Report: CBS has a Tony Romo right of first refusal

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On Sunday, Tony Romo possibly called his final game for CBS. His contract is expiring and ESPN reportedly is planning to make Romo an eight-figure annual offer.

But there’s a catch. As noted by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, CBS has a right to match any offer that Romo receives elsewhere. So if CBS wants Romo no matter what, ESPN (or anyone else) may simply be negotiating Romo’s next CBS deal. For free.

Ourand reports that CBS “is prepared to be competitive” when it comes to keeping Romo.

There are surely other factors, and Ourand outlines them. From Romo’s on-air partner to the production team to the audience size to the quality of games to total workload (ESPN may want him to do more than simply call games) to good, old-fashioned loyalty, it could be hard to pry Romo away from CBS.

Still, Romo’s status becomes the NFL broadcasting equivalent of Tom Brady‘s next contract. Unlike Brady, however, Romo’s current employer holds a right of first refusal.

28 responses to “Report: CBS has a Tony Romo right of first refusal

  1. Honestly, hes better than anyone else. I would like him to stay on network games. Its ironic that fox broadcasted a majority of cowboys games, and cbs gives him the gig.

  2. PAY HIM- he and Jim Nance sre by far the best combine in years- the two them make time spent worthwhile- a great match

  3. Romo does a great job on TV. I was so hoping CBS had this year’s Super Bowl, but alas it’ll be Buck and Aikman for the millionth time it seems

    Nantz and Romo really are good together.

  4. Wait, is ESPN thinking of replacing Booger with Tony?

    And here I thought ESPN was woke.

  5. Probably the only way he makes it to the HOF is if he stays on relevant tv like Dungy, Cowher and Dierdorf. That should eliminate espn games all together. Media contemporaries will vote him in eventually because he’s good at calling games on tv.

  6. I can see why people didn’t like him much as a player, but he’s as good as there has been in a long time doing commentary. He’s diagnosing a lot of what happens on the field pre-snap and teaching us the game through the eyes of a quarterback. I enjoy that immensely.

  7. So if CBS has right of refusal, but doesn’t match, do they get two first-round picks in the college announcer draft?

  8. I had to watch yesterday’s games as recaps on YouTube.

    With Romo following Aikman, it’s pretty clear which Cowboy is better at playing and which one is better at calling the game.

  9. Romo’s commentary on yesterdays almost missed 12 men on the defense call was hilarious. I rarely LOL that hard while watching a game. He is insightful and entertaining.

  10. Must be something in the water in Dallas, seems to turn out pretty decent Ex-Qb broadcasters

    Meredith, Aikman and now Romo

    Still miss Dandy Don mixing it up with Cosell

  11. how much money does a person need? his family is paid for by 3 to 5 more generations just off of football……..

  12. When I first heard Romo doing games a couple years ago I thought he was awesome. The insight from a QB’s perspective was nice. I’m into learning. But then others began to notice and everyone jumped on his bandwagon. Then CBS must have told him to crank it up a notch, and now it’s just way too much. It’s still a football game, not the Tony Romo show. I dont blame Romo because he’s obviously being to what to do by CBS.

  13. all ESPN needs to do is replace McFarland with Louis Riddik ..hes very knowledgeable and knows how to explain to fans just as good as Romo..I’m not saying hes as popular as Romo but hes more no non sence type as Romo likes to joke a little to much at wrong time for my taste..

  14. And our cable bills will increase when signs a contract with ESPN. Please move the games back to ABC. I promise to buy a product advertised in the game. NFL might give you better games.

  15. Romo + Al Michaels would be the dream team.
    I still think Summerall/Madden set the bar.

  16. If he is no longer serious about honest sports reporting then espn is the place to be!

  17. Aikman is the new Madden, or shall we call him Captain Obvious? He does a boring rehash of every thing you just saw in the play again … and again …. and again. Romo, on the other hand, is insightful and notices things that are likely to happen, or that the referees miss, etc. As for Booger, he may not be as good as Romo but he is insightful about seeing a player’s point of view and what they must be feeling out on the field. Joe Buck’s OK, but Aikman should retire. Nance and Romo are excellent. Al Michaels is the old pro, but Collinsworth has always been too snide and damning players with faint praise.

  18. -Must be something in the water in Dallas, seems to turn out pretty decent Ex-Qb broadcasters-

    Must be a Dallas fan if you think Aikman is a decent announcer…

  19. Back when the packers were truly awful…..the faithful turned off the tv and listened to Max McGee on the radio.

    I now find myself pleased to have Nance and Romo call a game.

    I cringe when I know we get Joe Buck and “to the right of me the hall of famer Troy Aikman”

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