Raheem Mostert: “Look where I’m at now”

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Over the next two weeks, you’ll hear plenty about the way Raheem Mostert was cut by six teams in an 18-month span.

It’s not just an easy storyline, but a very real motivation for the 49ers running back himself.

Stepping in for an injured Tevin Coleman, Mostert ran for 220 yards and four touchdowns to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl, a place none of those other six teams envisioned him leading a team to.

“You know, I did have a lot of doubters and naysayers, and now I get to actually tell them look at where I’m at now,” Mostert said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I never gave up on my dream. I never gave up on the opportunities when it presented itself. And I always worked hard no matter what. And it’s crazy that I’ve been on seven different teams.

“I actually still have the cut dates. And I look at that before every game. I look at the cut dates when I got cut. I’ve been on, like I said, seven different teams. The journey’s been crazy. Not even — not everybody can deal with that type of stress and pain and agony that I went through.”

For the short version of Mostert’s travels, it’s still best to take a deep breath. Signed by the Eagles in 2015 as an undrafted free agent from Purdue, he was cut and added to their practice squad. Then signed by the Dolphins in and cut. Then claimed by the Ravens and cut. Then claimed by the Browns to finish a whirlwind season. He was released the day after final cuts by the Browns the following year, and had stints with the Bears and Jets before landing on the 49ers practice squad and finding a home.

“I was a little discouraged in 2015 at the end of that year,” he said. “I was with the Browns. My wife, she’s from Cleveland. So, we thought that we had something in the bag, me making the roster. And then coming into training camp, preseason, had a little bit of an injury so I missed the last preseason game that year. And I thought I was on the roster. I made the roster, the 53-man roster. And then celebrated with my family. And then the next day I got cut.

“And so, having me go through that, it just made me stronger. I got immune to being cut. And I just wanted — I wanted to show the world what I can do. And honestly it was just one of those things where I really had a talk with my wife and I was saying, what do you think should happen after that cut? And she basically said, hey, if you love your job, if you love this sport, you will do anything for it. And if you love what you do, you would do anything for it. And that was my philosophy from here on out.”

The 49ers are certainly glad they kept the faith with Mostert, a special teamer who was fourth on their depth chart entering the season, but in exactly the right place at the right time Sunday.

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  1. In my 50+ years of watching the NFL, I cannot count the number of “washouts” that went on to star for a different team. I think it is just a matter of finding the system that works for them.

  2. He’s good. But he coughs up the ball a lot too. I’m guessing that’s why teams cut him. His stat for the year is two fumbles, but he’s lost a lot more but he as just lucky his own team recovered.

  3. The system that works is this: Sign with Cleveland + leave Cleveland = succeed to playoffs. Ask Kyle Shanahan and Mike Pettine and Cam Erving and Carlos Hyde and Romeo Crennel and Mitchell Schwartz and Greg Joseph and K’waun Williams and Danny Vitale and — you get the picture.

  4. And I thought I was on the roster. I made the roster, the 53-man roster. And then celebrated with my family. And then the next day I got cut.

    What a Browns thing to do

  5. There was a point last night when dude had 19 rushes for 196 yards. He was a beast

  6. OMG, The Bears cut him, another BRILLIANT MOVE, by Ryan Pace. If you look at the teams that cut him it explains the issues with bad teams. Cleveland, MIami, Bears, and Jets, are all bad teams that do a poor job of developing players. (The eagles and ravens both are deep at RB) The difference between the Have and the Have Nots in the NFL is the ability to identify talent and then take that talent and develop it so it can contribute inside a sustainable system. The First 4 teams have repeatedly been unable to do that. It seems so simple you it does not occur as easy. I am beginning to believe the most important roll in any team is that of the GM. Those are the guys that build champions.

  7. I think this rags to riches story is more about the zone blocking system than individual rushers. Doesn’t this system routinely turn unheralded backs into stars?

  8. Not taking anything away from Mostert and his amazing development, but there is a reason why teams cut players and he simply didn’t make the cut in those many cases. I am glad he didn’t give up and kept working to improve his game. But the teams that cut him weren’t dumb- it’s not like he was the best RB on the field in those cases.

  9. Look at Ryan Tannahill. He’s another one who came out of nowhere. The NFL is full of players who were not developed or over looked or fell to a team that their style fit better..I’m happy for him but it’s not so uncommon for a player to fail here and win there.

  10. When Coleman went down I thought they were done! But Mostert made the Packer defense look like a Junior High team! Great game! Do it again in the SB!

  11. Dear Raheem you have done awesome job last night. Forgive all the teams those who cut you off (a lot of doubters and naysayers).
    Let it go your old baggage and fly high!
    I will pray for your achievement, the MVP of Super Bowl LIV.
    Go Raheem Mostert! Go Jimmy Garopolo! Go 49ers!

  12. Bears fans melting down. He was on the squad when John Fox was running the show. It just happens. Get some lineman and scheme going and Monty would do just as good.

    Starts up front and Bears have one of the worst lines in the league.

  13. Yeah, If he was on the Bears they would have won the NFC Championships too!

    That Mike Shereck guy is a clueless clown. He’s a Chicago guy that has a personal issue with the Bears, he’s a nut j0b to get that worked up over a sports team!


  14. The fact he was picked up by so many clubs tells me ALL of those teams saw something good in Mostert. It’s a LOT harder to make a NFL team than people think. Chance and circumstance means a lot.

  15. He had less yards than Monty this year. Monty is starting Year 2, what season is Mostert on? 8? I’d stick with the 22y/o Monty versus the 27y/o Mostert.

    Also, Nagy didn’t use an RB until the entire Chicago sports media asked him about it.
    “I’m not an idiot.”

    Trending up next year, book it!

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