Dan Snyder exploring options for gambling at stadium in Maryland

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Washington owner Daniel Snyder is exploring whether he could get legal approval for sports betting in Maryland, where FedEx Field is located and where Snyder has looked into building a new stadium down the road.

The Washington Post reports that Snyder met with multiple members of the state legislature in Maryland and conditioned keeping the team in Maryland on the ability to offer sports betting at a new stadium. The idea Snyder was floating was to build a new stadium on the FedEx Field site, with gambling on the premises.

One lawmaker told the Post that Snyder suggested that if he doesn’t get his way in Maryland, he’ll move the team to Virginia, although that lawmaker said Snyder’s team isn’t particularly popular in Maryland right now.

“It wasn’t too high-pressured,” the lawmaker said. “Most of the people in the room were Ravens fans, so it sort of fell on deaf ears.”

Whatever happens with Snyder’s plans in Maryland, what’s clear is that the NFL has gone from a hands-off attitude toward gambling to an all-out embrace of it. There’s money to be made in betting on sports, and the NFL wants to make it, including at stadiums where NFL games are played.

24 responses to “Dan Snyder exploring options for gambling at stadium in Maryland

  1. Why not? Davis is going to turn his whole stadium in Las Vegas into a gambling casino. Roger Goodell is doing a great job of ruining the NFL with PC and allowing teams like the LA Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders to betray their fans.

  2. For years gambling was an automatic suspension for players. Now that the league gets a piece of the action, the league will support it.

  3. Talk about low rent

    Snyder should sell up and give the team to a person/consortium who actually care about the team and the fans, coz lets be honest, that organisation has bigger problems than allowing people to gamble on its premises.

    And lets be honest, its only a matter of time before he somehow uses the team name, to associate itself with gambling, offending even more people, coz Dan Snyder

  4. The Rooney Brother’s had to split up ownership of the Steelers because some of them also had ownership in horse and dog track gambling establishments. This I believe was mandated by the NFL. How could the NFL now allow this to happen after splitting up one of the oldest and influential families in NFL history!!

  5. So lawmakers in Maryland would allow their fandom for the Ravens let the Redskins stadium move to another state and lose all that possible revenue for years to come? Politicians…smh…

  6. Yeah can’t imagine DC or MD wanting to pay for a billion dollar palace for Snyder when they can’t begin to fill the stadium they have.

    If he wants gambling fine, use the Redskins portion of the gambling profits to build his new palace, not taxpayer money

  7. “So lawmakers in Maryland would allow their fandom for the Ravens let the Redskins stadium move to another state and lose all that possible revenue for years to come?”

    With the current lifecycle of these stadiums the revenue generated for the state / city involved will never come close to paying for the building. These are losing propositions for the taxpayers, and the billionaires should pay for their own palaces.

  8. From an outsider’s perspective (I have no “skin” in this team), this looks like a money grab because Snyder’s not generating enough of it based on the state of the team. This is a bad look.

  9. Just another method of suckering the taxpayers. Of course, there’s at least one guy we know of so incompetent he bankrupted casinos a few times. So anything is possible.

  10. Has Snyder ever been on remotely good terms with MD lawmakers/stakeholders? Maybe it’s deja vu, but seems like there’s been multiple instances over the past few years involving threats from him to move to Northern VA or back to DC and/or MD saying they won’t provide support.

  11. Go ahead, Dan. Modell was much far more inept than you, so you should have absolutely no problem selling a new fleece to Maryland taxpayers. It’s not like those dollars are going to better schools, renewed infrastructure or humane prisons. Get back there and sell!

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