Signs point clearly to Eli Manning walking away from the NFL

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The Giants have no place for him as a starter, and he’s not interested in being a backup. Unless he’s interested in changing teams (and unless a team is interested in signing him to be its starter), Eli Manning‘s playing career undoubtedly is over.

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post connects the fairly obvious dots on the man who has earned more money playing football than anyone else in the history of the league, at $252.3 million. Now a full-time dad, Eli likely will settle into that role, unless someone comes along with the kind of offer that makes it clear that Eli will be “the guy” for 2020.

Anything less than $20 million per year means that Eli easily could be supplanted by a rookie, like he was in 2019 by Daniel Jones. Even if Eli gets that kind of an offer, he’d have to be willing to cap his Giants career with a change in venue and uniform — something he’s never seemed to be inclined to do.

So this may indeed be it for Eli, with one very important caveat to keep in mind. If a contending team loses its starting quarterback during the 2020 season, would that team call Eli? Would he accept, for a chance to chase a possible third Super Bowl win?

Albeit extremely unlikely, it could be be the only scenario in which we’d ever see Eli again in an NFL uniform.

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  1. I hope he does retire. Eli easily overachieved in his career and had two of the weirdest (yet most successful) playoff runs in history. His role in the helmet catch is legendary. There’s nothing else he could do other than have a final season that statistically rivals Peyton’s, minus a super bowl win. Go be an awkward dad, Eli!

  2. I imagine he’d only be doing that because he knows that there isn’t any team that would pick him up to be their starter as he’s already expressed his displeasure for being a back up. If he does decide to retire then I wish him well, even with a very pedestrian win/loss record over his career I imagine being a 2x Super Bowl MVP as well as being top 10 in both passing yards and TDs all time will all but insure a gold jacket in a few years.

  3. Total embarrassment that a .500 quarterback is the highest paid of all time. People talk about 2 Super Bowl wins but never mention names like Tuck or Strahan, etc – ya know, like, the guys who had to actually line up against Tommy. No team ever lined up and was afraid of Eli Manning that’s just a fact.

  4. Noooo! He needs to go to a team with a pro bowl running back, a top Oline, 2 top receivers, and an All Pro TE…….and a top 5 defense….and a good kicker. He can win with that, Giants fans have told us that for years.

  5. Eli hasn’t been that good for a number of years, but neither have the Giants.
    Had the team not been so bad he’d not have looked this bad.

    Let see how Daniel Jones does over the next couple of years. I don’t think he’ll amount to much.

  6. .
    2018 ELI’s stats were top 3 of his career. FACT.
    Yet still these couch quarterbacks say it was his worst…
    But it all doesn’t matter, the year they destroyed an UNDEFEATED Team is the year the fans demanded he be benched halfway through the season… He was throwing Picks 1-2 a game…
    Thus is Eli’s legacy, NY Fans want him gone, until he gets them into the playoffs and he was LIGHTS OUT… unlike Marino. Eli 2 RINGS 2 MVP’s marion ZERO.
    Every single Receiver on the giants that was good was because of Eli, go look at what they did on other teams, see who then stepped up to replace them on the Giants.
    Receiver leaves, Eli propped up another, that one leaves or gets injured Eli propped up another again and again…

  7. He was done 2 years ago.

    He was allowed to stick around because of the Giants ‘coddling’ him.

    Any other top organization would have cut ties years ago.

  8. Obviously I’m an Eagles fan so I have no skin in this game but, Eli gets over looked for the Tyree helmet catch. He scrambled out of a sure sack at crunch time to throw across his body to give Tyree a shot at that legendary play. He dis beat TB12 TWICE.

    He made his money and probably is a HOF QB, go enjoy your family Eli, relax and watch your kids grow.

  9. He is shooter from Happy Gilmore to me as an eagles fan. He had some clutch moments and at least two times did enough to win a super Bowl. People hating just hurt it was not his or her team dude is a legend, the helmet and stealing two from the pats.

  10. 252M is only his football salary. He makes many millions in endorsements each year. Of course he has the NJ taxes which probably cancels that out.

  11. If one goes by winning percentage of a team to judge the caliber of an individual player, then Saquon Barkley is a HUGE bust.

  12. The only legitimate knock on Eli is that he lost the knack of 4th quarter comebacks after 2012. Instead, he became a leader in interceptions and inventive ways to lose the football. Not all his fault for losing his edge when at the same time the GM failed to get enough talent around him and hired 2 horrible head coaches. Sad that he’s leaving just when the roster is improving and he now has a Head Coach who knows how to use him.

  13. He got a raw deal from both McAdoo and Shumur at the end of his career! Neither of them should ever coach again! See how they liked being benched!

  14. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Brady killer, 2-0
    Yeah, let’s just forget about that awesome defense that flustered Brady TWICE, and give the credit to a guy who threw two decent passes in two Super Bowls

  15. As a Giant fan, I’ll always appreciate Eli. He had something a lot of today’s players don’t: Class. He got benched, in an incredibly stupid move, for a never was like Geno Smith. Did he cry to the media? Did he rant and rave at losing his record of games started? No. He was a good teammate. He did anything the team asked. And when fools complain, take a look at the teams he played on. For 5 years he had the worst OL in the NFL. He just played on. No complaints. When the press and the fans – all experts at football – bad mouthed him – unlike a Paragon of virtue like Antonio brown – he always remained composed. I wish him well and hope he enjoys his retirement.

  16. Eli haters are funny. It’s the defense (even though the haters can’t name one pro bowl linebacker an secondary member) that won the rings. When their defense is ranked in the bottom of the NFL and they are losing, it’s Eli’s fault.

    Eli has definitely been eratic and inconsistent at times. He’s thrown a lot of INTs just like Favre. But with Favre it was ok because he was a gunslinger.

    His supporters are funny too. They act like he is the only reason they won the superbowls. No one player can win it on his own.

    @bspurloc makes a great point. The reason he gets into the hall of fame and the reason he’s so underrated is the players he’s made better.

    Plaxico – Best football was played with Manning
    Toomer – Looked in decline and resurrected his career
    Smith – Pro Bowl Giant out of the league 3 years later
    Manningham – Very good Giant out of the league shortly after
    Kevin Boss – Pro bowl caliber Giant, failed miserably on KC and Oakland.
    Martellus Bennet – Looks to be a complete bust, plays one year with Eli and gets a pretty big contract.
    Hakeem Nicks – Top 10 WR in NY, out of the league 3 years later
    Victor Cruz – Undrafted with 0 expectations, has a great 3 year run.
    Rueben Randle – Solid numbers for a number 2 WR. Could never get a job after the Giants didn’t resign him
    Beckham – Legendary start to his career. He leaves and everyone thinks he’s going to get so much better without Eli holding him back. Worse production for a 16 game season and barely eclipses 1000 yards in 16 games.

    After a few, it’s not a coincidence.

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