Police expect Antonio Brown to turn himself in, sooner than later

Getty Images

An arrest warrant for Antonio Brown is pending, but it has yet to be executed. Hollywood, Florida police expect Brown to turn himself in, sooner than later.

“I believe they’ve given him ample opportunity to turn himself in,” Hollywood Police Department chief information officer Christian Lata told USA Today on Thursday afternoon. “I’m sure it’s going to be within today or tomorrow, but I’m not sure exactly when. I would assume it would be sooner than later.”

Lata confirmed that, when police arrived at Brown’s house regarding the incident, he went inside his house and locked himself in. Police eventually made contact with Brown.

“They were able to talk to him and he basically said he wasn’t coming out,” Lata said.

Brown allegedly refused to pay $4,000 to the driver of a moving truck who was delivered Brown’s California belongings, throwing rocks at the truck as it pulled away. Brown then agreed, in communications with the moving company, to pay $4,000 plus an extra $860. When the driver returned, Brown allegedly refused to pay more than $4,000, battered the driver, and Glen Holt allegedly took the keys to the truck so that Brown’s property could be removed.

Holt has been arrested. Brown’s arrest remains pending. At some point, his time to turn himself in will run out.