Dalvin Cook isn’t clamoring for a second contract, yet

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For the Vikings, several key figures enter the final year of their contracts, from coach Mike Zimmer to G.M. Rick Spielman to quarterback Kirk Cousins to running back Dalvin Cook. Some Wednesday comments from Cook are being characterized as a reflection that he wants his second contract now. It’s possible, however, that’s definitely not what he was saying.

I love the organization,” Cook told NFL.com in connection with Pro Bowl preparations in Orlando. “They took a chance on me in bringing me in. If a person believes in me, I’ll give them my all. I try to do everything, give them my all and I’m just happy that I’m at the Vikings. It’s a great organization. I think everything we’ve got going on is for the future.”

The headlines generated by that comment include (as in the NFL.com article), “Dalvin Cook on potential deal: ‘I’ll give Vikings my all.'” But he wasn’t talking about the future under a second contract. He was addressing the decision of the Vikings to end his 2017 draft slide in round two. “If a person believes in me, I’ll give them my all.”

The Vikings believed in Cook three years ago. They believe in him now. If they choose not to extend his contract in 2020, that won’t be a reflection that they don’t believe in him — especially since they have the ability to let him play out the fourth year of his rookie deal and tag him in 2021.

That said, Cook should want a new contract. But it seems like a stretch to regarding anything he said on Wednesday, as reflected in the NFL.com story, as an indication that he was referring to his desire to get paid sooner than later.

He wants to stay. And he can stay without a new contract now. At some point, the Vikings will have to decide whether to make a major financial investment now, later, or (in theory) not at all. Cook likewise will have to decide whether he’s going to show up for anything in 2020 unless and until he gets a new deal.

10 responses to “Dalvin Cook isn’t clamoring for a second contract, yet

  1. Not a viking fan but he is under contract and needs to keep his word. The team doesn’t squawk for a reduction when he’s hurt..

  2. Dalvin Cook is the only reason that the Vikings made the playoffs… Without him, the Vikings are just .500 team. The Vikings need to redo Kirk Cousins’s contract because he hasn’t lived up to the fully guaranteed $84 M. If Calvin Cook has another year like last season he could save the jobs of HC Mike Zimmer and G.M. Rick Spielman…

  3. It’ll happen, not sure when but it will. If it doesn’t they’ll move him for other pieces (players, picks) and try to role with Mattison. As a Vikings fan, I just hope that we don’t tie too much cap to one player…….wait….we did that already.

  4. From a vikings fan for 45 years. They are in a extremely tough off season with tough decisions to make… Zimmer once said that case Keenum has balls… well Zimmer it’s time for you to show if you have amy…..

  5. I’d love it if he made a season without being injured, he reminds me of Billy Simms. People forget how awesome a player he was, even with the Lions but his injuries halted his full potential. I feel like that about Cook. There was something wrong with him against the 9ers.

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