Jimmy Garoppolo: Running game made my life easy

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It looked for a time like the 49ers might tie the 1973 Dolphins for the fewest pass attempts in a postseason game as Jimmy Garroppolo remained stuck on six attempts from late in the second quarter until the game moved into the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Garoppolo went back to the air after the Packers drew within 14 points, however, and ended the night with eight attempts, including a pair of completions that set up the field goal that made the final score 37-20. That left the 49ers tied for the third-fewest attempts in playoff history.

It also left Garoppolo joking about talking to head coach Kyle Shanahan about getting himself some more work in the future.

“Gotta talk to Kyle or something, man,” Garoppolo said in his postgame press conference. “We were running the hell out of the ball tonight. It made my life very easy back there. I think we only had like eight pass attempts. So it was a fun night.”

Garoppolo was more active in the regular season meeting between the teams, but said the Packers “wanted to take those [chances] away and open up the running lane.” The 49ers were more than willing to take what the defense gave them all the way to Super Bowl LIV.

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  1. 8 pass attempts is an NFC Championship game record.

    Why throw the ball when your opponent allows 10 yards per carry and is unable to sustain an offensive drive in the first half?

    The game was not as close as the final score makes it look.

    Rodgers was only able to move the ball against a prevent defense in the second half.

  2. Pats fans when Garoppolo was in New England: “He’s awesome. The heir apparent.”

    Pats fans now that Jimmy’s a 49er: “Game manager. Just another Trent Dilfer.”

    Can’t wait to see how they rake Brady over the coals once he plays for a different team.

  3. There is such a disconnect in how fans perceive this game. It is a TEAM GAME.

    People are trashing Rodgers left & right – he has to carry a team on his shoulders. Some are even saying Jimmy G is “better” somehow, just for getting the W.

    Brady threw a worse pick than Rodgers in the 1st half of the Atlanta SB. He came back w/ one of NFL history’s most incredible performances because his D got stops. If Atlanta ran on the New England D the same as the Niners did w/ GB last night, he never would have had a shot.

    I felt like Rodgers was ready to do the same yesterday. He came out in the 2nd half on fire, and played great that whole half – but his D did not get the stops. They couldn’t stop that run.

  4. johnnycantread says:
    January 20, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Pats fans when Garoppolo was in New England: “He’s awesome. The heir apparent.”

    Pats fans now that Jimmy’s a 49er: “Game manager. Just another Trent Dilfer.”

    Can’t wait to see how they rake Brady over the coals once he plays for a different team.


    Pats fan here, and I still love Jimmy G as long as he is not playing the Pats. I was rooting for him yesterday, and will root for him to win the Super Bowl.

    He is just like Brady: He just wins.

  5. If the 49ers didn’t take their foot off the gas that game could easily have been a 50-10 final. It was total domination from start to finish. Don’t even think about looking at Rodgers garbage time yards in the second half and fooling yourself into thinking otherwise.

  6. Jimmy G has one great weapon, Kittle, over the hill E. Sanders, and a bunch of young receivers. Yet he is playing in the Superbowl. Let’s also not forget these same 49ers couldn’t even make the playoffs when he was out. I hate to say it but Patriots make the SB this year if they had Jimmy G instead of Brady. The Patriots kept the wrong QB.

  7. Give SF play caller credit for sticking with the run. Most of them would let their ego get in the way and complicate things by not sticking with what was working because it wasn’t flashy. Run the ball and play defense still works!

  8. I’m not gonna trash Jimmy G, but he does not deserve any sort of praise for his postseason thus far, not really his fault either. He completed two passes beyond the line of scrimmage last night. 49ers won.

  9. Jimmy may be just be a game manager but he’s absolutely the best at that given that running game! Look what happened to the Titans with no running game and a mediocre QB!

  10. flviking says:
    January 20, 2020 at 7:19 pm
    The smith brothers made it easy, while they were edge rushing up field Mostert was running downfield for 200+ and 4 TDS.
    That’s what happens when you have a one dimensional player like Z Smith. More worried about stats and celebrations than his team winning. Take a page out of Kittles book, sacrifice stats for the greater good. Smith should be familiar with him, Kittle was the guy out muscling him and blocking him out of every play.

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