Reuben Foster regained feeling in his foot last week

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Washington linebacker Reuben Foster missed the entire 2019 season after tearing the ACL, LCL and MCL in his left knee during an offseason practice and his recovery from those injuries has been complicated by nerve damage.

Foster’s agent Malki Kawa told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the nerve damage left Foster without feeling in his left foot and toes. That changed last week when Foster marked a “significant improvement” by regaining feeling.

“He’s regaining feeling and power,” Kawa said. “It shows the nerve is firing. When he moves his leg upward, he can feel around the ankle and the top part of the foot. That’s a new thing. The next 60 days are going to be big as far as getting back to normal.”

The hope is that Foster is well enough to participate in training camp in some form, but it will be some time before anyone knows if that will happen.

Foster last played in an NFL game on October 28, 2018. He was cut by the 49ers after a domestic violence arrest in November and claimed off of waivers by Washington. All charges against Foster were dropped in January 2019.

5 responses to “Reuben Foster regained feeling in his foot last week

  1. Hope you the best My Brother… I also Hope this time off Helped You to catch your Head… Life is short My Brother, You’re in a Privileged Position… Make the Best of it…

  2. 49er fans wanted to love this guy but he made it impossible with his off-field behaviors and lack of trustworthiness.

    That said, I wish RF the very best in his recovery. It sounds as if the injury was every bit as bad as originally feared.

    If he hadn’t been an idiot, he’d be getting ready for the super bowl. that has to sting.

  3. Could you imagine how good that D would be if RF was just a little bit smarter.

    Yes, I know the charges were dropped, but it wasn’t smart being around the same woman who had claimed DV prior, and if I recall, lying about it.

    I hope he makes a full recovery and is able to play again.

  4. sillybillywillyrillyinphilly says: Could you imagine how good that D would be if RF was just a little bit smarter.

    The D is better with Warner, Alexander and Greenlaw. Foster was an unfinished product whose style of play led to injuries.

    He might have become a top player, but is still unproven.

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