49ers hopeful Tevin Coleman will be ready for Super Bowl

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One of the few things to go wrong for the 49ers on Sunday was the shoulder injury running back Tevin Coleman suffered in the first half of the game.

Coleman took a cart to the locker room and was ruled out of the game during halftime. He returned to the sideline with his injured arm in a sling and head coach Kyle Shanahan had a limited update on his condition after the game.

“I know it was a shoulder,” Shanahan said in his postgame press conference. “He was sitting there. I didn’t get to talk to him too much about it. I’m hoping he’ll be all right next week. I don’t totally know yet. But, I know he’s not ruled out or anything. I think there will be a good chance.”

Raheem Mostert‘s monster night made it easy for the Niners to deal with Coleman’s absence, but they’d still like to have all hands on deck when they try for the organization’s sixth Super Bowl title.

5 responses to “49ers hopeful Tevin Coleman will be ready for Super Bowl

  1. And it was his own fault, trying to break his fall by putting his hand down for an extra half foot. I saw Matt Hasselbeck do the same thing when he broke his wrist. Why do guys continuously do this? Your single arm is not going to stop your entire body weight from falling. Just fall flat! Pro-Wrestlers have been doing it for a 100 years!

  2. Every series that Coleman starts is a wasted possession. Mostert is by far the most explosive RB and every possession is precious, especially against the Chiefs.

  3. Frisco is still pretty deep at the position, with Breida and Jeff Wilson as backups. Wilson is similar to Coleman in being a good runner between the tackles, whereas Mostert is more effective running off tackle. I do not anticipate the 49ers running 40 times in the Super Bowl, but if they do, they will most likely win it because they would be trying to run out the clock if they run that many times.

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