Tom Brady to Titans talk doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

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As the dots get connected between Tom Brady and a potential new team, the most obvious football destinations include the outposts of the Patriot Way. And with former Brady teammate and former/current friend Mike Vrabel doing incredibly well as head coach of the Titans, there’s plenty of superficial appeal to the idea of Brady to Tennessee.

On closer inspection, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Although Ryan Tannehill is far less accomplished than #Tommy, Tannehill was phenomenal in 2019. And he’s more than a decade younger. And he quite possibly could be gotten cheaper.

The Titans would have to be prepared to let Tannehill and Marcus Mariota walk away as free agents, in exchange for a short-term deal with Brady. Three years from now, after Brady has retired, where will they be?

As good as Tannehill was in 2019, Brady wasn’t. Whether it’s on him or his weapons or the offense or something else, there’s a least a chance that Father Time has begun to make his final kick to the finish line.

Then there’s the Mrs. Brady factor. As in Gisele Bundchen. Although they operate in a much different stratosphere of cash and society than the rest of us, they likely have a give-and-take relationship like nearly every other married couple. As Brady continues to play well beyond the normal expiration date of a football career, the compromises regarding the continuation of the career could be getting more complex.

So would she want to move to Nashville for a year, or two, or three? Would she be fine with her husband breaking away from the family and living alone in Nashville during one, or two, or three football seasons?

This is a practical consideration that can’t be ignored when throwing darts as to Tom’s next team. The team has to want him, and he (and to some extent his spouse) has to want the team.

26 responses to “Tom Brady to Titans talk doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

  1. Brady will probably resign with the Pats but don’t discount the Colts, Broncos, Raiders or Titans as fits.

  2. How about the Chargers? Rivers seems content on leaving and going to Florida, Brady wants to move back to California…

  3. This article makes sense but idk about Tannehill .hes been far too inconsistent in his career and this is the great unknown. Was this year real or an anomaly? I think Brady’s more likely to move west than to Nashville

  4. There’s a fair amount of wealthy business people and music people in Nashville. There are a lot of other cities I’d cross off the list before Nashville if you think Giselle is calling the shots.

  5. I get it, but I have a hard time swallowing the argument that Tannehill is a better option than Brady right now (or at any time in the future). He played well. But “phenomenal”? Really?

  6. Probably the Titans transition tag Tannehil, or work out a deal with incentive clauses.
    He’s not all of a sudden a great QB. He has support and did what was asked of him in that system.

  7. I have a hard time seeing Brady wanting to start all over from scratch at this stage of his career. A new team, new coaches, new personnel, new city, new media? I just can’t see it.

    I think the will he or won’t he is all just blather to take up space/click bait for the next 4 or 5 months.

  8. Hard to see him anywhere else but NE but if he were to leave the Chargers make sense. They have some quality offensive skill guys. Unfortunately they have no quality OL guys so Brady will throw with a hand in his face ever play. Rivers did it well for a while but eventually it caught up to him.

  9. He wouldn’t play for the Colts.
    I agree that the Titans makes no sense.
    One more year in NE, hopefully without his new Jay Cutler body language, and then retire.
    Best player ever, but it’s time.

  10. The team that wants and needs him the most is the Pats. Unlikely Brady goes anywhere. He signs a two year deal and the Pats draft his eventual replacement. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  11. This is similar to when Welker signed with the Broncos, but on a much higher scale.
    It didn’t work out for Wes, and it won’t work out for Tom.
    Really – Chargers are the only real option. Sell tickets, generate interest, a good business move. And Tom is closer to his parents. Gisele in a cosmopolitan surrounding, and not really a cold weather gal.

  12. This makes no sense. Ryan Tannehill is eleven years younger, fast, athletic, tough, and has a strong arm. He and the Titans had a great season. They will move forward to even greater success.

  13. He’s not going anywhere fan boys! He’ll retire to a front office post before going anywhere else!

  14. Anyone who thinks Brady would sign with anyone other then the Patriots is definitely brain dead.

  15. I’m sure people swore that Unitas or Montana would never play for another team also.

  16. He certainly doesn’t want to go where the air pressure is different because that can deflate the football. (EYEROLL)

  17. TN would be fools to not pursue Brady. They are the ideal setup for him and he is ideal for them. Anybody who thinks Brady’s skills have dropped off appreciably doesn’t know this game. Who knows what shape TN or any other them will be in 3 years hence. Things change fast. Tannyhill is far more a crap shoot than Brady.

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