Saints G.M.: Taysom Hill’s “unique” skills make contract talks different

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The Saints have a one-of-a-kind player in Taysom Hill, so they fully expect his future contract talks to be something other than ordinary.

The quarterback/special teamer/gadget play specialist is entering restricted free agency this offseason, and with the uncertainty around the future of starting quarterback Drew Brees, it makes for a complicated calculation for them.

“In terms of valuing and contract and all that, that remains to be seen,” Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said, via Luke Johnson of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “But he’s unique. So if something’s unique, you have to approach it a little differently.”

Since he’s a restricted free agent, the Saints have some options, and cover. Putting the first-round tender on him makes the most sense, as a $4.5 million tender would yield a first-round pick in compensation if someone signed him to a long-term deal the Saints chose to not match.

But if Brees decides not to continue playing, they’d probably want him to hang around longer, and how do you value what he does?

What’s clear is he’s unlike any other player in the league. Hill scored seven touchdowns as a rusher or receiver last season, and also played 287 snaps on special teams. But it says “quarterback” on the front of his football card, and he’s thrown just 13 passes in three seasons. The 50-yard pass he threw in the playoffs was certainly impressive, as was the touchdown reception.

16 responses to “Saints G.M.: Taysom Hill’s “unique” skills make contract talks different

  1. Put a first round tender on him and figure it out later. Also, remember he was the starter at BYU for several seasons and always finished the year with a season ending injury. The NFL season is longer than college so can he even make it through a whole season as a starting QB? He is doing great in his jack of all trades role, has been a great spark for this team in key moments and has yet to get injured but that’s with playing around 20% of offensive snaps. Either way he is definitely fun to watch.

  2. Taysom Hill’s “unique” skills make contract talks different
    Translation: We want him to play QB, but we want to pay him like the personal protector on the punt team.

  3. It’s not so simple for the Saints if they keep Drew Brees because he eats up so much cap space, decisions have to be made.

  4. Add in the fact that Bridgewater is a free agent as well so it’s possible although unlikely New Orleans could go from having the best QB situation by far in the NFL to the worst . Going to be interesting how this all plays out because it’s unheard of for a team to have three viable options at QB who are completely different types of players and have all of them be free agents at the same time . To make it even more complicated the Saints currently rank near the bottom in available cap space according to Spotrac ,currently at the 28th spot .

  5. I like Taysom but no way is he a NFL starting caliber QB. Great gadget player though and fun to watch.

  6. Feel very similar to what happened with Sproles. Continuously taken for granted and was successful everywhere he went, while the teams he left wish they kept him around.

  7. He’s about to make a boatload of money. They just kinda want NFL fans to not totally freak-out when they compare what they will give him vs. other skilled players in the league.

    It’s tricky because in the past the Saints took a very different approach to Jimmy Graham. Let’s see if they’ll be consistent or not.

    Can they pay him more than a 3rd team QB and be fair? We’ll see.

  8. You pay him like a good backup QB because while he’s not necessarily the guy who goes in if Brees gets hurt (although he could be), he’s utilized like a gadget receiver. I think he ends up getting between $9-11 mil per year and is thus utilized a lot more to justify the payday and to get the most out of his skillset.

  9. The Jack of all trades should be paid as a back up QB, which he mainly is! Everything else he does is just a bonus!

  10. What I don’t understand is that Bridgewater went 5-0 and they see Taysom Hill as their QB heir apparent to Drew Brees(as another article states)? Not only does Bridgewater have a ton of experience in the NFL, and proven starting qualities he is 2 years younger than Hill who was an older player when he first came into the league.

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