Three Packers join the NFC Pro Bowl roster

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The Packers had a couple of players pull out of the Pro Bowl in the wake of their NFC title game loss to the 49ers, but they’ll wind up with a net gain because three players have been added to the roster.

Wide receiver Davante Adams, defensive tackle Kenny Clark and linebacker Za'Darius Smith will be in Orlando this week. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and left tackle David Bakhtiari were originally selected, but will not take part in the festivities.

Adams takes the place of Falcons wideout Julio Jones and is the first Packer receiver to make three straight Pro Bowls since Sterling Sharpe. Adams had 83 catches for 997 yards and five touchdowns in 12 games this season.

Clark and Smith are both heading to the Pro Bowl for the first time. Clark will replace Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald while Smith is going in place of Bears linebacker Khalil Mack.

27 responses to “Three Packers join the NFC Pro Bowl roster

  1. Smith should have had Mack’s spot from jump, Mack was a non-factor this year.

    I almost wish they just junk the entire game and let a panel pick all-pro starters from each conference and be done with it. The only reason any of these guys go anymore is because it then gives them “pro-bowler” to add to their resumes at contract time, even if they were a 4th alternate.

  2. Regarding Player Pro Bowl Compensation: “Two teams of NFL all-stars are meeting in the Pro Bowl on Sunday afternoon. Players on the winning team will receive a bonus of $67,000. Players on the losing team will get $34,000.”

    The Pro Bowl is joke. Either pay the top tier players enough to make them want to play or dump it.

  3. Even the most innocuous Packer storyline brings out the fight-picker in Viking fans. Nothing has changed. It’s in their blood.

  4. CheddarNECKS always colluding with the refs says:
    January 21, 2020 at 11:18 am
    Are the Green Bay refs going to be in the Pro-Bowl too?

    How would we know? That’s your exclusive domain. In fact, personally, I’d like to see you whine about it for the next solid year! It wouldn’t bother me a bit. I take great delight in being shown firsthand the annoyances and miseries of Packer haters and how often they occur. From the horses mouth, so to speak.

    Have fun with that.

  5. At this point, these are cheap Pro Bowl selections. And they suit our Packres just fine. While we sift through the letdown that some of us knew was coming. But others stayed delusional and couldn’t quite get the message.

    At least Aaron can enjoy a place he’d rather be. Like California. Can anyone blame him? I guess we’re lucky to have him part time.

  6. Stellarperformance, you do realize that every time you do respond to him he gets exactly what he is looking for from you? Clearly it does bother you.

  7. I can’t remember the last time I watched a pro bowl. It was before they did that stupid experiment years back.

  8. Are the Green Bay refs going to be in the Pro-Bowl too?
    Yup, the same ones who didn’t call a penalty against SF this past weekend until 3 minutes were remaining in the 3rd quarter. You’re still salty over that sweep, huh?
    SKOL 😉

  9. All three players deserve to be in the Pro Bowl, bringing their total of deserving Pro Bowlers to four.

    Xavier Rhodes making the Pro Bowl is a complete joke, so the Vikings only have seven deserving Pro Bowlers.

  10. I remember the last time Rodgers actually went and played. He got ticked off because the game itself had been rduced to a walk-thru in pads. That might be the last time I watched the game.

  11. nyneal says:
    January 21, 2020 at 9:24 am
    He’s heading to the Pro Bowl and his teammates are where they always are during the Super Bowl — on vacation.

  12. I hope accommodations are covered. Can’t imagine 36K goes very far at that level.

    18k Net taxes.
    1,800 (10% to agent)

    Flight 2k (Family round trip)
    Hotel $300/night. (Call it $1,000)

    13k pocketed for 3hrs of work. Risk of injury to a limited football career. Just doesn’t seem worth it.

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