Dolphins fully expect Ryan Fitzpatrick back next season

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Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said at the end of the 2019 season that he didn’t expect “a difficult decision” about returning to play in 2020, but he hasn’t provided any update to his plans since the start of January.

Whenever that update does come, Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier expects it to include word that Fitzpatrick will be back with the team. According to multiple reporters, Grier said Wednesday that he “fully expects” the veteran quarterback to play out the final year of his contract.

Fitzpatrick said in December that he feels great and still loves playing, which provides plenty of support for Grier’s expectation that Fitzpatrick will be back.

If that’s the case, it will leave the makeup of the rest of the quarterback room as the biggest question for the Dolphins. Josh Rosen is under contract for 2020, but there’s no shortage of speculation about the Dolphins picking a quarterback early in the first round. Grier’s unlikely to share the team’s thoughts on that matter, but it’s probably not a bad bet.

9 responses to “Dolphins fully expect Ryan Fitzpatrick back next season

  1. The Dolphins uniforms make them look like a fake Ninendo team that’s supposed to be the Dolphins but isn’t. Something like the South Florida Fish.

  2. Fitzpatrick will be starter, Rosen backup, and they’ll have Tua as IR/inactive for a majority of the season. If Fitz were to get injured, Rosen will be the guy that gets to play.

  3. I have no idea what they’re doing anymore. Buying low on Rosen in a season when you’re trying to tank anyway sounded like a plan, then they start Fitzpatrick. They win enough games to put them presumably out of range of who the owner is hot for in the draft (Burrow), will probably take Tua at #5, and then they’ll…still start Fitzpatrick? Are they sitting Tua for year 1? What was the Rosen trade for?

  4. Every team should expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to be on their roster. Nobody can possibly know when and where he will emerge as a starter next season. That’s what Fitzmagic is all about.

  5. Explain then, really, what was the point of the trade for Rosen? Baffles me how NFL Gm’s get hired. It seems so obvious to many fans what free agent pitfalls to avoid. But GMs continually kill there teams from within with bad signings, trades and drafts.

  6. But wait, how is Rosen going g to make all those teams “pay” for passing on him in the draft?

  7. Maybe Dolphins fans don’t see it yet but this is why EVERYBODY usually laughs at Miami. In 5 years they will be in a identical situation and still NO QUARTERBACK. The owner needs to go but Miami fans seem to love Ross even though he tried to make them pay for stadium renovations only to put out a garbage product every year since. Ross is making a killing off novice football fans.

  8. With the Chan Gailey hire it’s a safe bet that Fitz will be back. They can still draft a 1st round QB and sit him for a year – That worked out pretty well for the Chiefs #10 pick Patrick Mahomes. Unless the Phins have instant chemistry after a rebuild (which would take a miracle) it’s like throwing a young QB to the wolves if they start a young QB in 2020.

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