Philip Rivers and family leave San Diego, move to Florida

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Soon-to-be free agent quarterback Philip Rivers often talks about the importance of spending time with his wife and nine children. When the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, Rivers and his family stayed put, and he made the long commute to the team facility each day because he thought it was important for his kids to stay in place.

Which makes his recent move eye-opening.

Rivers told ESPN that he and his wife and kids have left San Diego and moved to Florida. Rivers and his wife grew up in Decatur, Alabama, and he says they wanted to live nearer where they grew up.

“What this means football wise is to be determined but it was time for us to move back closer to home,” Rivers said.

It seems rather unlikely that Rivers would make this move if he expected to remain with the Chargers. Whether Rivers is thinking of retiring, thinks the Chargers plan to move on or has an idea of another team that wants to sign him is unknown, but this move certainly makes it less likely that Rivers will be the Chargers’ starting quarterback in 2020.

43 responses to “Philip Rivers and family leave San Diego, move to Florida

  1. Well all the Florida teams would probably be improved with a washed up Rivers over what they got.

  2. Florida is a real large state and there are three teams scattered about. This news would be of a great deal more interest if someone specified WHERE in Florida Rivers has moved!

  3. Considering California has one of the highest state income taxes and Florida has none this is a smart financial move from Rivers whether he plays or not .

  4. Absolutely crazy how talented those late 2000s era chargers were and never made the super bowl. They sure were fun to watch though. Happy trails Phil

  5. IF Rivers is out in LA the last remaining fans of the Chargers are gone as well. Fact: Spanos doesn’t want to pay Rivers $20M. Spanos owes big rent money to Kroenke. LA Charger season tickets and PSL’s are way below forecast.

  6. Carolina Panthers have the tam who can win now..with Rivers. Close to NC State where he played. Short plane ride to Florida.

  7. Tax haven of Florida vs. tax burden in Cali that’s a good move and likely due to Chargers telling him they’re going to move in a different direction. TB 12 in LA? TBD

  8. Orlando? Only if he takes the family to Disney World. Fortunately Rivers can afford the astronomical prices charged by Disney despite the large size of his family.

  9. Chargers seem to be the team to leave for London and they’d probably join the NFC East. Seattle returns to AFC West. Dallas to NFC West.

  10. Brady leaving Boston.
    Rivers leaving San Diego.
    Brady says he’s embarassed at what he earns compared to other NFL QB’s.
    Chargers need to fill a new stadium in a city where there is no interest in them now.
    Brady will be given a blank check to fill out by the Chargers.

  11. Sad to see it. He was the biggest reason I stayed a Chargers fan. This move basically means he’s not coming back to the Chargers. I could see scenarios that make him a fit for any of the Florida teams including Miami where he would play while Tua heals and learns. I think he’d have a better chance of playoffs with the Jaguars or Buccaneers though.

  12. Its been no secret here in SoCal that Rivers is moving on. He has done NOTHING to promote the team’s move to LA before or since they left town. He is a devoted guy who loves SD and never wanted to leave. LA is a megalopolis that is alien to him and his way of life. He never had any intention of resigning with Ratfink Spanos. He’ll do better now that he’s moving on from one of the worst organizations in the NFL.

  13. No chance he takes crazy legs Fitz spot. Fitz will be the QB for 2020 for Miami.
    Maybe he ends up with the Bucs

  14. No way Brady would work for an owner like Spanos. It’s like saying he will play for Haslam.

  15. California is the 5th largest economy in the world. Pft commenters are incapable of understanding Finance on such a scale.

  16. If Rivers wants to move closer to where he and his wife grew up, that would be the Destin / Ft Walton or Panama City area. The beaches are second to none. It’s a laid back area, relaxing lifestyle except for spring break, then is crazy. Especially around Panama City Beach.

  17. cowboyapologist says:
    January 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Brady leaving Boston.
    Rivers leaving San Diego.
    Brady says he’s embarassed at what he earns compared to other NFL QB’s.
    Chargers need to fill a new stadium in a city where there is no interest in them now.
    Brady will be given a blank check to fill out by the Chargers.


    Brady did not say he’s embarrassed about his comp. That was a made-up hot take by Boston sports guy Gary Tanguay that was picked up by sources who don’t know that Tanguay is a joke.

    Spanos is going to offer Brady a blank check? The man’s never opened his wallet for anybody, and I don’t expect him to do it now. Just like I don’t expect Brady would be wildly enthusiastic to have to play the Chiefs twice a year.

  18. I left San Diego in 2003. I love it. Would go back to retire. I was there when Rivers & Tomlinson & Seau was drafted. It would be nice for any team besides the Chargers to call San Diego THEIR home.Unless there was a change in ownership. Was sad when Chargers moved but, even more with Rivers & family gone. Gonna get steamy in Florida.

  19. I bet he moved to Destin or 30A Walton County, Florida area. A lot of former athletes and coaches live there. Jerry Jones got a place there too. Closer to New Orleans than Tampa or Orlando.

  20. Rivers might be thinking of starting a completely different career, and might think Florida is the right place to do that. He’s retiring from football as a very young man with an enormous amount of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started his own ministry down there, or something like that. He certainly has the means to do whatever he wants.

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