Derrick Henry on contract: I’m sure it will get worked out

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Running back Derrick Henry put up huge numbers in the Titans’ first two playoff games, but he didn’t find as much success on Sunday as the Chiefs brought an end to Tennessee’s season with a 35-24 win.

That left Henry teary-eyed and it shifted attention from how well the 2019 rushing champion has been playing to what will happen this offseason. Henry is set to become a free agent in March and he said after the game that he’s confident something will work out to keep him in Tennessee.

“Throughout the whole season, you have to stick together through all the adversity,” Henry said, via “We have a lot of great guys in the locker room. It’s football you know the locker room is going to change. Right now, we just lost a game. I am not even thinking about no contracts or things like that. When that time comes, I am sure it will get worked out.”

Henry is one of many impending free agents on the Titans and quarterback Ryan Tannehill is also part of that group, which may make the offseason in Tennessee as interesting as the last few weeks.

11 responses to “Derrick Henry on contract: I’m sure it will get worked out

  1. I’m a Chiefs fan and have enjoyed watching him this year. That work load he has taken reminds me of a similar player from Cheifs history, Larry Johnson.

  2. Henry needs to be highly paid. What do you guys think about Tannehill? His 2019 season was a great story, but I dont think vrabel will settle with him as his 2020 starter. Get rid of Mariota and keep tannehill as a well paid backup if possible.

  3. Derrick Henry will be playing the franchise tag dance the next 2 years…I hope Kamara and McCaffrey are as smart as Zeke…and hold out for that new contract now…

  4. msarcher1 says:

    January 19, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    If the Texans didn’t rest 9 starters in week 17 the Titans don’t even make the playoffs

    This is incorrect. First of all, I think the Titans would have won that game even with the Texans starters. But also, the way the other games worked out, The Titans would have still made the playoffs even if they had lost.

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