Antonio Brown turns himself in to Broward County police

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Antonio Brown is now in police custody after turning himself in at the Broward County Jail on Thursday night, according to multiple reports.

TMZ was the first to report Brown had surrendered to police following an arrest warrant issued for an incident stemming from an altercation with a moving truck driver on Tuesday in Hollywood, Fla.

Brown allegedly refused to pay $4,000 to the driver of a moving truck who was delivering Brown’s California belongings and threw rocks at the vehicle as it pulled away from the house. Brown then agreed, in communications with the moving company, to pay $4,000 plus an extra $860 for damages to the truck. Then when the driver and truck returned, Brown refused to pay anything beyond the $4,000 and battered the driver as Glenn Holt took the keys to the truck so they could remove the possessions from the vehicle.

Holt had already been arrested for his part in the incident. Brown had returned to the home and locked himself in earlier in the day. He is facing charges of burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance, and a count of criminal mischief.

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  1. This is obviously a man with troubles..a path that was self inflicted..
    Sad that there’s isn’t a support system for him,sadder that if there was that it was ignored.
    He was so excited to call his grandmother and exult in being free.cryptic texts and outlashes…then PR conjured apologies..but yet still claiming that the Saints were the PR stunt. People say that the NFL held his investigation up .. unfortunately…I see why. He’s destroyed everything around him from relationship, sponsorship, and friendships…except for the ones leading him down the wrong path.
    It’s a sad and sudden spiral…I really hope he gets help. His children are seeing this. Football for him now should be the last thing he’s worried about. His well being should be first and foremost..prayers to him.

  2. Apologists will try to deflect responsibility by blaming this this on football and/or CTE or whatever, but AB is getting a hard dose of humility from LIFE. It’s as inevitable as death and taxes: stay humble or be humbled.

  3. These charges themselves aren’t that serious, but his continued odd behavior is well past the point of concern. He has done serious mental issues that need to be addressed, or he’s in the midst of a drug addiction, or both, but her needs some help before he seriously hurts himself or someone else

  4. Two years ago and the Pro Bowl practices, people were tripping over themeselves screaming “AB” to get his autograph. Look how far this man has fallen. This is one of the most perplexing cases of talent gone to waste. Yes, his NFL career is over, but hopefully this doesn’t have the tragic ending that almost seems inevitable at this point.

  5. So very sad….a potential truly great career ending in such mind boggling events.
    Brown really needs help or this is going to get worse.

  6. Jail is the best thing for AB..Aside from keeping him from harming others(in so many different ways) jail might provide him some help that he desperately needs. Yes, he has the common “man-child disease” combined with being treated like a king all his life. Man, if he can get this fixed he can have a good life. If not, lots more trouble for AB!

  7. I don’t recall ever seeing a NFL player singlehandedly destroy his football career this fast.

    He literally makes the wrong decision in every situation.

  8. How does he not have a reality TV show right now????? I mean come on we are talking ratings right through the roof. ABC should drop the Bachelor immediately and bail AB out now and sign him up.

  9. There’s a story on the four-letter site that goes into more detail about what happened. I’m trying to think of anyone in real-life that has done the sort of things AB has done. I can’t think of one. The closest thing I can think of is a mob figure that thinks he can do whatever he wants and not face any consequences…until he eventually lands a lengthy prison term.

    Hopefully any resolution of the charges will require AB to undergo a mental evaluation and some sort of counselling. If he gets probation it’ll be like Miley Cyrus all over again with him in court on a weekly basis.

    If he feels like he should never have to pay for anything he’s going to get a rude awakening after he’s burned through all his money handling all his legal issues. I’m thinking any chance he had at an NFL career has blown up because of his Instagram antics. This won’t help. Even if someone signs him he’s going to be suspended for at least a year. I can’t imagine any team would sign him and wait for him for a year. I also can’t believe AB can go for a year–or even a week–without blowing up on Instagram.

    He’s a textbook example on how to ruin an NFL career.

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