Ryan Tannehill on future: Can’t think of anything but how close we were right now

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An improbable season for Ryan Tannehill came to an end with the Titans’ 35-24 loss to the Chiefs in the AFC title game and the end of the run meant it was time for some to start looking forward to next season.

Tannehill is not signed for 2020 and joins running back Derrick Henry and right tackle Jack Conklin as key members of the Tennessee offense that could become free agents in March. Sorting all of that out will keep General Manager Jon Robinson busy in the coming weeks, but Tannehill wasn’t ready to start talking about what’s next so soon after the loss.

“I’ll have to take a step back and look at things here in the offseason,” Tannehill said, via Erik Bacharach of the Tennessean. “Obviously, I love this team. I love what this team was able to accomplish. I have a lot of love for the guys on this team and love playing with them. I will take a step back and look at that. But right now, I just really can’t think of anything but how close we were and this loss.”

Turning the offense over to Tannehill after a 2-4 start to the season with Marcus Mariota at quarterback turned out to be a defining moment for the 2019 Titans. The contract decisions made in the near future will start defining the 2020 edition of the team.

13 responses to “Ryan Tannehill on future: Can’t think of anything but how close we were right now

  1. Now that you are free from GASE, you actually will have a shot every year. Great run by Ryan this year when everyone thought the season was lost

  2. They would be foolish to let RT17 or DH22 leave Tennessee.
    This is the best this team has ever played. Take that away and the chemistry starts all over again. Both are gonna get paid though, that is for sure.

  3. As I tried to tell everyone who was drinking the Tannehill Kool-Aid on how great he is, he was a guest on the Derrick Henry show and yesterday the show ended.
    Tannehill is a game manager, not a Difference Maker, what happened in the 2nd half yesterday was exactly what went on on in Miami for years.

    They need him to step up and he didn’t.

  4. They took tneir eye off the ball. SF Didn’t that was the difference. You can’t blame the Titans for doing so when faced withe kc offense, but still…

  5. intrafinesse says:
    January 20, 2020 at 8:42 am
    the Titans will tag him I don’t think they’re going to be stupid and give him some massive five-year contract after what he did in the playoffs
    You mean win games over the defending SB champs and the #1 team in the NFL? The Henry argument is easy and misleading because he had big games but those big games are why Tannehill had sub 100 yard games. Don’t think so? Jimmy G threw 8 passes for 70+ yards and is going to the SB because his running back had a game like Henry had been having. Both Tannehill and Garrapolo were efficient and did what was needed of them. It wasn’t like that in the regular season. The Chiefs forced the Titans to get away from what they normally do and they didn’t react was well as they could have. Henry didn’t have breakout runs and didn’t break many tackles like he usually did. Once Tenn got behind the play action wasn’t working because the Chiefs didn’t think a run was coming…and it wasn’t as Henry had 0 carries in the 4th qtr. They were expecting pass and Tenn doesn’t really have dynamic receivers. That isn’t on Tannehill though he could have played better in that game.

  6. Ryan Tannehill is a fine QB, but so far he hasn’t shown the ability to bring a team back from a 10- or 14- point gap late in a big game. Like Russell Wilson. Or Patrick Mahomes. Or Aaron Rodgers. Is he that guy? Because you need that guy to get to a Super Bowl.

  7. As good as D Henry is, I wouldn’t over pay him.
    Same for Tannehill.
    He thrived in that system, that does’t mean he’s a great QB all of a sudden after 8 years.
    Tag him if he wan’t Goff/Wentz money.

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