Duke Tobin on Andy Dalton: We won’t do something willy-nilly

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The Bengals have been answering questions about their plans for the first overall pick of this year’s draft at the Senior Bowl this week and most people expect they’ll be taking a quarterback who will displace Andy Dalton as the team’s starter.

Dalton remains under contract for the 2020 season with a $17.5 million base salary, so the Bengals could look to trade him before taking Joe Burrow or another quarterback in April. Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the team is considering all possibilities and will be “in constant communication” with Dalton as the offseason unfolds.

“I can tell you one thing, what Andy Dalton’s done for the Cincinnati Bengals is not something that we’re going to forget and we’re not going to just willy-nilly, make something happen with him that, a) he’s uncomfortable with and, b) that we’re uncomfortable with,” Tobin said.

The Bengals can cut Dalton without a cap hit, but Tobin said the Bengals “don’t believe by a long stretch that his career is over” and someone else feeling that way could provide a path to Dalton’s departure.

43 responses to “Duke Tobin on Andy Dalton: We won’t do something willy-nilly

  1. Midwest speak for “We’re Drafting Joe Burrow!” because the heartland is just too nicey nice.

  2. Dalton can’t be on this Roster when the kid shows up, do what’s in the best interest of the club as long as he’s gone

  3. Keep Dalton for that last year, don’t throw Burrow (or whomever) out there in front of that line. Let him develop while you get better draft position for one more year and make building that O-line a priority. I’ll never understand why more teams don’t do this; I wonder how many ‘mediocre’ young QBs would have turned out better if they were given a low-pressure season to develop and let management build a better offensive-line.

  4. No, in this case, I think the Bungler brain trust has to go all out. This situation absolutely requires a futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.
    Mike Brown and his idiots are just the guys to do it…LET’S DO IT!

  5. Joe Borrow is hot right now. I wouldn’t let him sit that bench, only to get cold. He needs to be the starter and get the starter reps in practice. Don’t stunt the man’s growth cuz of the o-line. Hold that o-line accountable and make ’em do their jobs instead.

  6. Andy Dalton will always be remembered for a game back in 2015 when JJ Watt said ‘We made the Red Rifle look like Red Ryder BB Gun’

  7. Robert Mitchell says:
    January 21, 2020 at 3:18 pm
    Who drafted this ginger? We’re still waiting for the NFL’s first successful read headed quarterback. He was the second coming if Jason Garret.

    Youre forgetting one of the best of all time..

    Red Grange

  8. Over the course of his career, Andy Dalton has been about an average NFL QB. If/when the Bengals part company with him, he’d make a decent ‘bridge-type’ starter, or a top-quality backup for someone.
    He’s always seemed to be one of those guys that doesn’t really lift a team, but is a pretty solid QB with good coaching and talent around him.

  9. $17.5 million is soon to be back QB money. Keep Dalton for the remainder of his deal. Let Joe B(aby) watch & observe (1) year. They can always play him. It worked for Philip Rivers (2yrs) behind Drew Brees.

  10. Maybe Dalton could be a mentor to Burrow because sometimes college success doesn’t always just immediately transfer into the pro game. Dalton salary is not a deal breaker and let’s never forget that as good/great of a QB as Carson Wentz is he never led Philly into a deep playoff run. If Dalton is that much of a “forever Bengal” guy and live without demanding a starting role I say hang onto the him as insurance in case Burrow has trouble with picking up the speed of the pro game or (got forbid) gets hurt.

  11. If they want to get anything of value for Dalton, they can’t telegraph the Burrow pick. I’m sure we’ll not only see smokescreens about holding on to Dalton, but also planted stories about them “having doubts” about whether Burrow is a franchise QB or worth the #1 selection.

  12. it amazes me when posters say a player should do something=for what surely will be his old team.

    Andy Dalton should do what’s best for Andy Dalton.

  13. Red Grange was a half back not a 1/4 back! dude said…

    “We’re still waiting for the NFL’s first successful read headed quarterback. He was the second coming if Jason Garret”

  14. “we’re not going to just willy-nilly”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    You willy-nillied Andy Dalton by not having a serviceable offensive line,
    tight end, and quality receiver depth for his whole career.

  15. He is gone. They need that salary to re-sign a few key guys and hopefully an O-lineman free agent or two. The line improved as the year went on and that is without Jonah Williams. The line could improve greatly in one year if Brown will spend some money on free agents. Which of course he won’t and why Bengal fans are so frustrated.

  16. Andy will be a solid back up for Burrow for the next two-three years! Don’t trade him unless you get at least a first round pick and we all know that’s not happening!

  17. Why get rid of Dalton – his salary isn’t that expensive – if you have him for a year anyway, that would allow you to slowly bring Burrow up to speed – and if Dalton is truly awful, you’ll have had time with Burrow to get him ready to take over mid-season. I don’t see there is any problem – but this rag always makes mountains out of molehills and sometimes makes molehills on their own and then makes mountains of them later.

  18. Who drafted this ginger? We’re still waiting for the NFL’s first successful read headed quarterback. He was the second coming if Jason Garret.
    First, may I say WOW – there seems to be a lot of flexibility as to what cannot and can be said in ‘woke’ America.
    Second, I offer Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen, who must be included in any conversation about the greatest arms in NFL history.

  19. ..something Willy Nilly….like benching him on his birthday this past year and only giving his agent hours before the trade deadline to search for a trade while the Brown family were on a ski trip in Switzerland and unable to ok any trade? I wish I could go back in time and talk my 10 year old self out of being a fan of this team.

  20. Robert Mitchell says:
    January 21, 2020 at 3:18 pm
    Who drafted this ginger? We’re still waiting for the NFL’s first successful read headed quarterback.

    Sonny Jurgensen had red hair. He played well enough to get into the Hall of Fame. That’s pretty damn successful.

  21. I’d trade back with Miami and gain an extra first rounders and two number twos and a fourth

  22. you know, I was just looking to verify the spelling of willy-nilly the other day. Hyphenated! Thanks!

  23. He’ll be a draft day or deep in the preseason trade.

    The Bengals don’t do ANYTHING willy-nilly. Exhibit A is keeping Marvin Lewis for 16 years when he should have been gone after about 10 years or so.

  24. Consistently good teams are made up of signing quality free agents at positions of need, the draft and retaining your best talent on the roster. While Mikey Boy has the ultimate say, Duke Tobin’s fingerprints are all over this team. While they have some good players, it is clear Duke Tobin has whiffed on the draft in a big way in recent years.

    Let’s take a look at one player personnel matter and the ensuing 2015 draft. The Bengals’ thought Andrew Whitworth (a tremendous LT and locker room leader) was on the downside of his career and made him a low ball offer. Whitworth decided to go to the Rams where he has been selected to the Pro Bowl several times and has a Super Bowl appearance.

    Duke in anticipation of a separation from Whitworth, in the 2015 draft selected #1 Cedric Ogbuehi -T, #2 Jake Fisher – #3 Tyler Kroft, #4 Paul Dawson – LB and #5 Josh Shaw – S. None of these players are on the Bengals roster and several are out of football altogether.

    Additional great pics include (2016) #5 Christian Westerman – G, (2017) #1 John Ross – WR, (2018) #1 Billy Price – C and #4 Malik Jefferson – LB. all have not played to their draft position talent or are no longer with the team..

    In all fairness he has made some good picks, William Jackson, Tyler Boyd, Andrew Billings, Joe Mixon, Carl Lawson, Jesse Bates III and Sam Hubbard to name a few. Strong foundational pieces.

    So 2015 was a huge set back they have not recovered from. Hopefully he has the wily-nily out of his system and signs some quality free agents and a strong draft class, starting with Joe Burrow.

  25. “He’s not a bad QB. I can see Belichick trading for him.”

    Yee gods I can’t. Dalton is a good QB until he gets to the playoffs, then he wilts under the brightest lights. He is not the answer.

    I’d cringe if the Pats got him.

  26. Didnt burrow beat 7 top ten teams? So so what if he did it in 1 year Thats like 5 years worth of top competition. Hes ready now l hes not 20 years old hes a grown man no need to keep andy around like they did kitna.

  27. I like Dalton. He had 5 straight winning seasons here in Cincy. Its something thats never happened before in the Jungle.
    He also did a lot for underprivileged kids here. I thought the best thing he did with his charity was going to the Children’s Hospital here and paying for all of those kids med bills. That was just special.
    He deserves to go and play for a winner and I hope something better works out for him this offseason.
    The Bengals need to move on

  28. The Brown family are morons for sure. That being said EVEN the Brown family can’t be that stupid to not draft Joe Burrow.

  29. Seems like half the fans out there are trying to covertly build some type of trade value for poor Andy, by propping him up with statements like, He’ll probably go to the Patriots and be really good. The other half are dreaming about getting three first round picks, two second round picks and two third round picks from someone desperate to get Joe. Good luck with both fantasies.

  30. If Cincinnati really wants to win, they should re-up Dalton and invest in OL, DL and a couple of receivers. I’d trade that pick for 2 first rounders plus if someone really is pining for No. 1.

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