Amid battery investigation, Antonio Brown has locked himself in his house

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Antonio Brown has self-incarcerated himself.

With a battery investigation ongoing, Hollywood, Florida police told USA Today that Brown has locked himself in his house.

Brown, a suspect in the battery of the driver of a moving truck, has ignored attempts by police to contact him. Brown’s trainer, Glen Holt, already has been arrested for felony burglary and battery.

It’s the latest bizarre incident involving Brown, who has been the subject of a slow-motion disintegration over the past year. If he has a health condition for which he needs help, here’s hoping he gets it.

Last week, agent Drew Rosenhaus terminated his relationship with Brown, in the hopes of getting Brown to seek the help he needs. It didn’t work. At this point, it’s unclear whether anything will.

109 responses to “Amid battery investigation, Antonio Brown has locked himself in his house

  1. So much talent….This guy was great. Nothing short of GREAT.
    Clearly there’s mental/emotional problems. Hopefully he gets help

  2. Is this the same AB that fanboys of the Pats bragged that only BB could tame…..yup that’s him. So often so loud so often so wrong.

    Get some help AB

  3. What kills me are the people that just now seem to realize he needs professional help. How did it take them this long to figure that out

  4. All the jokes aside. He looks to have come completely unhinged.
    I really hope this does not turn tragic.

    I did read that some think that this, at least in part, is because of the hit Berfict put on him in that playoff game a few years back.

  5. This just isn’t funny anymore. I’m not sure if that Burfict hit had that much of an impact or if this has been building for a long time.

    I hope he gets help, but I fear this will not end well.

    This can’t be about football for him anymore, someone needs to intervene.

  6. When Drew dumps you, your issues are grave and you’re in a dire spot. This just gets uglier and uglier.

  7. tajuara says:
    January 22, 2020 at 11:08 am
    This guy is screaming for help. His story is turning from amusing to sad really quick.


    He doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks. He’s beyond help.

  8. His kids should be shielded from all of this IMMEDIATELY. Hopefully the correct authorities will step in to protect them from further exposure. Hope he gets well and they get their Dad back ASAP.

  9. I think, by now, it is a foregone conclusion that Mr. Brown needs some assistance. I hope he gets some before things really go south and someone gets seriously harmed.

  10. Well, this sad tale sounds like it’s going to end soon. Hopefully no one else gets hurt when it does.

  11. tajuara says:
    January 22, 2020 at 11:08 am
    This guy is screaming for help. His story is turning from amusing to sad really quick.

    I don’t mean any disrespect, but this has been sad all along. He can’t seem to cope with life outside of football at all and unfortunately, he can’t stay out of trouble so that he can play. I hope he gets help before it’s too late.

  12. This is just a quick hop, skip and a jump from a barricade situation. How did AB go from being a Dancing With the Stars-style sweetheart to this? This is going to get a lot worse…

  13. So how about we stop talking about him? If his name is anywhere besides the local news, he’s getting too much publicity. This is just stupid at this point, and to think there are actually people defending his actions.

  14. I really don’t know what to say or think anymore. I can only hope his kids turn out well and they get the help they need. This is beyond sad.

  15. djstat says:
    January 22, 2020 at 11:26 am
    He is not screaming for help. He is aware of what he is doing. Arrest him and lock him up.
    I agree, he’s not screaming for help, he’s screaming for the attention that he lost due to his spoiled prima donna antics. You can bet your bottom dollar Rosenhaus offered him all the help he needed and AB laughed it off hence Rosenhaus cutting ties.

  16. FoozieGrooler says:
    January 22, 2020 at 11:46 am
    I’m just wondering why the police haven’t yet kicked the door down and arrested him…?

    0 0 Rate This


    Waiting in a warrant, most likely. Could be happening as we speak.

  17. This is very sad, but I will say one thing: I’ve gained a new found respect for Tomlin and the Steelers for being able to manage this guy and his mental problems as long as they did.

  18. This is sad.
    A year ago the national media blowhards and worthless talking heads on cable were saying much of Brown’s issues were Ben R.’s fault. That hot take did not end well.
    Hope Brown gets help, TODAY

  19. If any of you have ever lost your job (yes, I know he caused it), then you can understand at least part of the stress he’s going through. The bills don’t stop coming and his obvious inability to handle any type of negativity due to his mental state could be life threatening. He doesn’t need to seek help; his friends and family need to take him there.

  20. Because of his own actions, he has probably blown over $100M in salary and endorsement money he could have made if he would have behaved reasonably during his entire career. He may never play in the NFL again, he is just about untouchable, too much trouble. What a shame.

  21. For all those who don’t respect Mike Tomlin’s coaching abilities, you may want to rethink that stance. If this is what we’re seeing publicly, imagine all of the day-to-day drama (and potentially self-destructive behavior) that Tomlin must have been navigating with this guy that never went public. Yet, Tomlin never threw him under the bus and he never lost the team. That’s real leadership.

  22. so sick of this guy.he is heading for a hospital mental ward for certain,the only question now is will it be in a regular hospital or in a prison,that up to the investigation.sick of hearing about him.

  23. Brown has been given a pass his complete sports life, he is clueless of any reality of life. Please, anyone else the doors would be torn down, he has not one trait of accountability. He has had ample time for help and every team he has crapped on has people that could held and he turned his selfish head on all of them. No one comes to the rescue of the ones he has mistreated and we now have to hear the needs help action.

  24. anyone want to see what a mental breakdown looks like in real time. follow AB the past 12 months…

  25. This just goes to show you that Tomlin did a masterful job to keep this guy under wraps for as long as he did.

  26. “liquidzoo says:
    January 22, 2020 at 11:24 am
    This just isn’t funny anymore. I’m not sure if that Burfict hit had that much of an impact or if this has been building for a long time.”

    One thing that hasn’t really been studied yet is how CTE affects other mental illnesses. It might be that he was predisposed to some problems that the brain injuries have made worse.

  27. If I was the police, I’d question people to make sure he doesn’t own a gun. The guy needs help.

  28. Keep him locked in his house, turn off his internet and I think we got the problem solved.

  29. This is going in the wrong direction, very fast, and it’s very bad. This man needs help now. He is mentally unstable.

  30. You know once upon a time in the US you could lock people in an asylum for treatment against their will when it was clear they were not capable of functioning like a sane person and were a danger to themselves and to others.

    Now we just tell the people around them to get a gun because that person has the right to be insane.

    Really need to rethink those mental health laws here. All this could have been avoided months ago.

  31. Seriously, when you’ve lost Drew Rosenhaus, an agent known for his concern for his client, you’re in trouble.

    Seek help, big guy. You’ve been one of the great. Don’t let it end like this.

  32. It is eerie that the Aaron Hernandez Netflix series just came out.

    I cannot get that story out of my head. Just signed his $40 million deal, a superstar. And at the same time so much incredibly destructive behaviour. In his case murders.

  33. I still believe that crushing blow to is head by Bufict knocked AB into Whackadoodle Land.

  34. There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with not opening the door for police. I’m not a fan of his but I hate how they twist a simple right citizens have into something bad.

  35. Lol. I guess since some think it’s the Steelers fault, we can also say that If only the Raiders and Patriots hadn’t given him another chance he would be all better now. Couldn’t they see he had a problem? Did his problems magically disappear once he left the Steelers?? No, the Raider and Pats couldn’t wait to grab him up for their own gain. Brown made Brown’s problems, no one else.

  36. NFL HOF phone call to AB:

    “Yo! AB. We’re calling you today to tell to not bother waiting for us ever calling you again.”

  37. AB sure has come along way from trying to melt his feet off and complaining about his helmet.

  38. He honestly seems suicidal. This is how suicidal people act. Considering how incredibly productive and driven he can be at times with how incredibly bizarre he acts other times, my speculation is that he has bipolar. You’re rich, AB, do what Kanye did and go unplug for a few months at some hotsy-totsy rehab resort at Lake Tahoe or somewhere.

  39. Mr. Big Chest will be in the Big House very soon – AND his career is well and truly over…..

  40. Antonio Brown has finally gotten what he has been angling for these past few years — a self-imposed prison.

  41. Please let Pete dork Carroll Or Payton in New Orleans sign this Loser next year! He’s the most amazing receiver in the world! I wouldn’t pay him 100 bucks to play on my team!

  42. How do people go so wrong so fast? This is not just a celebrity/athlete thing. People seemingly stable suddenly loose their reality and sadly in today’s age, it makes for excellent material to increase clicks. It is sad for those who suffer and disgusting for those who use the videos and pictures to increase “likes” “clicks” or subscribers.

  43. The spiral for AB began when he left Pittsburg. He kind of lost his home. He should have signed for the Patriots right from the beginning. We saw how motivated he was there. He did establish rapidly a good chemistry with BB, Brady and Eldeman. His tweet did not justify his firing. Kraft was behind this, because of his own legal problem. So he did’nt give much importance to the fact that BB and Brady (an AB) were already making it work.
    This is why there is a rift between Brady and Kraft.

  44. I would call this “GOOD”, if someone would actually lock him in from the outside so he can’t get out.

    Its way past ‘intervention time’.

  45. psi0015000 says:
    January 22, 2020 at 6:26 pm
    The spiral for AB began when he left Pittsburg. He kind of lost his home. He should have signed for the Patriots right from the beginning.
    Except that he was under contract with Pittsburgh (or else they couldn’t have traded him to Oakland). He didn’t become a free agent until the Raiders cut him.

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