Hue Jackson doesn’t think people should judge him on Cleveland


Hue Jackson would like to get back into coaching, but hasn’t been overwhelmed with offers since being fired by the Browns.

It appears going 3-36-1 is the kind of thing some people hold against you.

But while coaching in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl last week, Jackson justified his own resume.

My coaching record over 32 years speaks for itself,” Jackson said, via Joe Reedy of the Associated Press. “I don’t think 2½ years at Cleveland should tarnish my whole career but at the same time people have to know that you are out there and are willing and able to work.”

Jackson did have an 8-8 season in his one year as head coach with the Raiders in 2011, but otherwise built a solid resume as an offensive coach.

He said he watched games last year and realized he wanted to be involved again, but he avoided watching Browns games.

“That’s where the itch comes from. You miss the smell of the grass, the players, the camaraderie and all the process you went through,” he said. “When you look back there are a ton of things I would do different. For one I would have never gave up play-calling.”

Jackson isn’t the only coach who would like to strike Cleveland from the record book, and while it clearly wasn’t all his fault, he also failed to win in a more spectacular way than others.

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  1. Your horrible coaching record speaks for itself. Your Hard Knocks appearance only validated how clueless you truly are.

  2. I’ve never seen a bigger millenial on a BOOMER than this guy.

    The entitlement this guy expects is off the charts. Everywhere he goes he blows but still expects more zero’s at the end of his checking account balance.

  3. Outta sight. Outta mind.

    I guess he means those who hire and this should not be media worthy. The rest of us should be a non factor. That’s phone calls and connections.

    Good OC with an ego. Wants to be a HC again. 2 outta those 3 will mean getting an OC job will be hard.

    Sorry, but those arm folded bus driver comments are etched in my brain. But I’m not hiring and I can judge all I want.

  4. It’s amazing how often the coaches/GMs that say you shouldn’t judge their performance on a record/particular set of years have completely awful records/particular sets of years.

  5. Or, to paraphrase, “Marvin Lewis is out of the league and nobody else is willing to hire me in spite of the stellar work I did in Oalkand and Cleveland. Plus, I’m a former Hard Knocks star.”

    Try the XFL, Hue. Really.

  6. Incredible. 3 wins in 40 games and he still defends his tenure. I remember watching a game against the Jets, I think it was Baker’s debut, where if it wasn’t for an injury to Bob, they would have lost that game too. Terrible head coach.

  7. Hue gets a bad rap. Never would have been fired from the Raiders if Al hadn’t passed. His firing set them back years. Then he goes to Cleveland just as the front office basically embarks on an unprecedented level of tanking to acquire draft picks. Then the new GM there forces him out to pick his own HC.
    It’s hard to imagine a team having the guts to offer him a HC job with the PR impact of the Cleveland record, but some of us can see beyond the surface. Maybe if the Bengals don’t turn it around in the next couple of seasons.

  8. On his record, choice of QBs, power grabs, lying about being onboard with analytics, throwing the ball with the best OL? Maybe his trying to trade a 2nd and 3rd rounder for AJ McCarron was a fireable offense? He sunk Marvin Lewis’s chance of being HC in Dallas?

    People like Hue. He just isn’t HC material.

  9. I don’t think Hue is a wash-out; he’s obviously at the very least a pretty good offensive coach. But 3-36 is a little hard to look over, even with the dysfunctional Browns.

  10. IMO, the videos of him and his coaching staff going back and forth (specifically Haley) made him come off as not confident in himself as coach. This leads to his staff not being confident in him as coach, which leads to players not being confident in him as coach.

    Again, my opinion and one can look to Josh McDaniels as another example of this. Great offensive minded coach that gets buy in at the coordinator level, but the buy to lead a group of men as coaches and players at the HC level is obviously a different ball game.

  11. Maybe worse than the record in Cleveland was the LYING to senior management and ownership. When he was being interviewed, Jackson “agreed” with the analytical process that the Browns were implementing.

    After getting hired, he immediately started undermining their version of “The Process” and demanding “football” people make decisions. So instead of going all in with either methods, they were stuck with half-baked compromises that did nothing.

  12. Okay how about Oakland? You think they want a coach that can’t get above .500?

    HueJack is his own worst enemy. He can’t just shut his mouth and coach.

  13. We judged him in Oakland and he was terrible there. Warnings were given about him (I did right here). Cleveland ignored the data and hired him.


  14. Worst. HC. Ever.

    Hue may be a decent coordinator but he simply cannot be in charge and THAT is what he really wanted. I would not want him anywhere near my team. His decisions did not seem to be based on football or even common sense.

  15. The problem for Hue is the video from Hard Knocks combined with the video of his final season in Cleveland.

    He’s a jackass on hard knocks and looked to be clueless on the sideline while fighting with his staff during his final half season.

    If he had quit before hard knocks and that final season some people would give him a pass for having a horrible roster.

  16. 0 coaches the Browns have hired should be judged by their time in Cleveland. They either weren’t qualified for the job when they got it (Freddie Kitchens and Pat Shurmur) or were set up to fail by management to make some type of point (Mike Pettine, Rob Chudzinski and Hue Jackson).

    I mean Bill Bellichick went 5-11 with the Browns in 1995 when Art Modell decided to sabotage the season by announcing the move when the team was winning too much starting the season 4-1 during a year they were favored to finally get to a Super Bowl.

    It’s kind of sad that Hue’s legacy will forever be tied to Sashi Browns tank roster of future XFL players and then being the guy at the other end of Baker Mayfields entitled temper tandrums. It’s up there with the Colts firing Jim Caldwell because he couldn’t get wins with Curtis Painter.

  17. If you did a weekly fan contest where one lucky entrant got to be coach for a week, would they have had a worse record than Hue?

  18. What difference does your opinions make? You guys slam Caldwell the same way and he’s had success at every venture.

  19. Why does boston born, boston raised, boston educated,
    Harvard grad sashi brown continue to get a pass?!?

    That team was a mess when Hue Jackson took over and
    managed poorly while Jackson was coaching and AFTER Jackson.

    SEE: sashi firing
    SEE: john dorsey firing
    SEE: freddie kitchens

  20. On hard knocks,haley and Greg William’s wanted the players to practice daily.but hue said I’m the boss and they get occasional days off to avoid soft tissue injuries.
    But when Corey Coleman went in hues office to ask him why he was running with the 2s,hue told him to go ask Todd haley.
    Go away hue

  21. This reminds me of the time in HardKnocks when Tyrod Taylor had to tell Hue to put up the video of players not practicing hard and to call them out. I remember that being a breakthrough for Hue. Hue had no idea how to hold his players accountable. That’s SCARY.

  22. > Then he goes to Cleveland just as the front office basically embarks on an
    > unprecedented level of tanking to acquire draft picks.

    I still have the September 1981 issue of MAD Magazine featuring “The MAD Book of Lists”. One of the “10 Pieces of News Causing the Greatest Fear” was “You’re being traded to Cleveland.”

    As such, it would seem their “unprecedented tanking” has been going on for at least the better part of 40 years. Hue just happens to be the incompetent sap who “coached” them over the worst two-season record of that period.

  23. The problem with Jackson isn’t just his abysmal record, it’s also that can’t be trusted for a second.

    He’s always looking to screw somebody over to better himself, that’s just who he is, he’s a snake in the grass.

  24. It was only 2 1/2 years in Cleveland, but it was a BAD 2 1/2 years.
    If jackson wants any consolation he should consider Rex Ryan. His last 2 years as a head coach in Buffalo ended 15-16. That’s by no means horrible, but nobody is going to be offering Ryan any more head coaching gigs either. It’s not so much the results, but what was promised with all the loud talk & perceived arrogance. jackson & Ryan both talked so much about what they could deliver and both came up woefully short.
    Maybe if jackson could keep his mouth shut for a while and work under the radar, he may get back to where he thinks he should be.

  25. charliecharger says:
    January 21, 2020 at 8:04 am
    Nothing a coach does in Cleveland or Washington should be held against them. Didn’t Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay coach in Washington?
    1. Neither Kyle or Sean were head coaches in DC.
    2. Kyle actually implemented an innovative offense that used the strengths of RG3 and hid his many QB weaknesses during his rookie season on route to a playoff birth.
    3. Sean McVay and Kyle played big part in developing Kirk Cousins as a QB coach from a 5th round draft pick to a starting NFL quarterback.
    4. The fact that you would try to compare Hue’s pathetic HEAD coach record to the work of people who were coordinators and position coaches shows how hard even making a viable case for Hue getting a 3rd chance at coaching is.

  26. To this day he doesn’t get how badly Hard Knocks hurt his image. It made him look far worse than his W-L record. He alternated between looking totally clueless and trying to setup his assistants so they’d look bad. Improving the team never seemed to enter into the equation. I don’t know how any owner/GM could ever hire him after seeing that.

  27. Some people just are not cut out to be leaders.

    I remember on Hard Knocks Hue sitting at the head of a table with his coaches and telling them that none of have ever sat in his chair and had his responsibilities.

    Hue had two former HCs (Haley and Williams) on his staff and Haley’s glare was priceless.Hue just doesn’t seem that detailed oriented.

  28. I watched every single minute of every single game and every single press conference and “at the end of the day” he was nothing more than a self promoter.

    And he still can’t stop thinking that he is the best coach that ever lived.

  29. Bill Belichek was a loser in Cleveland. Mike Holmgren was a loser in Cleveland. Both are HOF caliber and SB winning coaches. Hue was set up for failure in historic fashion.

    The Browns, the Redskins, the Bengals, and The Cowboys are all hindered by the ownership. The exceptions being the Bengals and Cowboys where the dysfunction is not nearly on the level of the the Haslems or Snyder. Jerry Jones in particular has at least put good players on the field and at least won divisions and gone to playoffs. The Bengals had a great coach who over came ownerships flaws but just couldnt win in the playoffs. Hue should not be held even partially accountable for the Browns record.

    Many people, me included, thought he should have turned down the Browns offer much like coaches who are offered interviews with them do now…

  30. Any owner that hires this guy needs to immediately forfeit his ownership! They absolutely have to judge him on his record, especially in Cleveland!

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