Marcus Mariota: No doubt I’ll be a starter again

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Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill wasn’t ready to talk about his playing future after Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs and he’s not the only Tennessee signal caller facing uncertainty in 2020.

Marcus Mariota was benched in the sixth game of the season and the second overall pick of the 2015 draft played five offensive snaps the rest of the season, including one snap against Kansas City. He ran the ball for five yards and said after the game that he is “truly grateful” for the time he spent with the team.

Mariota said he’s not sure what will happen now, but that he’s confident that he’ll get another chance as a starter.

“I have no doubts at all, no doubts at all,” Mariota said, via the team’s website. “I’m just hopeful and ready for whatever that next opportunity is.”

It’s hard to see where that opportunity will present itself at the moment, but Tannehill’s 2019 trajectory is a reminder that NFL careers can move in unexpected directions.

28 responses to “Marcus Mariota: No doubt I’ll be a starter again

  1. He’s right. He’ll get a shot somewhere desperate for a QB (Chargers with no Rivers?) or go somewhere that already has a shaky starter waiting in the wings for his chance.

  2. Being benched might be the spark that lets him develop as a player. Tannehill was in the position he’s in last season, maybe a change of scenery will reinvigorate Mariota the same way it did the guy who took his job? He’s shown glimpses of the player he could be during his career, so it’s not like it’s completely out of the question.

  3. Too bad Chip Kelly isn’t still coach of the Eagles. That “expensive new house” that Kelly described not being able to afford is now a worn down fixer-up that can be had for a discounted price. Mariota would have to look no further for his next starting gig.

  4. Mariota may get another chance but he also, may have to sign as a backup as well, until the opportunity presents itself.
    Hopefully by watching Tannehill, his decision making will get quicker and he will learn better pocket awareness, that will help him with a different team.

  5. He CAN be a starter again, and a good one too.
    Will he be? That’s a different story.
    He needs a team to mold the offense around his skill, like the Ravens did with Lamar Jackson. He can’t just, say, sign with the Panthers and have Matt Rhule say: Run my offense. The coach needs to mold the offense around him.

    That’s why I ask will he be. It’s tough for a team to do that and justify it for a free agent castoff. They need to have unquestioned faith that he’s their guy, not treat him like a let’s see what we got with this guy free agent pickup

  6. Tim Tebow, “I’m a starting QB I know that and that’s the only position I will play”…. he now plays minor league baseball

    Trent Richardson, “ Putting on a yellow jacket” when asked about how he envisions new start in NFL.

    Marcus Mariotta…… sorry bud you are the next Oregon QB flop along side Joey Harrington, Akali Smith, Dennis Dixson, and Jeremiah Masoli

  7. There’s the XFL if he wants to start.

    Or the Ravens if he wants to stay in the NFL and be a frequent contributor. Greg Roman can probably scheme up a package where Lamar and Mariota run a triple option. Obviously he wouldn’t be the starter in Baltimore, but he’d probably see the field a lot.

  8. I think he’ll get a chance somewhere. I’m not sure what went wrong in Tennessee but if he can use that as motivation to get better he’ll be a starter again. If that doesn’t motivate him then he may be out of the league before Jameis.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Tampa Bay signed him.

  9. Mariota is correct, he will be a starter.
    H’ll make a great backup QB somewhare, and if that QB gets hurt Mariota will start.
    many backup QBs get a start here and there.

    Oh, wait! Do you mean you will get signed as a starter?
    Maybe , if you will take 6MM as a base, with incentives that will pay you a ton if you actually produce.

  10. I have seen him play and look excellent, on the same not other times look horrible. This tells me Either he gets lazy and takes time off From his QB study of defences. I really think he lost the team and they stopped blocking/playing for him. Come over the Minnesota. The Vikings have gotten the very BEST out of every QB that has played here, heck Chistian Ponder got them into the Playoffs!
    We are stuck with Cousins for 1 more year, learn under the Lame duck QB. No way he will take a pay cut this year and he has had a career year in 2019 so his next contract he is going to want more than his last contract. Someone will pay it, but NOT the Vikings. The guy has a golden arm and legs of LEAD! Plus if you pressure him or knock him down a few times his head turns into Lead too, you can see the Dear in the headlights. It may be a perfect situation!

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