Frank Clark backs up talk, declares Chiefs D league’s best

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Chiefs pass-rusher Frank Clark tempted fate.

But then he and his teammates backed it up.

After providing not just material, but the whole bulletin board by saying Titans running back Derrick Henry was “not hard to hit” last week, the Chiefs responded by limiting Henry to 69 yards on 19 carries.

“‘Cause we’re the best defense in the world right now,” Clark said, via “They come in here, they say they’re gonna run the ball. I know exactly what they were gonna do, you watching that film, you know what they’re going to do. . . . Over 200 yards each game. I knew damn well we wasn’t going to win the game if we let that happen.

“They come in here, he runs for 70 yards, they call him the best rusher in the league. We sendin’ his a– home early.”

While Clark’s numbers were slightly off, they did do a nice job. Henry had rushed for 211, 182, and 195 yards in his last three games, so there was no reason to expect that kind of discrepancy.

The Chiefs were seventh from the bottom in the league in run defense this year, so they had shown nothing like the work they put in Sunday, which helped them make a Super Bowl.

29 responses to “Frank Clark backs up talk, declares Chiefs D league’s best

  1. I like the Chiefs.

    But that defense is only a top ten unit. It is not the best by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Stopping a RB is not THE goal of defense.

    Stopping the Titans from scoring is, and Titans scored 25% more than the Chiefs allow per game (19) so by the most important metric the Chiefs did worse than average today.

    Still won, he Rose above it. He harnessed in the good energy, blockEd out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad.

  3. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and AROUND. It’s circular. Circle, with the music, the flow. All good things.

    Congrats to the Chiefs fans.

  4. Well they do have two who have domestic violence in their past with Clark & Suggs.
    And don’t forget about Hill on offense.
    They are all nice men that you really want to root for.

  5. Henry only had 19 carries when he had 30+ the last two playoff games. He hardly got the ball in the second half, and his second half stats are always worlds better than his first half performances.

  6. Niners just went up 27-0 against the Packers. Frank and the rest of the KC defense should probably stop congratulating themselves and get ready for the butt whupping the’re gonna take from SF. They won’t be going up against Tannehill in the next one.

  7. Id say the Chiefs offense held Henry in check. Not the defense. When the Titans had the lead in the first half Henry had 5yds a carry. Getting behind took Henry out of the game plan.

  8. We will handle SF just like we have handled every other elite team. AFC clearly DOMINATES the NFC in every aspect. Just face the facts!

  9. Pats were the only AFC team to dominate recently ad they aren’t in th Super Bowl this year. SF 27 KC 10.

  10. Clark was kicked off the team at Michigan after getting arrested for domestic violence. That’s factual but won’t get past the moderators here.

  11. If you give up 24 points to the Titans, you should give up football. This dude should quit running his mouth. The Titans’ gameplan was ruined by the Chiefs offense scoring too many touchdowns.

  12. Yea… Titans fans were on here before that game saying Frank Clark was an idiot and he poked the bear. He is in the Super Bowl now. As long as he backs it up, keep talking.

  13. KC defense gave up 12 points on a pair of trick plays at the goal line to a rinky dink offense.

    I like the best offense in the NFL against the 49er defense – and I like the top performing defense in the NFL the last third of the season against the 49er pop gun offense.

    And I don’t mind Clark telling it how it is.

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