J.J. Watt to host Saturday Night Live

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Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt would prefer to spend February 1 in Miami, getting ready to play in the Super Bowl the next day. But he’s got a pretty good secondary option in New York that night.

Watt will host Saturday Night Live on February 1, the show announced today.

Past SNL hosts from the NFL include Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, John Madden, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Deion Sanders, O.J. Simpson and Fran Tarkenton. Memorable sketches include Peyton Manning as a United Way volunteer who took a game of youth football way too seriously, and Montana as Sincere Guy Stu, Phil Hartman’s painfully honest roommate.

Watt has often spent the night before the Super Bowl receiving an award at the NFL Honors event, but this year, after he missed half the season with an injury, he is not likely to win an award and will instead be showing off his comedy chops.

20 responses to “J.J. Watt to host Saturday Night Live

  1. Ok. Now it makes more sense why he rushed to come back from a 3 month surgery in 9 weeks.
    He’s thinking about his BRAND. I bet there’s a lot of people who regularly watch SNL that won’t have a clue who he is and will wonder why he’s on the show. I know who is and still wonder why he’s on the show.

  2. I feel like Watt should do okay. Gronkowski would likely be hilarious, although Gronk on live TV might be a scary proposition for NBC.

    Fran Tarkenton was a surprise to see on the list of previous hosts. I know he did some other TV work (old enough to remember “That’s Incredible!”), but wouldn’t have guessed he was an SNL host.

  3. It’s not edgy anymore. Writers aren’t using Cecily Strong, she’s their best performer. Kyle Mooney is good, too, and he’s under used. Che and Jost can only write Trump jokes. I’m ok with Trump jokes, just not 20 of them in a row.

  4. Would be great for Bill Belicheat to host one episode. Would love to see him walk on stage with his frown and act like he’s better or more smart than everyone because he knows about the game of throwing a piece of leather around so much.

  5. thefiesty1 says:
    January 21, 2020 at 5:09 pm
    Peyton Manning he is not! SNL has gone down hill lately! Haven’t seen it for years!
    So you haven’t seen it, but it’s gone downhill? Fantastic.

    Watt has the personality to carry it. Fans of other teams seem to dislike him for no good reasons. Sorry he does charity work and hasn’t been arrested, so doesn’t fit in to the current NFL.

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