Rivers-to-Bucs chatter helps the Bucs

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With Philip Rivers and family loading up the truck and moving out of Beverly (Hills, that is), plenty of reporters and insiders are connecting dots regarding a 38-year-old quarterback and a 44-year-old franchise that is located in Rivers’ new state of residence: Florida.

The Buccaneers, they’re saying, are a potential destination for Rivers, whose time with the Chargers is ending with a whimper. And that helps the Buccaneers in their looming negotiations with Jameis Winston.

If the Bucs are going to be moving on from Winston, they need a viable alternative. Rivers, for negotiation purposes, provides enough of a plausible possibility to allow the Bucs to squeeze Winston to take less than what he’d otherwise wants.

It’s not clear what Winston wants. On one hand, he threw for more than 5,100 yards in 2019. On the other, he also threw 30 interceptions. (Rivers seems like a zealous guardian of the football in comparison, with “only” 20 interceptions.) It’s also not clear whether the Buccaneers want Winston, but they should. Rivers isn’t an upgrade, and he’d be a short-term fix at best.

The Rivers talk isn’t relevant until the Winston issue is resolved. But the possibility of Rivers could make it easier for the Bucs to keep Winston, since it would give teeth to whatever their take-it-or-leave-it offer to Winston may be.

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  1. I think they’ll move on from Winston, I don’t think Bruce ever bought into the hype and has been throwing shade for a little while now. Rivers? Maybe, but unlikely. There will be a big 2nd hand starter market next year in free agency so who knows.

  2. While Rivers isn’t an upgrade in terms of talent, he does have the advantage of not being a serial sexual assaulter, so there’s that. Also, his age and experience makes him a better mentor for a QB they draft for the future than Winston. Sign him up for like 2 years, draft a guy this year and let him develop.

  3. I have a feeling Jameis Winston is going to end up in a Patriots uniform next year. He’ll miraculously turn into an MVP candidate and Bill Belichick ends up putting another 5 year run on his damn genius legacy!


  4. Rivers would be a big upgrade from the turnover machine. If he’d sign for a reasonable (low) deal, the Bucs should sign him, let Jameis take a hike, and draft their QB of the future in April.

    The Bucs could actually be in the playoff picture with Rivers. They’ll remain in the also ran picture with Winston.

  5. Rivers through 23 TDs and 20 INTs in a more favorable offensive situation. He’s regressed. They need to draft an o line, figure out their RB situation and fix the secondary.

    Have a bold feeling if they address these issues it might actually take pressure off Winston and reduce the turnovers. Call me crazy.

  6. This team could challenge in NFC if they got someone who could play reasonably well and protect the football. Bridgewater comes to mind. Heck, anyone but the turnover machine.

    Passing yards and all that are nice, but nothing wrong with a solid O and a ferocious D

  7. Rivers couldn’t have played in Arians offense in his prime, let alone now with his shot arm and diminished physical state from 15 years in the league. One thing you know going into playing in his offense, the QB is going to get hit a lot, so he’d better be a strong pocket QB who can absorb the punishment.

  8. I would take Rivers over Winston in a heart beat. The Chargers are going to find out just how bad of a team they are without Rivers. But with all the FA vet QB’s who knows what Arians is thinking. Maybe he has his eye on a QB in the draft and a vet for a year?

  9. Anyone who doesn’t realize that Winston is coming back to Tampa next season is fooling themselves because of their sheer dislike for the guy. Bruce Arians specifically came out of retirement to work with him, and the first year of his offensive system ALWAYS results in a high number of INTs. Winston is gonna get tagged to see if he can show the 2nd year improvement guys like Palmer and Roethlisberger showed in it.

  10. Reliable source in FLA indicates that Rivers new residence will be Harbour Island. Yes, I had to Google it as well. 6.2 miles from RJ Stadium.

  11. billzbubb says:
    January 21, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Rivers would be a big upgrade from the turnover machine.


    Now that’s a funny comment.

  12. Rivers will want the same deal that Brees got from the Saints….2 years $50M.
    Get him an OL and he’ll lead the Bucs to SB55….in RJ Stadium.

  13. Rivers had a bad year, but just one year before that he threw 32 TDs and had only 12 INTs. If last season can be explained then Rivers sounds like an upgrade, and he may cost less.

  14. Bucs trade Winston to Cincinnati and swap 1st round picks. Bucs sign Brady and draft Burrow.

  15. skinnypigeon says:
    January 21, 2020 at 1:59 pm
    Bucs trade Winston to Cincinnati and swap 1st round picks. Bucs sign Brady and draft Burrow.

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    Winston is a free agent. I guess they could franchise him if they wanted, but no one’s gonna give anything up for Winston @ $27M a year plus the opportunity to sign him longer.

  16. Only reason Bucs would want Winston is so that they can remain a despised franchise. People usually don’t like rooting for bad players who are bad people.

  17. Why would you choose Rivers? He’s not that much of an upgrade if any and he’s going to be gone soon anyways. Keep Winston and draft a guy if one falls that’s decent. Honestly Andy Dalton makes more sense than Rivers.

  18. Rivers is not and upgrade over Winston. Not only did Rivers have his worst season in years, his arm strength is nowhere close to what it once was. That alone cause his interception rate to increase. His accuracy is now suspect as well. Rivers is not the answer in Tampa Bay.

    I’m of the opinion Bruce will look at everything and everybody before deciding on a QB plan. I also believe Winston will be untimately franchised next season to see what happens.

  19. Look. Rivers moved from his 16 year home in San Diego to FLA. He’s had talks with at least one team who wants him there or no way he would move. Someone told him Spanos was not going to pay him. Spanos is in massive debt to the NFL owners for relocation to LA and to Kroenke to rent playing time in his new stadium. Charger PSL’s and ticket sales are way below forecast.

  20. Why would anyone continue to invest in Winston? He is what he is….A QB with a decent arm that makes horrible decisions, on and off the field. He will never be a good QB in this league.

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