Joe Gibbs was eager to sell Ron Rivera on Dan Snyder

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Ron Rivera wanted to get back into coaching quickly, that much was clear.

But anyone with his kind of resume would reasonably have questions about working for Washington owner Dan Snyder.

Snyder’s best salesman, it turns out, was Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs, who was eager to talk to Rivera about what could be — if not what the team has become under Snyder’s leadership.

Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post talked to the three-time Super Bowl champion about the process, and the former coach said he was eager to tell Rivera about the greater meaning of the job.

“It’s the most powerful city in the world, and that football team means the world to that town,” Gibbs said he told Rivera. “It’s one of the very few things that brings everybody together. There’s no Democrat, Republican. It’s everybody for 3½ hours is going to cheer for that football team. . . .

“That fan base is battle-tested. Most of them have been there forever in that stadium. And I said, ‘There’s nothing like it. They’re going to cheer like heck if you get it going. And they’ll let you know if you do bad stuff, too.’”

Lately, there’s been far more bad that good.

Gibbs went 30-34 in his four-year second stint with the team, making the playoffs twice. That’s far better than average under Snyder, as the team is 142-193-1 in his 21 years since buying them.

Snyder’s admitted fandom of the team and Gibbs has led the two to have a friendly relationship, and Gibbs acknowledged there is a bias.

“Dan and I are real friends,” Gibbs said. “And he was so good to me in the four years I was there, so good to my family. I felt like I could tell Ron what it was like. I tried to do that because I felt like it was really important for him. . . .

“When he and I talk, it’s friends. We’ve been through four years. That develops a real relationship because you go through the highs and the lows and all the things that go on for a coach and an owner. We developed that friendship, so when we talk, it’s mostly a common-sense conversation. He would kind of relate to me some of the people that he was really interested in.”

That was obviously Rivera, as soon as the Panthers fired him (since Snyder had an even earlier start by firing Jay Gruden earlier in the year.

So Gibbs and Rivera spoke, since they were both near Charlotte, with Rivera visiting Gibbs at home for a sales pitch.

It obviously worked. When or whether the buyer’s remorse kicks in remains to be seen.

15 responses to “Joe Gibbs was eager to sell Ron Rivera on Dan Snyder

  1. Daniel Snyder’s now more than 20 years here have been so dreary that my first glance at the headline registered as ‘…to sell Ron Rivera out…’
    But hope springs eternal – no Bruce Allen, an excellent head coach, a stud young quarterback, a serious defensive line plus Chase Young – Happy New Year, fingers crossed!!

  2. “stud young quarterback” not too sure about that yet. BUT if the dude could beat out Joe Borrow at ohio, he might be good. MIGHT is all I’ll give you as of right now.

    I think he sucks, and has set the skins back a few years, only time will tell. If I am wrong I’ll admit it!!

  3. Look out Rivera! Most NFL fans remember how shabbily he treated Norv Turner! Gibbs is glossing over Snyder’s ugly past behavior toward his employees before sliming and then firing them.

  4. Rivera May bring Cam with him if Alex Smith is not ready to come back! Don’t tell us he’s willing to give the keys to this dumpster fire to Haskins!

  5. A Hall of Fame coach mustered only 30-34 under Snyder, and that’s the best record of any coach Snyder ever hired. It’s more than plausible that almost .500 might just be the ceiling on a Snyder owned team.

  6. I’m far from a Redskins fan and never have been, but seems to me that they are “America’s Team” The Owner, The Head Coach(Rivera), Assistant HC(Del Rio), Quarterback(Haskins)!!!

  7. The evil doll has been tossed out of the building so maybe the Snyder Curse will also be gone – after all, 10 years of the Snyder Curse was done by the evil doll, the Brat of Allen.

    I have confidence Rivera will succeed and maybe he is just the guy to bring in some culture (other than the disease petri dish that Allen brought) of winning to this team. He has solid choices for assistants so there is hope.

    I have put my divorce from this team on hold – allen is gone and now we have to find a real QB – neither Alice Smith or that chump from Ohio State is the answer. We need someone with actual talent to play the position. Sorry, Keenum. You’re a gonna. Colt McCoy should be contemplating his post football life as well. Josh Norman – you’re toast, buckaroo. And the Alablubber DL guys need to learn how to play consistently good instead of 2 plays per game above average and phoning it on the rest of the plays. This team needs speed on defense and intelligence. That offensive line needs work and it does not include the traitor Williams.

  8. Coach Gibbs is an honest man and I’m sure everything he told coach Rivera is true from his perspective. We, the fans, have a much different perspective. We can only judge Dan (Mr.) Snyder on what he has done and the results that ensued.

    In the twenty or so years he’s been the Redskins owner, it has been an at times a mediocre team, but mostly a dumpster fire.

    Coach Rivera has his work cut out for him.

  9. Sad that Daniel has folks on salary writing on sites like this slandering Trent Williams before and then slandering Bruce Allen. I don’t think anyone in their right mind thought the root of the problem was Bruce Allen. Every skins fan with a minimal functioning brain knows the problem is Daniel Snyder. He needs his older sister to come run the team for him, the same way she was the only one responsible for turning Snyder communications into success.

  10. everybody blaming Bruce Allen should know that Bruce did everything with Mr. Snyders blessing or by his order. Mr Snyder signs the checks. So the problem remains. Nothing has changed. He will undermine Coach Rivera in 2-4 years. And things will get real ugly real quick. Just like it has for every Redskins coach not named Gibbs. .

  11. So happy Bruce Allen is gone and there’s a glimmer of hope…but I remember feeling this way when Vinny Cerrato was shown the door, too. Snyder. It’s up to him to change the culture, but I don’t think guys like him can ever stop being guys like him.

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