Lamar Jackson more proud of 36 passing TDs than 1,206 rushing yards

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Lamar Jackson had a record-setting season that will culminate with the MVP award the night before Super Bowl LIV.

He isn’t staying for the game and won’t be watching the game.

“I’m not going to be watching it. My team is not in it,” Jackson told ESPN at the Pro Bowl.

The season didn’t end where Jackson wanted it to end, leaving him disappointed, but it was one for the ages.

The Ravens quarterback broke the team record for touchdown passes with a league-leading 36. That topped Vinny Testaverde’s team record of 33 in the Ravens’ inaugural season of 1996.

Jackson also broke Michael Vick’s single-season NFL rushing record for a quarterback, running for 1,206 yards.

“I’m prouder of throwing touchdowns,” Jackson said. “I got the all-time Ravens record for passing touchdowns in a season. I was happy.”

Jackson is not resting on his laurels, though, despite first-team All-Pro honors and soon-to-be MVP honors.

“It could’ve been better,” he said. “I always want to be a better player, better passer. It could’ve been better, but I’m satisfied.”

24 responses to “Lamar Jackson more proud of 36 passing TDs than 1,206 rushing yards

  1. Work on those out routes!

    Those were some of the worst throws I have ever seen in that playoff game.

    In fact all of them he threw that day should have been picked off.

  2. Yeah I wouldn’t watch the game either if I were him. There’s just absolutely nothing you could learn from watching the two best teams in the league play against each other in the biggest game of the season.

  3. Coaching staff lost that playoff game more than Lamar. You have a young QB, put him in the best position to win. Too many gambles and drop passes does not help your QB to settle down.

  4. How do you have 12 pro bowlers on the roster, #1 playoffs seed and go one and done? What a choke job by Lamar and the Ravens.

  5. He should be proud. That many TD passes for a running back is pretty good. Won’t happen again, so he should enjoy the praises while he can. By next season, the NFL will have figured him out and the Ravens will go 6-10.

  6. Keep telling yourself you’re a decent quarterback thats fine, because if reality ever catches up to you I think you’ll crack bro. You can run with the best of them, but your passing and ability to read defenses is horrible

  7. Good call Lamar. Why would you want to study two teams playing championship caliber football, with All-Pro talent and coaching on display, of which you will play at a minimum 1 of the teams in the 2020-21 season. I wish my quarterback took the same approach. No need to stay current on successful NFL strategies!

  8. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 23, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    How do you have 12 pro bowlers on the roster, #1 playoffs seed and go one and done? What a choke job by Lamar and the Ravens.

    If you can disrespect Lamar and the Ravens, let’s revisit wildcard weekend and a team who lost to the Miami Dolphins at home to forfeit a bye week. #1 Rated Defense in the NFL. Brady & Co. only scored 13 points on a team who just gave up 35 points to the Chiefs. One and Done. What a choke job by Tom Brady and the Patriots.

  9. I hope he doesn’t get complacent standing on that pedestal all the Ravens fans put him on annointing him as the GOAT after 13 good regular season games. I don’t think he will. But he needs to improve 10x as a passer before he will win a playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl.
    Knowledgeable football fans kept pointing to the playoffs this year as the barometer for Lamar; after every regular season win and big stats, Ravens fans kept shoving how amazing he was down our throats and ignored what we were saying. Far too arrogant, those Ravens fans.
    Well, you got what you wanted: another playoff loss, another terrible performance by Lamar, demonstrating his serious deficiencies as a QB. Is he exciting? Yup. Stud athlete? Yup. Did the RPO offense and Lamar’s speed catch most teams napping in the regular season? Yup.
    But let’s see how he does next year. I’m betting he is nowhere close to these numbers and Ravens fans will start to recognize the novelty offense has limits and has been figured out and now you’re stuck with a great running QB who can’t win clutch games because he is inaccurate with poor throwing mechanics.

  10. To those saying Lamar can’t read defenses, not true at all. Lamar is actually one of the tops in the NFL when it comes to reading defenses. There are numerous analysis and videos out there to support that fact. No question he needs to continue to work on his accuracy. Funny thing is, all these “knowledgeable” fans that said he can’t win a Super Bowl with his accuracy are the same fans that said San Diego had figured him out in the playoffs last year. Then these same fans said after the first few weeks of this season that he’d fall off a cliff once his schedule got tougher. Then it was “well, he hasn’t won a playoff game”. No matter what Lamar does, with certain people, the goal posts will continue to move every time he knocks one down. I firmly believe Lamar will win a Super Bowl. Not because I’m a Ravens fan or think he’s the greatest ever, but because he has a work ethic, passion, humility, and drive that not many have.

  11. Meaningless stats. Worthless.

    I could do the same thing if my team was telling me the other teams plays by Bluetooth signal.

  12. Crazy to think that both those stats would be representative of an elite starting qb and an elite running back, separately.

    He is the MVP, and word of warning, he is only going to get better.

    lastly one of the things that strikes me most about the young man is his attitude, and way he speaks, mature beyond his years, and respectful.people seem to working too hard to try and tear him down rather than just sit back and enjoy one of the most fun players in the league.

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