Bet of nearly $700,000 placed on 49ers, plus 2 points

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The Chiefs have become, for some sports books, a two-point favorite to win the Super Bowl. One better has taken those two points and wagered on the 49ers, bigly.

Via David Purdum of, a bettor has plunked down $684,000 on the 49ers, with the two points.

It’s a staggering amount to wager, and it definitely will make the game more interesting for whoever put that kind of cash on the line.

The 49ers have dominated throughout the postseason, while the Chiefs have fallen behind both the Texans (by 24) and Titans (by 10) before storming back.

With the line moving from pick-em to the Chiefs minus-1 to minus-1.5 to minus-2, plenty of gamblers have opted to gamble on the Chiefs. Big bets like this one could begin to push the line the other way.

30 responses to “Bet of nearly $700,000 placed on 49ers, plus 2 points

  1. Smart man.

    From top to bottom, the better team is the 9ERS without a doubt.

    All comes down to is if the 9ER defense can slow down Mahomes and his TE/WR’s just enough to come through with the win.

  2. Would you stand by that if you knew it was James Holzhauer?

    Vladimir_Trump says:

    Pretty stupid really.

  3. Smart man. Smart bet. Great defense and great run game travel anywhere and shutdown the finesse passing team with no run game. Smart people know great defense bears great offense. Anyone remember the undefeated 2007 Patriots that everyone said would blowout the Giants lol
    OR the 2013 high scoring broncos that were breaking every passing record and everyone said they would blowout the seahawks. Most people hate a great defense and love a high scoring offense. Those people aren’t very smart.

  4. I’m putting down a sum that’s greater than I can afford on the 9ers, and if things don’t work out then we are gonna be behind on every single bill due in February, and I’m gonna be in the doghouse, but oh is it gonna be worth it when I win, and yes I’m gonna win because the Chiefs are gonna lose by 14…..Love it

  5. Good bet. Anyone who has watched Super Bowls for the last 40 years knows the 49ers will win. They’ve dominated the post season while the Chiefs have struggled.

  6. bay707area49er says:

    Smart man.

    From top to bottom, the better team is the 9ERS without a doubt.

    All comes down to is if the 9ER defense can slow down Mahomes and his TE/WR’s just enough to come through with the win.

    It all comes down to if the Chiefs defense can stop the 49ers running game. Mahomes can’t be stopped and he can score fast. Have to keep him off the field.

  7. A fool and their money are soon parted! Did this fool just win the lottery and it’s burning a hole in his pocket?

  8. The chiefs have struggled huh,
    Guess you weren’t watching the last game huh?

    Well see when the chiefs win by 7

  9. Someone must need help with their tax return. Either they win some money or use a loss to balance out the bill on other winnings.

  10. NFL (Niners Football League) says:
    January 21, 2020 at 6:43 pm
    The rich get richer. A very smart bet. Whoever placed it recognizes that this is a historically great team.


    Great history. Yes. Had great stretches of winning? Yes. Had great players? Yes.

    The current team? Reserving judgement for at least the next two years. Yes, they are dominant this year and their success is well deserved. But their last winning season was 5 years ago so aside from this year, the recent 49ers weren’t so great. So if you’re betting on how great they were historically then it’s not a very smart bet.

  11. I would like the backstory as to why that exact amount was chosen to bet…will it payoff to a particularly wanted sum ?

  12. There are a lot of wealthy people in the bay area. For instance, anyone who just sold a two bedroom, one bath 1930 house.

  13. That is an odd amount. Why not bet a round number like 680k for example. He/she certainly put his/her money where his/her mouth is. If the Chiefs fall behind by 20 points, they may not get the ball back often enough to turn things around, because of the strong 49er rushing attack.

  14. Best O Line and D line in football. 49ers will control this game in the trenches. This will be a entertaining game, but I think the 49ers own too many matchup.

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