Bengals have no intention to trade No. 1 overall pick

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The compulsory Conference Championship Sunday Splash! reports included some news-about-nothing about Cincinnati’s plans for their hard-earned first overall pick in the draft.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Bengals “have no intention of trading the No. 1 overall draft pick no matter the interest they get in it.”

The Bengals are widely believed to be targeting LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the first overall pick in the draft.

But here’s the thing. Teams that ultimately make a trade routinely claim they won’t. Recent examples include Odell Beckham and Jalen Ramsey. Their teams said they wouldn’t be traded, until their teams got trade offers they liked.

Saying there will be no trade is how a team builds leverage, in the absence of an auction among multiple teams. If, ultimately, only one team wants to trade up to the top spot, the Bengals can squeeze the most out of their prospective trade partner by saying, “We’re not trading the pick.”

Until they trade the pick. For more than they’d get if their public position was, “We’d like to trade the pick.”

So the report, which fails to account for the simple reality that the Bengals may be posturing (then again, the use of the word “intention” provides some degree of cover), is either potentially inaccurate, if the Bengals get an offer they can’t refuse, or entirely accurate, with the Bengals being the Bengals and flatly refusing any and all offers no matter how strong they may be.

23 responses to “Bengals have no intention to trade No. 1 overall pick

  1. No matter how good a prospect looks there is always risk in a 1st round draft pick so if a team is willing to give you a boatload of picks for the #1 overall you’d have to consider it just based on the odds of hitting a homerun with so many more early picks.

  2. The time of year has arrived when you cannot believe a single word coming from the mouth of any team, coach or GM: draft time.

  3. Why trade the first pick if you need a quarterback and there is a quarterback worth drafting at one. No matter what you could get back you still need that quarterback.

    they will not trade and they mean it.

  4. If Cincy can wangle a Herschel Walker or a Ricky Williams deal out of some team, then do it.
    Otherwise, draft Burrow.

  5. It’s Mike Brown. He’d probably trade the pick for a 7th round pick and $50. After all, the only thing he cares about is money.

  6. Mike Brown doesn’t change his mind very often and if he has made up his mind on a franchise quarterback, is that really a bad thing?

  7. Not fond of one year wonders. Their failure rate is alarming. But then there’s Russell Wilson. But he was a 3rd rounder. Brady was a 1/2 year wonder and he was a 5th rounder. Those are easier picks to die by, although it was Wilson’s height more than the great year. Had he been 4 inches taller, he would have been a top pick. Brady had a bad combine because some people not named Polian actually did believe in his ability. Patriots really did have him as a 2nd or 3rd rounder (I forgot) and tried not to draft him until it was too glaring.

    It’s way scarier when they get picked in the top 10 like Murray, Jones and Haskins. Your cards are on the table for a few years with a 1st round QB (unless you picked Josh Rosen). If all 3 ‘hit’ then that’s rare. Also rare to have the first 3 QB’s, only first rounders picked, as 1 year wonders.

  8. Same team / same owner that turned down Mike Ditka’s entire draft offer then selected Akili Smith. No GM.
    Bank they will keep the pick and draft Burrow.

  9. Unless you are seeing something different you don’t pass up on a QB that can change the very culture of your franchise. There are no amount of picks that can make up for a franchise QB that makes you a contender every year for the better part of two decades.

  10. In 1999 the Saints offered up 9 draft picks to move up to the #3 pick and take Rickety Williams. Mike Brown decided instead to stay pat and draft…wait for it… AKILI SMITH!! If the reports say the Bengals aren’t trading then I would believe them.

  11. Not fond of one year wonders. Their failure rate is alarming. But then there’s Russell Wilson. But he was a 3rd rounder.
    Russell Wilson was a 4 year starter. He started 3 years for NC State and one year for Wisconsin. Even as a true freshmen at NC State (ACC) he was terrific throwing 17 TD’s to just one INT.

  12. If they believe Burrow is truly a franchise QB, they are correct. Just take the guy and don’t look back.

    If they have any doubts, they should listen to offers.

    IMO they’ll keep the pick and gladly take Burrow.

  13. The only question is if Mike Brown is willing to pony up a reasonable contract for that number one franchise QB! He’s always been cheap! Don’t blow it, Mike!

  14. Mr Brown has never had a problem paying tackles, quarterbacks and wide receivers top dollar. The problem is he has no problem filling any other position with a college free agent. This is why they never get over that hump. The bengals had aced the draft multiple years in a row and got to 5 consecutive playoff appearances. All they had to do was get one or two players to go with their great draft picks but nooo they just send nate livings or ghiacuc out there who put up about as much resistace as the 14 psi environment were living in or whoever the weakest link was at the time. The team faces the same scenario rite now. Theyre as good as their weakest links. Which is oline and linebacker. They are solid EVERY where else. Just draft burrow resign green then you need 4 players. 2 linebackers that can cover and if you can keep glenn and put him at guard or right tackle then they just need to get one good offensive lineman assuming jonah williams pans out. Thats all they got to do. Sounds easy. Just not to mr brown

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