Bet of nearly $700,000 placed on 49ers, plus 2 points

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The Chiefs have become, for some sports books, a two-point favorite to win the Super Bowl. One better has taken those two points and wagered on the 49ers, bigly.

Via David Purdum of, a bettor has plunked down $684,000 on the 49ers, with the two points.

It’s a staggering amount to wager, and it definitely will make the game more interesting for whoever put that kind of cash on the line.

The 49ers have dominated throughout the postseason, while the Chiefs have fallen behind both the Texans (by 24) and Titans (by 10) before storming back.

With the line moving from pick-em to the Chiefs minus-1 to minus-1.5 to minus-2, plenty of gamblers have opted to gamble on the Chiefs. Big bets like this one could begin to push the line the other way.