Daniel Jones wants to accomplish “a lot of the things” Eli Manning did

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Truth be told, the Giants became Daniel Jones‘ team when he made his first start in Week Three. But Eli Manning still cast a giant shadow while watching from the sideline.

No more.

In his good-bye news conference, Manning became emotional while talking about his belief that the Giants are in good hands with Jones. Jones hopes to prove Manning right.

“He’s thinking about the future of an organization that means a whole lot to him,’’ Jones said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “I understand that being an emotional situation for him, for someone who has done as much as he has for the organization, who’s been kind of the face of the organization for 16 years, it certainly makes sense he’d be emotional about the future of it.

“That’s something I take seriously, his concern for it and the responsibility we all have as current Giants and where he’s left the legacy of the organization. It’s our job to continue that and to build on that.’’

It was Manning’s day, but Jones’ too.

The team’s future is in Jones’ hands, and he feels better prepared for what’s ahead after spending a year with Manning in the quarterbacks room.

“As a guy who grew up watching him and really, really looking up to him — and the opportunity to come to work with him and learn from him and be on the field with him was probably the best learning, growing experience I could have had in my first year,’’ Jones said. “When you look at his career, when you look at what he’s accomplished, how long he played, the level he played, I think that’s certainly what you aspire to accomplish, aspire your career to look like. Yeah, I certainly have the goal to play a long time and accomplish a lot of the things he’s accomplished.’’