Justin Herbert wants to answer questions about leadership this week

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Justin Herbert likely would have gone high in the 2019 draft had he declared. A year later, nothing has changed.

The only question is: How high will the Oregon quarterback go?

Herbert is playing in the Senior Bowl in hopes of answering scouts’ biggest uncertainty about him.

“I think people are worried about leadership and me being a pretty quiet guy,” Herbert said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “But I would say I’m not too quiet. I’ll talk your ear off. So there are these things I want to be transparent with. And give a good representation of myself.”

Daniel Jones boosted his stock in the Senior Bowl in 2019. Herbert is hoping to do the same this year by showing he’s not an introvert.

“I think early on in my career I was pretty quiet,” Herbert said. “I was shy. But as the years went on I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone. I forced myself to be uncomfortable. I kind of found myself.”

The Bengals are expected to draft Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall choice, but this week, the Bengals getting to know Herbert by coaching him at the Senior Bowl.

“Big, strong arm, hard to bring down,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said. “He can make plays with his feet as well. All the impressive tools you’re looking for in the top quarterback in the draft. Excited to spend time with him this week and get a feel for where he is mentally. We know what’s reported, but that’s one of the advantages of coaching the Senior Bowl is being able to coach the guy in meetings, see how quickly he takes the information from the meetings to the field.”

7 responses to “Justin Herbert wants to answer questions about leadership this week

  1. Likely #6 to Chargers after Fins take Tua at #5. The guy he will replace there was as fiery a competitor as I have ever seen. Hated by most because of how he wore his emotions on his sleeve but his guys loved playing with him. Good luck emulating that without a true fan base and an owner who is clueless. Also, the GM has refused to build an NFL worthy OL. But other than that, good luck with your career.

  2. I can see Herbert in Indy come April! If they pass on him, it’ll be hard for Belichek passing on him!

  3. The concern about Justin Herbert seems to be about showing leadership traits – that he’s an introvert as properly defined is of zero concern. Early in the last century, Carl Jung categorized extroverts as interested in external stimuli, and introverts as looking within, and being reflective. Extroverts are about 75 percent of any population, but excellent leaders come from both.

  4. BangBoatWhizzinatorCateringIncidentRinglessLosers says:

    January 21, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Name a successful 6’6″ QB in the history of the NFL. Oh, there isn’t one? Okay, just checking. Herbert will be a bust. Next subject.


    Do you mean you mean like Joe Flacco and Nick Foles, two SB-winning QBs? Not necessary great but surely “successful.”

  5. I don’t know where the leadership questions are coming from, perhaps because he’s quiet?
    I think he’s a streaky passer which is his biggest concern, but by all accounts i heard he’s an upstanding young man and his teammates would run through a wall for him.

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