Matt LaFleur on Mike Pettine’s return: Still working through everything

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The Packers couldn’t stop the 49ers running game in the NFC Championship Game and that could wind up leading to the team making a change at defensive coordinator.

During a Wednesday press conference, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur stopped well short of saying that Mike Pettine will be running the team’s defense during the 2020 season. LaFleur said that the team was “still working through everything” with the coaching staff when asked about Pettine remaining with the club and that he’d meet with team president Mark Murphy soon to discuss any changes.

LaFleur said that the defense did a lot of positive things during the season and that all phases of the team deserved blame for the loss to the 49ers, but added that the defense’s energy and effort level weren’t where they were at other points during the season.

Pettine was hired in 2018 and held over from that year’s staff after LaFleur was hired. The Packers were ninth in points allowed and 18th in yards allowed during the 2019 regular season.

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  1. The Packers as a team did better than anybody expected, all season long. Won the close games. However, they simply do not match up against the 49ers. Two games of getting destroyed do not lie. You cannot fool yourself. It’s like when the Packers drafted CB’s in every round after they played Randy Moss’ Vikings. They knew that had to do something. Well, they are at the same type of crossroads right now.

  2. To me it looks like they have plenty of skill on that side of the ball, so the results suggest poor coaching.. just not sure what coach on the market you look to, to improve that.

  3. The fact that the 49ers were able to run on us all four quarters and the defense never adjusted speaks volumes. I was a big Pettine fan but that was a pathetic performance. Not sure if that warrants a firing but the bloom is certainly off the rose.

  4. Pettine deserves a lot of credit for the overall improvement of the defense over the past two seasons. That being said, the run defense was horrific on several occasions this year. There were also way too many long drives allowed, along with an inordinate amount of long gains given up by the pass defense.

    All in all, a coaching change may be needed to implement a more effective scheme.

  5. “Bill Belicheck could be in charge of that defense and still would get run over.

    Not enough playmakers.”

    Kenny Clark, Z. Smith, Preston Smith, Jaire. How many more playmakers would you like?

  6. Pettine was on the sideline. He wasn’t on the field. He wasn’t missing tackles, or getting blocked and leaving huge gaps in the line. The Packers defense got pushed around. Period. They were soft and the 49s dominated them at the line of scrimmage. These are grown men. They didn’t execute.

  7. They need more. It was an effective improvement over the previous season, but obviously not good enough. If Pettine is the fall guy, it shouldn’t take much to sustain where they are while targeting an overall improvement. It starts with the right players.

  8. Really? When you score 0 points in the half, provide 3 and out, and turned the ball over 2 times in the half? Defense didn’t have a great game, but more times than not this season, the defense provided the wins. The offense only had a handful of decent games, 2/3 of the games this season, the offense barely moved the ball, and if it were not for the defense keeping teams below 20 (and 15), record could have been 6-10.

  9. @trubroncofan07

    Kenny Clark #1 NT in sacks, #6 DT
    Z Smith #2 OLB in sacks
    P Smith #3 OLB in sacks
    Jaire #4 in INT and Passes Defended
    King #2 in INT and #3 in PD
    Martinez #2 in tackles (all positions)

    Seems pretty good to me

  10. Considering Petine was not LaFleur’s choice and was forced upon him when taking the head coaching job I think its safe to say LaFleuer would like to bring his own guy in. The big question is will Rodgers, and “Gute” let him this time?

  11. LaFleur wants his own guy. And the GM wasted the 12th overall pick on an outside linebacker project who won the underwear olympics rather obtaining a run stuffing stud. Also the Inside backers are either undersized or a re-tread. It ain’t Pettine’s fault.

  12. It’s not the players, it’s the plays. The failures, miscues and anything else that went wrong falls squarely on Pettines shoulders. The defense showed very little improvement over the season. In fact, they may have declined on that side of the ball.

    The whole team wasn’t ready to play against San Francisco. If a coaching staff can’t get a team up to play in games like that, there needs to be a thorough evaluation all across the board.

  13. pkrlvr says:
    January 22, 2020 at 10:57 am
    The fact that the 49ers were able to run on us all four quarters and the defense never adjusted speaks volumes. I was a big Pettine fan but that was a pathetic performance. Not sure if that warrants a firing but the bloom is certainly off the rose.
    Adjustments don’t matter when you are getting physically dominated on almost every snap . Bottom line the 49ers came right out and punched the Green Bay defense in the mouth and the Packers never responded back the entire game . You and LaFleur can scapegoat Pettine all you want but the biggest problem is the lack of fight and effort the players on the field displayed .

  14. He should just keep sending LaFleur tapes of the two games against my favorite team this past season and he’ll probably get a 7 year extension. . . .

  15. Coaches always say things like “that was a great team win fellas!”, but never has a coach meant it as much as LaFlauer.

    The strength of this team was, in order a) Pass Rush b) Eliminating turnovers c) Solid run game and d) winning the field position battle.

    Unfortunately, the only way to unleash them was to make sure we were holding a lead for most of the game, putting the opposing offense into passing situations. The formula to winning was simple: Packers O scraped together a measly 23 PPG over the course of 60 minutes, while the Smith Brothers got to tee off on QBs and harass them. Any time we fell behind (see: San Diego, San Francisco 2x, Eagles), we got sucked into a dogfight that exposed our rushing defense, and asked our offense for more points than it had the firepower to provide.

    All in all, 14-4 was a miracle considering all this. Great job by the coaching staff all around. Now let’s restock with some players too.

  16. They need someone to play next to Clark and at least one possibly two middle line backers. The 49ers were leaving Martinez unblocked on some plays because he wasn’t fast enough to get to Mostert. The offense has holes too. Can’t have just one wide reciever and no tight ends.

  17. They have 1 good defensive lineman. You can call whatever play/scheme you want. When you’re too small and not athletic on the defensive line this is what happens. In the 3-4 you need that one 350# lineman that no one can move. You don’t need him all the time, just when playing a team like the 49’ers. Look back through the years, Gilbert Brown, Ryan Pickett, Grady Jackson, Green, Raji, etc. They aren’t needed in most games, but against a team that’s going to run it down your throat it’s the only thing that works. They had 2 lineman in Daniels and Clark. They lost Daniels and never replaced him. Their current next best lineman behind Clark is Lowry 6’5′ and under 300#. Lancaster is a backup on most teams. Doesn’t need to be a $12 million dollar a year guy. Just a giant run stuffer

  18. I could be wrong but what would y’all think if we switch to a 4-3 I think it’s something we should go to because I think we would be way better with that scheme

  19. The defense kept the Packs in the game more often than letting them down. The offense is the major issue. They were barely able to sustain drives and scoring for an entire game through the season. Quick 3 and outs doesn’t help your defense. Lafleur needs to get Rodgers back into a methodical game play. Short passes then go for deep ball when it’s there.

  20. Every time we make it to the championship, it seems like a coaching deficiency causes us to fail. In this case I blame Pettine, what he should have done is move to a 4-4-3 defense and challenge Giropolo to beat them thru the air. I had hoped he would have made some adjustments at half, but it never happened.

  21. Am article about your defensive coach, and a lot of you saying your offense stinks. Excellent. So you all agree that 13-3 was a mirage. Yes. It was. Settle into 10-6 seasons. And then less. That will now be the norm. See ya at tie finish line next year. I think Pack and Vikes will race once again.

  22. Just because a player gets a lot sacks, means absolutely nothing against the run. The Smiths are light in the britches against the run. Alexander is a damn CB,and Clark has no excuse. It’s on the players to man up and stop the damn ball carrier.

  23. I think the thing with Pettine said it himself I don’t care about stopping the run I want to stop the pass the 49ers run the ball and they could not adjust and couldn’t stop a nose bleed but who could we target is the problem

  24. The offense scored 0 points until the 3rd quarter. The second quarter consisted of 3 and outs and turnovers by the Packers yet people want to throw Pettine and the defense under the bus because the offense couldn’t stay on the field or function until they were already down by 20?

    0 defenses can function if the offense is non existent. Can’t even get rest.

  25. Pettine is gone. The niners threw only 8 passes, and consistently ran through and around the Pack.
    I saw very few adjustments being made by Pettine daring the 9ers to throw the ball.

    Lafleur is correct—Packer d was sleep walking in the first half….in a championship game this is unacceptable.

  26. The Packers didn’t belong in the playoffs. They were an 8-8 team that somehow won a few games they shouldn’t have. If anything, Pettine is responsible for the extra wins. The defense carried the team the majority of the season. This isn’t the same Aaron Rodgers run, high scoring McCarthy offense we were used to. They’re a ‘grind it out’ type team now.

    MLF is in over his head and he was bailed out year 1 by Pettine’s defense.

  27. Numerous high round draft picks over the last few years, high priced free agents this year!! Lots of potential talent that needs to be coached up!! Very little creativity, or adjustments, from the D!! All D coaches should be closely evaluated, and on the hot seat!! It’s only a matter of time before some body grabs Jim Lenard!!

  28. Very average coach with slightly below average talent who posses way below average physicality. Something must change, imo improvement needed in all categories above.

  29. conormacleod says:
    January 22, 2020 at 1:43

    Settle into 10-6 seasons. And then less. That will now be the norm. See ya at tie finish line next year. I think Pack and Vikes will race once again.

    Very doubtful, not the way the Vikings stacked up against the rest of the NFC North, coupled with their crippling cap problems.
    Thanks for the laugh though.

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