“Remains to be seen” if Browns add offensive coordinator to staff

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The Browns don’t have a defensive coordinator at the moment, although the expectation is that they will be hiring Joe Woods to fill that role once he is done with his work as the 49ers defensive backs coach.

They also don’t have an offensive coordinator and it’s less certain that will change. Head coach Kevin Stefanski said on Wednesday that the team is “definitely working through” options for building their offensive staff and that nothing’s been settled about what titles people will hold when all is said and done.

“I’m committed to adding the right people to our building,” Stefanski said, via WKYC.com. “That remains to be seen. We’re definitely looking at all avenues as we try to put a really good staff together.”

The Browns have spoken to former Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello, who also has experience as a quarterbacks coach, and they’ve hired Bill Callahan as their offensive line coach. Callahan’s experience as a head coach should prove valuable to Stefanski, but it’s unclear who else will be weighing in on the direction of the offense at this point.

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  1. I think the Browns just fired the least experienced staff in the NFL and replaced them with an even less experienced staff. Bravo Browns. It can’t be easy to continually one “down” the Bengals for worst franchise in Ohio but you seem to have a solid grip on the bottom rung of the NFL ladder and ya’ aint’ lettin’ go. I feel bad for fans in Ohio.

  2. So Stefanski is going to be a Rookie Head Coach, and the OC, and call his own Plays?

    I guess the Lessons of Ben McAdoo and Freddie Kitchens have not been learned in Cleveland?

  3. It’s almost certainly McDaniel from SF for the job. They are not talking about it because they haven’t had a chance to interview him and won’t until after the SB. They aren’t talking about Wolf either but everyone assumes that is locked in for some reason.

    If for whatever reason he does not get the job then Scangarello will likely be OC though possibly w/o playcalling duties to start the season (concerns he needed more work on playcalling in Denver). If McDaniel gets the job then Scangarello will likely be QB coach.

    It’s also possible it is LaFleur but much more likely he’s going to link up with his brother whenever his contract is up.

  4. Stu Bidaciou says:
    January 23, 2020 at 7:54 am
    No wonder Baker Mayfield has not reached his potential yet with all the turnover on staff.

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    Baker is part of the reason for the turnover. The other head coaches were mean to him by not sucking up to him so they weren’t retained and instead his sideline buddy Freddie got a head coaching job he wasn’t qualified for.

  5. With them keeping Stump Mitchell, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have a run game coordinator and a passing game coordinator, with Stefanski calling plays. Still not ideal for a rookie HC, but not quite as bad as no OC at all.

  6. Don’t Shanahan, McVay, LaFleur, Reid and other HCs call their own plays? What’s the big deal?

  7. Stefanski has called plays for 21 games in his life and it isn’t clear how much input Gary Kubiak had in that play calling. As a rookie head coach with not that much experience as an offensive coordinator, I recommend that Kevin find someone else to call the plays while he puts his imprint on the entire team. No need to be overwhelmed from the beginning.

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