John Elway hopes Pat Shurmur finally brings stability to offense

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The Broncos would like to find some continuity on offense. Doing it by changing coaches every year is an unusual tactic.

But this time, again, John Elway thinks he’s found the right fit.

Via Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post, the Broncos General Manager said he hoped that firing Rich Scangarello after one year as offensive coordinator to hire Pat Shurmur wound be a more permanent answer.

“Everybody says, ‘Continuity,’” Elway said. “But continuity is only good if it’s good continuity. We feel good about [Shurmur’s hiring] and it might be something in place for a while.”

Shurmur has a much longer resume than Scangarello, and the hope is that he can develop second-year quarterback Drew Lock into something greater.

“I think his experience and the success he’s had [was intriguing]. He’s been a coordinator at a lot of different spots and his background play-calling — he has a lot of experience there, too. I think that was the main thing. We thought he was a good fit for us,” Elway said. “If you look at the quarterbacks he’s had success with, he had success with Case [Keenum] in Minnesota, [Sam] Bradford [with the Rams] and he did a nice job with Daniel Jones this year. He has a track record of being with some good quarterbacks and done a good job coaching them.”

Elway said they weren’t looking for a “total overhaul” of the offense, but they’ve changed horses continuously since Gary Kubiak, so it’s impossible to know how much of a chance Shurmur will get.