Texans fire contract negotiator Chris Olsen

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As if it wasn’t obvious before Sunday, the Texans made it even more clear: Bill O’Brien wields the power in the franchise.

The Texans fired senior vice president of football administration Chris Olsen, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

Olsen negotiated contracts for the Texans, making him responsible for some of the largest deals in team history. But O’Brien, who serves as the de facto General Manager as well as the head coach, and Jack Easterby, the executive vice president of team development, are putting their stamp on the organization after the firing of General Manager Brian Gaine in June.

O’Brien answers only to Texans chairman Cal McNair, who succeeded his late father, Bob, at the top of the franchise.

Olsen ran the football operations on an interim basis after Gaine’s firing.

He worked for the Texans for 13 years.

Olsen previously worked for the NFL Management Council in the NFL office in New York as manager of labor operations. He reviewed and analyzed player contracts to ensure teams complied with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

22 responses to “Texans fire contract negotiator Chris Olsen

  1. O’Rien is such a clown. Last ditch effort since he knows he is on the line. Blame someone else for the bad contracts I gave out.

  2. Eventually he’ll have no one left to fire, and then O’Brien will buy the Texans and become Jerry Jones 2.0.

  3. Tunsil has the team over a barrel thanks to how much they gave up for him and the fact his contract is up. The contract guy probably got whacked for trying to be sensible.

  4. Bill O’Brien personally took the team from being bad to being a playoff team,
    Weak competition, and being gifted a good QB has nothing to do with it.
    I see Bill OBrien out there on the field making plays on both sides of the ball.

    Go Bill Go!

  5. It was pretty obvious to anyone with any football knowledge that the problem in the Texans Organization was the way contracts were handled. I mean, sheeesh.

  6. What did Bill O’Brien do to earn this much trust? He’s just an OK coach, so they made him GM (etc) also?
    If I was Watson I’d git the open market (FA). He’s not going to win a Super Bowl with the Texans…

  7. It’s amazing that a guy with a career record of 54-48 aka barely above .500 (this includes 2-4 in the playoffs) wields so much power. The fact that he is still employed clearly illustrates Houston ownership is not serious about competing for a Superbowl. I know his supporters will point to 5/6 seasons with a winning record and the division titles but I think most fans have seen enough evidence when it matters (playoffs) to conclude that BOB is not the guy. Poor Watson, Watt and Hopskins wasting their careers playing for this joker. BTW never trust a guy with a buttchin.

  8. I admittedly didn’t think much of the Martin or Mercilus extensions, but this is still baffling. The dude has mostly done a great job, the Watt and Hopkins extensions were very team friendly. Most of his 1 year prove it deals have worked well. So I think this has to be about one of two things. 1. The Tunsil negotiations are going poorly. Would be easy to believe since Tunsil has a massive amount of leverage since the Texans failed to extend him when they signed him. If they failed to resign him, they would have given up all that draft capital for a 1 year rental, which would be catastrophic. Watson also needs to be extended but everyone knows they are going to have to back up the brinks truck for him. 2. O’Brien really is as much of a megalomaniac as everyone paints him out to be and wants to negotiate contracts himself. I’m not sure which option would be worse.

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