Report: Mike Pettine to remain Packers defensive coordinator

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During a Wednesday press conference, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked about defensive coordinator Mike Pettine returning for the 2020 season and said that the team was still working through everything about their coaching staff.

They’ve reportedly worked through the Pettine portion of the coaching staff questions. Rob Demovsky of reports that Pettine will be back for a third season with the Packers.

Per the report, LaFleur and Pettine met after Wednesday’s press conference and a decision was made to continue the relationship for another season.

LaFleur held onto Pettine after taking the job last year and the unit improved with the help of additions like Preston Smith, Za'Darius Smith and Darnell Savage. That group will get to stay in the same system this year, but they’ll need to solve the leaks that sprung in the run defense too often before sealing their fate against the 49ers last Sunday.

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  1. Big mistake, you really expect the guy who couldn’t adjust to the 49ers run game is magically gonna change over the offseason? Wade Phillips is literally there for the taking at DC.

  2. Good for Pettine- he was a very good DC for Buffalo in spite of the 2 clowns running the show on the field. He also had respect of the players AND the fans.
    New head coach/ adjustments will be made

  3. As a Packers fan, I am fine with this. Pettine did a good job with what he had to work with. The Packers need better players up front and better middle linebacker play.
    If the Packers get Pettine those things and improve their WR and TE positions, their defense will take the next step with no problem.

  4. Packers defense improved a ton this year. One game doesn’t change that, and anyway, Shanahan can run on anyone, the dude is a run game savant. He put dudes like Alfred Morris and Devonta Freeman in contention for the rushing title.

  5. If Wade Philips is out there, it’s a no brainer. Everywhere he’s gone as a DC the defense gets better. Maybe see if you wants to be an “assistant head coach” and consult with Pettine (read, be the defensive coordinator).

  6. codylaws says:
    January 22, 2020 at 4:40 pm
    Packers run defense could be the worse in NFL history.

    Remember when your Vikes couldn’t even make more than 150 yards of total offense against that same defense in week 16? 7 first downs? That’s it? Against the “worse defense in NFL history?”

  7. codylaws says:
    January 22, 2020 at 4:40 pm
    Packers run defense could be the worse in NFL history.


    Remember when your Vikes couldn’t even make more than 150 yards of total offense against that same defense in week 16? 7 first downs? That’s it? Against the “worse defense in NFL history?”

  8. It would help immensely if GB accumulates a stud linebacker or two. Blake Martinez runs around like both feet are immersed in buckets of cement. He’s another Ted Thompson flunkie.

    I cannot remember the last time that GB had a shut down defense.

  9. While Savage was a good player not so much the Smith brothers. All they can do is edge rush and show off their tshirts. Yes they crushed Cousins but the Vikings were down to their 3rd string running back. The Smith brothers even had a side bet who could get to 10 sacks first. I guess they didn’t care about stopping the run, just ask Mostert.

  10. The pack arent going to get a top notch dc, theysee the lack of speed, siz, tackling ability andthey wouldnt take the job. Pettine sucks but the guys he has do too minus the smiths.

  11. Packers run defense could be the worse in NFL history.
    Yeah, how’d your team fare against them?

  12. We need to clean house of the slugs. Sign or draft linebackers that can play both the run and the pass. Pettine has one year to show drastic improvement on his side of the ball.

  13. Quick find that man a linebacker!

    That had to be the most pathetic linebacker play in the history of the game!

    You can blame that dude if ya want but Jesus he had no linebackers.

  14. Championships are won by defense.Greenbay will never win another Superbowl with that defensive coordinator..anyone with a lead going into the 4th quarter playing prevent, is no good! Go for the juggler….

  15. In other words, make improvements next season to be consistent, not up & down, or next year you hit the road, like Mike McCarthy last year. (Old boss).

  16. As an outsider looking in,it just seemed like when the 9`ers got those big chunks on the gound game,AND WHEN they got to the 2`nd tier,it looked like the dbs were afraid to hit the runner.Not a Packer fan at all,but in the dc`s defense (no pun intended) his dbs played scared. Not his fault

  17. “Great news!”
    -The rest of the NFC

    There is some amazing talent on that defense. Most notably the Smith boys, but Pettine is terrible at getting the most out of his players.

  18. He needs more players if they want to compete with the likes of the 49’ers. They really don’t have any other teams to worry about in the NFC. At least the Packers are not having to deal with the rebuild issues plaguing Minnesota at the moment. Game scores can tell you all you need to know.

  19. I’m very pleased with this news as I’d hate to see an overreaction to one game.
    After everybody is done with their jokes and one liners, the facts if the situation still remain.

    This defense is vastly improved over the previous years.
    The pass rush made great strides in getting to and pressuring opposing QBs.
    Vast improvements across the board in takeaways (7th), red zone efficiency (11th) and points allowed (9th).
    That last stat, which in my eyes is by far the most important, ranked the Packers 13 places up from the previous year and well over a 5 point per game improvement

    Nothing is going to erase the memory of that horrible defensive effort in the NFC Championship game.
    It was terrible.
    But, an extreme overreaction to that one game, while dismissing all the good and everything that’s been built up over the last two seasons would be equally as terrible.

  20. Really nobody else to worry about in the NFC except the 49ers? Get real. Had the Packers not gotten their usual zebra love on multiple occasions, most notably against Detroit, they wouldn’t have had the seeding to get to the NFC Championship game. Oh, and remember me pointing out that awful run defense and giving up 4.7 yds per carry BEFORE they played the 49ers? That was pretty nice.

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