 zone.”

Sherman did well on Sunday night. He was, however, beaten deep on a fourth-quarter bomb to Adams.

“All y’all think I’m throwing shade,” Revis said. “I’m not. Just stating the man is not a pound for pound man to man corner. If you know the game of football he plays in a Cover 3 Scheme. He does not travel but traveling with a receiver is not for every DB. It’s a few on the corner list who can.”

It’s a fairly common debate among cornerbacks. Those who travel with the opponent’s No. 1 receiver on a regular basis, like Revis usually did, are the ones most likely to point it out.

Travel or not, zone or man, Sherman continues to be one of the best cornerbacks in the game, as evidenced by the fact that quarterbacks tend to stay away from him, and when they don’t he usually gets the job done. Regardless, he’s returning to the Super Bowl, where he’ll get a chance to show what he can do against the likes of Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and/or Mecole Hardman.

60 responses to “Darrelle Revis calls out Richard Sherman for avoiding man-to-man coverage

  1. Revis used this same BS argument when Shermanwas at the Seahawks.

    Sherman is playing his position within that system, the Seahawks systems, which the DC learned when he coached at the Seahawks.

    This idea that a player just decides his role is just stupid

  2. Revis was great, I’d say he was better than Sherman. But Sherman is effective and there’s no arguing that. He’s excelled in a scheme that fits his talents. He’s going back to the Super Bowl for the 3rd (?) time. hard to argue with success

  3. Its a stupid criticism and stupid argument and a guy like Revis should know better. Its not just a cover 3 corner, its a cover 3 scheme with no one else moving. If you shadow a receiver to make a point, the other guys have to move off their spots. And if you man cover every down to prove you can it effects how everyone else can cover.

    Its a team game. Sherman does as he is asked and does it at the highest level

  4. Revis was the best CB of this era. He completely shut down the best WR’s in the game and made the best QB’s in the game find another receiver to throw to. Sherman was a top 3 man to man CB in his time, but that’s not the case anymore. And don’t try to give me stats because nobody threw at Revis. Tell me who you would want in a big game? Sherman or Revis? I’ll take Revis every day of the week.

  5. I’m no Revis fan, but he’s probably enjoying retirement, the money he made and getting ready to be a first ballot HOFer

  6. Few quarerbacks throw to Richard Charmin’s side of the field. That means by putting him on one side, the defense can concentrate on receivers on the other side of the field.

  7. He’s right in one respect though. Sherman may be a good CB but he’s really not a shut-down CB like Revis, Peterson and others.

  8. Sherman is the heart of the niners D and practically a coach on the field. Just bc the D scheme he is at now doesn’t use press man as much as others doesn’t mean he isn’t good at it. Didn’t Revis make a business decision of getting out of the way of Derek Henry at the end of a playoff game when he was with the Chiefs?? I know for sure Sherman would have made that tackle and not shied away like Revis on the last play of his career.

  9. Is there are trophy for best CB of the season??? How many snaps did Revis take this year? Revis is old, retired and talking sh1t… next he’ll be barking at the neighborhood kid that he was once relevant… and they’ll laugh as they run away from the old look.

  10. Revis was getting burnt every pass play the last 5 years he played. He had a few good years playing man, but his zone game was awful. That’s why he didn’t last long in the nfl. Hes overrated and was one of the worst corners in the game every year. He was a liability, that’s why nobody wants him.

  11. Teams don’t play man every play. Teams play zone most of the game, that’s why Revis was worthless and overrated because he was awful in zone coverage. That’s why he’s not in the nfl anymore. You can’t just play man and have no zone skills. That’s why sherman is best. He’ll shut you down man or zone.

  12. Yes, Darrelle, You’re correct. No one had you on the radar until you opened your mouth. But I guess this approach is more dignified than what we saw out of Jerry Rice today. We can only hope he’s not crashing his old high school’s parties.

  13. “All y’all think I’m throwing shade,”
    Calling out his man-to-man coverage ability to downplay a veteran zone CB specialist’s performance, is not throwing shade…
    “Do it for the game of football.”
    And mess with the team’s gameplan to prove Revis’ point.
    Coaches will love that!
    It has nothing to do with D.Revis’s ego, it’s “for the game of football”…

  14. He is right but I guess today you attack a guy for being right. Sherman did it in Seattle and he is doing it again. So tell me those guys that he is just playing a scheme. Did SF and Seattle both play the same scheme then. Not a big deal that is just what it is. But if you are truly an elite CB you should be asked at times to shut down their # 1 WR if you can. if you can’t most can’t so no foul.

  15. ravensrooster94 says:
    January 19, 2020 at 10:53 pm
    And Revis is doing…..what these days?

    That island sunk a long time ago.

  16. Revis may have had a higher peak than Sherman but he didn’t play as well as long. He was garbage the last few years. Also ask the QB’s what a shutdown corner is and they’ll tell you Sherman is a shut down corner.

  17. Don’t forget that the majority of qb’s are right handed and Sherman typically lines up on that same left side. So, the qb is really almost limited to the weaker backside. Look up the stats for qb’s throwing at Sherman’s side. He does line-up at different spots when occasionally asked. Sherman is also a great and willing tackler.

  18. And yet Sherman is still playing…and Revis is just talking.
    Maybe if Revis had been effective in the NFL for longer than a minute and a half, that wouldn’t be the case. Talk about a guy who refused to leave long after he had stopped being effective…

  19. Sherman at his age is p!aying way better than Revis was in his last year’s in the league. Sounds like someone’s got the Ocho Cinco disease of trying anything to be relevant in retirement when he should be working as a spokesman or financial advisor or whatever these guys do after their careers are over.

  20. Revis is soooooo jealous. First, Sherman is playing the defense called. Is he supposed to just blow it off and free lance? Maybe Revis would. Maybe that’s why Revis didn’t last with the Patriots.

  21. Sherman had a lot of classless things to say about Revis … let’s not forget who started this.

  22. “Sherman did well on Sunday night. He was, however, beaten deep on a fourth-quarter bomb to Adams.”

    Proof Revis is correct.
    The reason why Revis talking is because Sherman got on stage and told the world I’m the GOAT…. 🤣
    Sherman is just a CB sniper, he’s not an elite DB

  23. To all that say Sherman can only play the defense called, the defense is called because he can’t cover that long. The main reason he has haters is because he loves to tell anyone and everyone he’s the best corner. Some guys are the product of the system. Sherman isn’t bad, but I would take Revis over Sherman any day of the week.

  24. Sherman doesn’t travel or play man to man but plays well in the 49ers defensive scheme. Sherman just does his assignment. Nothing wrong with that at all. What is missing in Revis life that he needs to draw attention to himself like this now? You were a highly paid CB in the NFL for many years. And now that you retired this is what you do?

  25. If I was Sherman I’d say to Revis, “Come here and show me how it’s done. Oh, you can’t? Then keep your opinions to yourself.”

  26. One thing you can bet on, Sherman won’t be stealing money from his team, which is what Revis did his last five years in the NFL…bouncing from team to team (5 teams in 5 years) as one team after another realized the guy was living off a rep that had long ago stopped being realistic.

  27. Revis is correct. Not to say that Sherman won’t be a HoF Corner. He’s a stud. Just not a shutdown.

  28. filmex2000 says:
    January 20, 2020 at 8:21 am
    One thing you can bet on, Sherman won’t be stealing money from his team, which is what Revis did his last five years in the NFL…bouncing from team to team (5 teams in 5 years) as one team after another realized the guy was living off a rep that had long ago stopped being realistic.


    Um….Revis was a beast till his last season and a half with KC and the Jets. I mean, he made the Pro in 2014 and 2015. He retired 2 years later. Nice try though!

  29. Sherman is a loudmouth and the only thing I don’t respect about SF. BTW Revis was a better CB than Gilmore,who’s next game will be the Pro Bowl. Get over it, Pats fans.

  30. So what? Sherman plays in the system and he is perfect for that system. He’s great at zone and anticipating. He’s isn’t a speed guy as anyone could see as he loped along after Adams on that deep pass. But in his system he’s beast.

    (And I hate Sherman, the 9ers and the Seahawks).

  31. Revis is one of the most overrated corners of all time.
    They gave him his own Football Life episode, in his seventh season, like he’s Darrell Green or something.
    Also I’ll never forget when he got beat by Moss (eight years older) and then grabbed at his hammy like that was the reason.


  32. Who is this Revis guy? Sherman is a Superbowl ring-wearing corner still playing in Superbowls. He plays within his scheme. And he doesn’t hesitate to attack backs behind the line of scrimmage. And the Niner backfield in general has improved dramatically because of Sherman in the locker room effectively being a player-coach on the field. He’s of REAL value to the team. Revis? I don’t know who he thinks he’s of value-to.

  33. Being a Saint since 67 I have a ton of dislike for anything west coast; most specifically the 49ers. Sherman plays at a high level no doubt. Everybody will get their buns buttered sometimes if they play corner.
    Keep in mind when talking about bad asses in the secondary. Doug Plank, Johnny Outlaw, the GM of the 49ers, most of the Raiders secondary in the 70s, Donnie Shell to mention the select few who brought “the hat”. These guys would not be seen punching a hand in to strip the ball they came to jar the ball loose. So most of the guys today including Sherman do not like contact because they have the idea a hard tackle might jeopardize their chance of getting paid. The secondary in the 70s and 80s would smoke a running backs bag. Of course in mitigation the league is ruining the game with all this “ you hit someone too hard”.

  34. friedbokchoy says:
    January 21, 2020 at 3:35 pm
    Did Revis ever win anything more than a playoff game or two?


    Actually, he won a Super Bowl with the Patriots against Sherman’s Seahawks. In his prime, Revis was a better player than Sherman (and he was past his prime by the time he came to the Patriots), but his prime was so short. Give me Sherman’s career over Revis any day. Maybe Sherman isn’t as good 1-on-1, but his ability in teamwork produced a much stronger defense than Revis’s ever could. Revis Island was a thing, but he was not a team player and didn’t do much to make the rest of his team better.

  35. g2-022e71b2b17ae9e24a6a00cbb7f5cf28 says:
    January 20, 2020 at 12:59 am
    Revis may have had a higher peak than Sherman but he didn’t play as well as long. He was garbage the last few years. Also ask the QB’s what a shutdown corner is and they’ll tell you Sherman is a shut down corner.


    I totally agree with all of this except the last line. I think Revis was more of a shutdown corner in his prime. QBs never threw at him. Sherman gave receivers a bit more room to make catches and so he attracted more throws. This was somewhat intentional. He and Thomas were a great combo at enticing a quarterback to come at them and then coming up with a pick. It wasn’t Sherman that made all the picks (though he made more than Revis), but he was a huge part of why teams didn’t have much success with the deep ball against the Seahawks.

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