Mike Vrabel: We were ready for Mahomes to run, we just didn’t execute

Getty Images

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ran for 53 yards and a touchdown in today’s win over the Titans, and the frustrating part of that for Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel was that he expected Mahomes to try to make plays with his legs.

Asked after the game if he was surprised by Mahomes running, Vrabel answered, “No. We watched it last week.”

In last week’s win over the Texans, Mahomes also ran for 53 yards. Vrabel said the Titans knew about that element of his game.

“It’s just that we didn’t make a play on him,” Vrabel said. “We were fully aware that he was healthy and that was a dimension of his game. We just didn’t do a good enough job today.”

Mahomes does so many things well that he’s hard for any defense to stop. No matter how much they’ve prepared for him.