Matt LaFleur concerned with lack of “fire” from Packers

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There were plenty of things Packers rookie coach Matt LaFleur liked about the season as a whole, but he remains disturbed about the way their season ended.

Specifically, he doesn’t understand how flat his team was in its final game, as they fell behind 27-0 at halftime to a 49ers team that thrashed them 37-8 in the regular season.

“That’s something that I’m still trying to figure out right now as we speak,” LaFleur said, via Rob Demovsky of “I mean, I don’t understand that because you’re there. You have an opportunity to go to play in a Super Bowl. And for that to happen, it’s extremely . . . it’s bothersome.

“We have to look at ourselves, everybody. I’m going to look inside of myself and see why weren’t our players playing with their hair on fire. I think everybody in our organization has to do that.”

He also said it was clear there was a sizeable gap between his team and the one that will be playing the Chiefs next week.

“There obviously is [a gap],” LaFleur said. “I mean, we played them twice and they took it to us two times. So that’s something that we’ve got to take a good, hard look at this offseason because right now they’re the class of the NFC. They’ve shown it throughout the course of the season, and that is a really good football team. It was disappointing to go out there and get beat like that.”

Most of that focus should rightly be on their defense. When a team is able to beat you while throwing only eight times, that seems apparent, and LaFleur knows it.

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  1. Maybe if your offense could score some points in the first half, your defense wouldn’t have looked so bad.

    Just sayin’…

  2. There is something inherently wrong with any player who needs to be motivated or who plays flat with no fire in the belly in a Championship Game. No player should need anyone else to fire you up to play in that game. It shows a lack of self respect and a serious lack of pride. Unfortunately for the Packers, there were a lot of players just going through the motions against the 49ers.

  3. That’s because your “leader” on the field has as much fire in him as a glacier. Dude is a phenomenal football talent, but he’s always been aloof and dismissive of football as anything other than a game. He sleeps fine at night after a loss. If you’re lucky, his arm will keep you in any fight, but don’t expect him to rally the troops with fighting spirit.

  4. Despite laying an egg in the NFC Championship game, the Packers were still good enough to beat the other loser teams in the NFC North twice. If they had better competition perhaps they’d play better in championship games.

  5. Other than Adams, he doesn’t seem to trust anyone else. When you get paid as much money as he has been, maybe he just doesn’t have the same motivation as when he was first starting out. Or he would rather be playing on a more talented team.

  6. The “leader” is an overrated quarterback. Always has been. There are a lot of quarterbacks with one Super Bowl win. That doesn’t make him unique or great. The guy has no leadership skills looks like someone who is baked half the time. Packer fans deserve better.

  7. Rodgers is 37 next year and very satisfied- he has his SB ring, his $134 million dollar contract for 4 years,$98,700 million guaranteed,his house in Malibu.He is no where near what he use to be. Rodgers looks like he will continue to coast until 2023 and retire.
    Gutey better find Rodgers replacement so he can opt out of Rodgers contract after 2021.

  8. At least Lafleur knows it is a problem. Was a problem all season. I don’t recall a game where the team put in 60 minutes of play. There was an obvious lack of urgency on both sides of the ball. The Packers should have won most of their games by at least a couple scores. Theymlet off the gas a lot.

  9. Sometimes a sports person knows that he/she is being overmatched and that it is no longer a contest. That was what happened to the Packers. They were simply the inferior team. Period. Full Stop. They did not lose because they were not playing hard. They lose to a much better team.

  10. Everyone claiming GB should look for Rodgers’ replacement don’t realize how hard it is to find a top-caliber QB because of how fortunate GB has been the past 30 years to have Favre and Rodgers. When he’s gone, you’ll all miss him.

  11. I’m looking forward to as many years Rodgers enjoys playing and is playing for the Packers. One…OK, Two……terrific, three……wonderful, four……unbelievable.

  12. Rodgers has no winning record road record
    Rodgers has a losing record against winning teams
    Rodgers has few come from behind 4th qtr wins.
    Rodgers has no fire (be careful calling this out LaFleur….)
    Rodgers does not respond well to criticism even if constructive.
    However Rodgers does play with a pouty face.

  13. Every player and coach and front office employee loves Rodgers and believes he will lead this team effectively for several more years. I do too. The opinions of haters with no firsthand knowledge of anything is pointless drivel.

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